How is it now?

November 2014:

My dear Simharasians

It’s just happening, Saturn is moving tomorrow to Vrischika rasi inflicting upon us the ardhastma sani. Look at any astrology site you will know that this going to be another adverse period in our lives. it doesn’t feel that it ever ended for us – we have been facing tough times for the last decade or so!!

All that we can do is to pray for each other …

God bless

Mesh Rasi is crowded just now. It is not just Guru who has transited to this rasi but we have Mangal, Budh and Sukhra in the same house. What does this mean to us?

Before the transit, Guru was aspecting Shani in Kanya Rasi. By being there was he reducing the ill effects of Sani who is in our 2nd house? Or was he intensifying it?

What happens now after the Guru transit? Is Sani going to be rampant?

Still it is all up in the air at the moment and the good effects of Guru transit are yet to be seen – for me anyway.

Has anyone experienced good shifts in life? Please share on this blog.

August 2011:

By reading many astrology sites and notes, I learnt that August is supposed to be a very good month for Simharasians. How are you all feeling? Are things happenning favouarable to you? You must be experiencing the grace of Guru already, so just enjoy the time. This planet combination does not happen very often – happens once in 60 years it seems. With Sani ready to pack his bags and let us free, Guru in 9th place gracing our fortune place nothing should go wrong for us anymore. Just believe in yourselves Simhas and let God do the rest for you.
Please coninue your blogging and spread the message to other Simhas in the world!

Sepetember 2011:

We are getting very close to the much awaited Saturn transit. Just we are two months away!

For all of us, September month should progress with ease. There may not be many eventful days this month as Guru went into retrograde at the end of August and Kuja has just moved into Cancer into a debilitating sign. However, there should not much trouble either. If we strive hard we can still shine this month.

October 2011:

This should be a quite month for most of us. Just take it easy don’t get tangled with unnecessary issues. Keeping your head down and counting days for the big transit in November is the best thing for us to do. Pretty easy, right?

November 2011:

We all have been waiting for this month for years now! on the 15th November Lord Sani will be moving into Tula rasi which is the major astronomical event that Simhas should celebrate. Most of us should be feeling better already. I read one of the great posts on this blog which says Sani has been affecting us psycologically all these days and was influencing us to make wrong judgments. Very true, it has been my experience as well. Now it is important for all of us to bring that positive outlook back into our lives. I have become pessimistic like many others who shared on the blog. November is the month I believe we should all start feeling optimisitc. Even if Sani comes back into our lives later temporarily, with positive inner strength we can face any challenge – after all we have been tempered from his 7.5 years of ordeal. Another interesting aspect in November is the movement of Mars into Simha rasi. If Mars is well placed in your horoscope it could be one of the most beneficial movements. So, to sum up – with Sani moving to the favouable 3rd position, Guru happily sitting in the 9th position and Mars enetring into the 1st position the month of November could just be bringing back all the happiness into our lives. I pray god to give us all the joy, prosperity and peace that was so dear to us for the last 7.5 years. God Bless Simhas! Enjoy!

13/11/2011: Major Sani transit relieving Simhas from Sadesati for another 30 years!!!

Fellow Simha Rasians, I am so eagerly waiting for tomorrow. I am sure all of the Simhas are! Not sure what happens to each of us after Lord Sani moves out of Kanya tomorrow, but I am confident that he gives us much needed respite. Lots of differing views and opinions have been expressed on this blog, thanks to all those who shared their predictions. We can only pray and be sure that we will come out of the sadesati with flying colours and excel in our lives. Let us visit Sani temple to thank him for the lessons he taught us for the last 7.5 years and also for well being of simhas whereever they are in the world!

December 2011:

Hello Simhas, the anticipated date for Sani transit has come and gone. Reading from various posts I get a feeling that it is not all over yet for everyone. Some panchangams also suggeest that the saturn transit itself has not happened yet and it is due on 21st this month.So far for me personally I saw mixed results. It has not turned into super great period and equally it is not too bad either. Compared to what I had undergone during the Sadesati period the current situation is much better. Maybe it too much to expect for great things to happen straight away. Saturn is a slow moving planet and hence any results will not be seen immediately. However, one thing I noticed during this month so far – there has been a considerable financial pressure, with a bit of tact I could manaage funds without making any debts. Apart fromans waiting more patiently and praying almighty for peace, is there anything more we could do?

God Bless! Thanks for sharing, it is comforting to hear from other Simhas.

January 2012: With the completion of major Sani transit at the end of 2011, the outlook for January and in general for the New Year looks promising. Most of us know Sani is a very slow moving planet so his transit effects will be gradual. Like most of the Astro sites suggest, Simha Rasi people should enjoy January 2012 owing to the good positions of Sani and Guru. Nevertheless it is important to bear in mind that the extent of happiness depends on individual horoscopes and hence we should continue with the good practices we cultivated during the last 7.5 years. For me it has been a mixed start so far, giving me a feeling that it is not all over yet!

Many Simhas have already noted this on the blog. It is worth being aware that Sani could give us a Sting in summer 2012 (when he is back in Kanya Rasi for a brief period). Having learnt a few important life lessons during the painful 7.5 years of SadeSati we should be able to face him with courage.

God Bless and Happy New year 2012 to all Simha Rasians.

Also, please share your views on how 2012 will be for us, by voting on the poll created, click the link below:

Poll: How will 2012 be good for Simha Rasians?

February 2012:

February seems to be somewhat strange month for Simhas. Some astrologers were saying it was going to be a cracking month and others advised caution. Seeing what has gone on for half of the month already, I feel this has been a pretty mediocre month so far. I keep wondering what has been so great about Sani in 3rd house and Guru in excellent 9th position. To me it has not made a great difference, it could be just me! I must say though previous tensions and worries have ebbed away by a great deal. Would be interesting to know how other Simhas feel . Keep blogging Simhas, listening to views and experiences gave us all a lot of comfort and reassurance.

March and April 2012: Personally, I haven’t seen major changes druing these two months, but can’t say that things were bad either. If life is at least this good, I am happy. But slightly worried about the month of May where Guru and Sani are going to carry out transits. Please refer to the Guru and Sani transit pages on this blog for details. Please share your thoughts and anything that could help us all. God bless Simhas.

May 2012: Simhas, what can I say how the month of May will be? Lots of anxious comments around the effects of repeat Sadesati and Guru transit. Guru and Sani will be moving to Vrishaba and Kanya Rasi respectively this week. Whilst both are moving into unfavourable positions, Sani will only stay in Kanya until August 4 where as Guru will be in Vrishaba until mid 2013. Whilst the next 2.5 months or so we need to be careful we can hope things will be better after August 4. So far in May, I can already feel the pressure and we can do nothing about it apart from praying for each other. Good luck and God Bless!

Poll results:) Looks like individuals horoscopes determine whether the period is good or bad – why blame Sani or Guru!!

How will 2012 be good for Simha Rasians?
Answer Votes Percent
It depends on the indvidual and the strength of their horoscope 10 67%
It will be a fantastic year 3 20%
It will be a moderate year 2 13%
It will be no different to the previous year 0 0%

July-August 2012:

Hello Simharasians – greetings! Life has been very busy at my end and hence I could not write on my blog. However, I have been closely following the comments contributed by valuable co-rasians and I must say that some of their comments absolutely reflect my views as well. Currently, with Guru in 10th house and Shani in 2nd house, it has been tough. Next Saturday, the 4th of August, the date that everyone of us is eagerly waiting for is not that far now, so let us hope for the best to come. We have suffered a lot and we deserve to get back to our normal lives if not superior lives. Although Shani will be back in a favourable position, Guru is still worrying:( Also, we have Rahu and Ketu transits in December, no clue what happens then ?!? One thing amazes me – the science behind this all – the planets transits, the individual horoscopes effect on top and all of this happening in a timely cyclical manner. Only God can help us.

Wishes everyone, let your comments keep coming – they are truly helpful.


Life has been hectic but it was not all that bad as it was during the peak sade-sati. However, still with Guru sitting in the 10th house, work life has not been that favourable.

During the year, many of the fellow simharasians have been contributing the blog significantly. I would like to extend my thanks to all of you! As the new year is just around the corner, we need to know how the new year will be for us. MS, one of the bloggers, has posted the below predictions for Simhas which I am re-publishing here for convenience. As we get closer, obviously we’ll have more predictions….so, enjoy! I am particular looking forward to July 2013 and you can see why, from the below forecast 🙂

2013 begins for Simhas with Guru in 10th house representing your career and Saturn in 3rd house giving you great success. Rahu is placed on your 3rd house and Ketu on your 9th house. Most of the planets are supporting you in the begining of the year. By June 2013, all major planets will start supporting your growth and happiness for sure. Excellent opportunities and great success are indicated from the middle of this year, you can welcome this new year with a very big smile.

Jan 1, 2013 To May 30, 2013 – Slow but steady growth and happiness

Your health would start recovering a lot during this period and you will regain your sound health. Jupiter might disturb you in your Job front and often can create mental stress until Mar 2013. But Jupiter is losing its malefic energy and will be in transition to do very good things on your life from Apr 2013.

You will have misunderstanding with your spouse and you may not find a solution until May 2013. Your children and family would be very much supportive for you.

Your will have hectic problems at your work environment. Saturn will put back things on track at your work place. Overall you will see some growth at your career front.

If you expecting immigrating benefits, it will get approved with saturn strength. If you have to travel abroad, try to do it after May 2013 since it can yield more profits and happiness.

Students will be successful on their exams but have to put extra efforts. Jupiter will not create interest on your studies.

It is not a good time to make any new investments. It is time to save your money. Stay away from stock market and trading. Any long term investments can yield profits but not speculation.

May 31, 2013 – Dec 31, 2013 – Welcome on-board to heaven

This is an excellent time for you. Let it be any problems, it will disappear during this period. You will start coming up in life and will be happy about your progress in each and every aspect of your life.

You will achieve a very good position on your career. Promotion will definitely happen during this time along with huge bonus. Work environment will be very much supportive. Your manager and co-workers will give your great support on achieving project goals. If you are not happy with current Job, which is unlikely, but you can consider changing it. The change will be very good for you.

If you are temporarily separted from your family, you will rejoin with them. Your relationship with your spouse and children will improve a lot. Suba karyas will happen as per your plans. If you are single, definitly it is the perfect time to get married. Long waited eligible couple will get blessed with a child.

You will have surplus amount of money during this period. Try to invest them in real estate or stock market on a medium term. You may also start buying gold or silver metals or jewellary.

Students will easily clear the exams and score excellent marks.

It is a wonderful time for traders and business people. Traders will get windfall profits and business people see thier turn around reaching 10 year high.

As a summary, You will slow and steady growth until May 2013. Then you will have excellent and wonderful time from June 2013 onwards. People will rarely get these kind of opportunities and so try to use them effectively to retain your savings and investments. Have fun and advance wishes for your great sucess this year.

May 2013:

Hello simharasians, we have almost reached the midpoint of the year. Better things are yet to come. I am personally expecting good things after Guru transit that is happening at the end of May. ALso, I am looking forward to Sani to become active in July, I believe retrograde Sani is not giving any benefits but harm although he is sitting is favourable 3rd house. Again all of this depends on your individual horoscopes. For me I am going through Rahu dasha sani bhukti so …. not really how to feel about it all.

Nevertheless, with Guru transit things should improve for all of us, so look forward to this. God Bless!!!

June 2014:

Hello Simharasians

Life is not looking great for me either 😦 Hence am not devoting much time on the blog. But nevertheless for the sake of all the fellow simharasians who have been persistently sharing their experiences on the blog and based on a few requests to keep this going, I am opening up a thread for 2014. Keep sharing your experiences.

June 2014 was a key month for all of us with Guru moving into 12th house. Every astrologer whom I talked to said this is not going to be a good transit for a simha rasi.

With Rahu and Ketu transit imminent in July, Sani going to 4th house in November this year, be prepared for another roller coaster ride or far worse. Only prayers can help us – that is the most we could do, may God give us enough strength to cope!!!

726 Comments on “How is it now?”

  1. iamsimha says:

    Today being Thursday I was told it would be a very favourable day for the lions. Although it was not a bumper day I passed it with no major issues. In a way it is a good feeling having had to deal with issues each day for the last several years 🙂

    Anyone reading this may have a complete different experience!

    • shangam says:


      I am feeling an eerie glee reading your comment that “as the day passed without having to deal with issues, the day was a favorable day”.

      Really, I was also living each day worried by barrage of troubles one after the other all these years.. If a day passes without somebody not hurting me I considered it very lucky and auspicious day! I really wonder how long will we have to live like this and once the favourable times start how will they feel like and how the people begin to respond!!

      Waiting to see improved times.

      • Abhimanyu Rai says:

        even i have a lot of interest in jyotish now……………after facing difficulties after difficulties for the last years i started looking for the reason, ” that what is wrong with me”…….then after 3 years past the begining of sade saati i came to know that what i was going through………
        really social, emotional and most of all educational problem for a student is really a mess for one in the teen age………….. but know i have matured a lot……. still i am eagerly waiting for the actual good time to start……know i have started feeling the positive vibes and a hope……… for those who wish to learn more about astrology or just keep themselves into right frame of mind start following blogs of milind chitamber…………[Blog by Milind N Chitambar (}]
        qall the best to all the leos and i wish and i pray ……………k itne bure time k baad thoda acchha time tto banta hai boss…….!!
        last years were hell…………

      • Affected says:

        I understand what you are going through, same with me here.Each and every day is like a torture and struggle and for the past few years atleast,I am scared of what problem the next day would bring.Already my professional life is badly affected and it is affecting my personal life as well.This sade shani over the years has transformed me into a bitter, frustrated and a pessimistic person almost testing my sanity.I thought, atleast, after November 2011 when sade shani for simha rasi ended will bring atleast some small favourable change to my life but rather it has got much worse and everyday is kind of a new low in my life.Dont know how long this will continue.

      • sateesh kumar says:

        I can understand as i am experiencing the same. But the sad thing is days got even worst than before Nov, 2011. Financially little ok. But whatever i getting more is going out uselessly. We learn a lot these days , that is enough, we need some relax, good days god.

    • sandy says:

      Hi All,

      I heard there is ardasatama shani going to start this november? What is this?

  2. iamsimha says:

    One of the astrology web site says:

    This is going to be an excellent month for you in terms of financial standing and social reputation.

    All your efforts will materialize and you will be happy about the benefits or profits you have derived out of your hard work.

    People who have been indifferent toeards you will turn a smiling face and will try to re-establish their relationship with you.

    There will be some stomach disorder or some kind of stomach ailment and you will have to undergo medication.

    This says it all about the LIONS:) start Roaring!

  3. iamsimha says:

    Hello Simhas,

    I have read that from 13th June Sani is going to be direct, currently he is retrograde. Will this be a better time for us or time to be careful? If any other simhas can share their views, it will be really helpful.

    • Govinda Raj says:

      Hi Simhas

      Came across this from a website.

      “Saturn which was retrograde motion(Vagram) in Virgo or Kanya rasi almost 6 months, will become direct motion from 13/6/2011. Saturn will move forward from 13/6/2011 hence reduce a lot of affliction to certain people. Saturn was in retrograde motion from 27/1/2011. Saturn becoming direct motion infact will render relief to Kumbam, Simham, Mithunam, Thulan, Meenam and Magara rasi people. Those with good Jupiter transit will experiance sudden boost after 13/6/2011.”

      • iamsimha says:

        Thanks Govinda,

        However, I am really anxious with this movement though,. Someother sites say that Sani being direct or combust is not so good. But I like what is posted by you as Jupiter should be favourable to all Simhas.


  4. iamsimha says:

    Hello Simhas,

    I came across this very very informative article, check it out by clicking the below link:

  5. iamsimha says:

    Hello Simhas,

    There was Surya grahan on 1st July. Did anyone know what impact it had on our rasi ?


  6. saradha kalyani says:

    I am looking 4 a job…got a call for an interview…but …..after going thru my details..i was told ,i would be directed to a higher post…the very next day…but..i’m still waiting 4 a call….what is to come…i repent 4 not insisting on the post which went for…:(

    • m-K says:

      saradha kalyani,dun b 2 hard on yaself !i have been thru the same situation.i was always told that i was over qualified n neva got the job.

      i’m no longer lookin 4 any jobs,waitin to open my company n provide jobs. times r gone b great so juz believe in god n yaself.

      god bless !

    • mangesh says:

      Hope you get it… I am looking for job for four months. I was very encouraged when predictions read dramatic changes after May; but well no changes for me, still looking for work 😦

  7. Monika says:

    I too am simha rashi and everywhere on net I read that good times will start from 8th May onwards.I wonder how should this be taken? I desperately want to change my job but no favourable offers, even interview calls coming my way till now.Situation at office has improved but this hardly gives me happiness and I dont see it as GOOD times.Except telling that things will be better after Dec15th Can anyone answer when will things be favourable for simha rashi people?

    • iamsimha says:

      Hi Monika

      If you are not already seeing good times, please be patient for another 45 days or so. Sani moves out of Kanya rasi relieving all the SImhas once and for all on Nov 15th. Not only on your sade sati will end on that day, both Guru and Sani should start bestowing good results. If you don’t see a change even after that date better consult a good astrolger as your janma kundali may need a detailed study.

      God bless

    • onegoodsimha says:

      Hi – I am going to give my point of view. Please don’t take it that I am offending you in any way. I am looking at this in a different perspective and want to cheer you up. Work is important for everybody, no question about that. But it is not permanently hurtful like when compared to other people when you read their blogs. People who got sick, or become handicapped or have lost a loved one or divorced. After all, jobs and money are in flux in life. Handicap, sickness, losing somebody, getting divorced stay that way forever.

      Plus from a practical point of view, economy sucks everywhere. Having a job makes one feel they are more blessed. As I have read this almost everywhere; let’s keep doing our best and one day our efforts will be paid.

      • sheena says:

        ya v.true…..saadesati is tough for simha rashi but jupiter’s aspect always reduces d ill effects,,,currently as d saturn is retrograde in virgo so times may b tough but we shud pray 2 god n thank 4 d gud v hv

  8. iamsimha says:

    Hi Monika

    How alike are all our situations, pretty amazing to see how we are all in the same boat. I am also trying to get a job that matches my experience etc The job I am in has improved by leaps but not the one I can say is great. It is true for me that the existing job conditions have improved after May 8th. But I was told it will be great after Nov 15 when Sani leaves Kanya rasi. So, let us say we will be celebrating 2012 start in a grand style !

    God bless

  9. Anu says:

    I’m a simharasi and going through the worst period of my life. I’ve been jobless for 2 years now and financially down. My husband is also simha rasi and he’s having a hard time at work.
    I don’t know when we will see light.

  10. iamsimha says:

    Hi Anu

    Sorry to hear about your situation. All Simhas have undergone similar sufferings albeit at varying degrees. General view is that the situation for Simhas are going to improve soon. I am not an astrolger myself hence I can only suggest from ‘what has helped me’ point of view, Please read Vishnu Sahsranama and Hanuman Chalisa regularly. Further you might want to see a prefessional astrolger if you have not already done. Have hope and God Bless.

    • onegoodsimha says:

      You will see good times. Tough times don’t last, tough people do. Now it is our turn to finally feel good and I can see it is around the corner. Let’s wait a little longer.

      Best wishes.

  11. Mukesh says:

    Hi Fellow Simha,s
    I am sharing my life with others Simhas(i m leo as well).I started my carrer in my family businesss in 1986 on cycle n used to travel almost 20-30 miles everyday., n with the grace of God in next three four years v used to hv 5 cars in our house.,N its was just a begining.By year 1990-1993 our company was one of largest exporter of India n myself was one of Top 25 think tanks who used to hv meetings with Mr. Manmohan Singh, Mr.P. Chidbamrem n so others.1994 our family split cost me what ever I hv earned.(my uncles didn,t gave me any share in business)Never mind, i started my own company with my dad,s share n in a span of ten months 500 people were working under me n made millions in next five years(may be more than that)Having three different businesses,travelled almost 25 countries.And as on today i hv nothing,all my factories ,my house my cars hv gone , I m living in a rented house n cant even afford to pay a meagre rent of 12000/-.I had consulted hundereds of astrologers ,spent hundereds of thousands on Upaya:s .No Remedy.Can some one tell whats wrong?
    My DOB is 30/06/1968.
    Time; 14.50 hrs.
    Place: Ludhiana (punjab)
    Many Thanks

    • iamsimha says:

      Hi Mukesh

      Be hopeful and things are looking up for Simha rasi. Guru is in an excellent position already and Sani is going to be very beneficial soon. Pray regularly and that in itself is the best remedy. Hope things will improve for you.

  12. raghu says:


    i am leo, i am seeing the worest time in my life nothing is gng well, loss in business, i have a institute, and many people say tht u will get good profit in education business but yet i havent
    and day by day it is becoming too worest. i am doing all the possible remidies but no change pleasse heip, as u said will anythng change after november or in november any other date is there……………..

  13. m-K says:

    this blog is soon gona b filled wit success stories, pls b patient till 21 dec 2011.

    pray 4 ya well wishers.stay true 2 yaself ! god bless !

  14. anonymus says:

    Nothing good has happened so far career wise or relationship wise,but I kind of won over my enemies.My daughter scored the second highest marks in the class which was very important for us.This has pushed the children who were bullying her behind and it is a great insult for their parents.They had tortured my daughter and me unnecessarily.

  15. marine says:

    well maybe we are expecting a huge change after 15/11. but i seriously think that the expectations best be kept low. so that we can enjoy watevr little gift our destiny has to offer. I dunno if i should call this to be good times. but comparing with 2007-2009 period this is definitely much better. most importantly i have matured a lot as a person.
    keeping fingers crossed for 15th nov 🙂

  16. Krishna says:

    Lord Shani bagwan is not partial on any rashi.He is appointed with a job of looking at the Karma of a person and punish him based on it.Man is bounded with Karma.He has no relation with the results of it and it is Lord Shani dev ji who looks into it.Karma is not always a Bad Karma.Karma means your duty towards ur life.

    Coming to Sade Sati for Simha rashi.I myself had to go through a lot of pain and eventually learning life in a different dimension.Today Im fresh and matured to handle any situation with patience and good Karma.

    What will happen after Nov 15th is wht is a big question.
    I want to answer this question in one line “Life will not stop if will move forward but in a good pace”.

    Lord Shani dev ji will bless everyone if they do good to others ans society.

    “Serve Humanity Save Humanity”

    Please correct me if iam wrong and Pls forgive me if the sentence itself is wrong.

    God Bless Everyone,
    One of ur brother in Simha Rasi.

  17. OneGoodSimha says:

    Hi all – I am happy Sade Shani is coming to an end soon. However, I don’t expect miracles to happen. The reason being my life has sucked even before Sade Shani. During this period it got worse, that’s all. How do describe a life with childhood stress and me getting married ( arranged) into a tortuous family. The abuse was there the day I got engaged and I am relieved that it’s all over with my divorce.

    What I am trying to say is that I am not expecting a super, jubilation life afterwards. I am sure some of the most annoying problems will go away if this is all true.

    But it is hard to explain that people who hurt, destroy others are happy their whole lives and I get punished probably for the sin from previous birth. Still it’s hard to grasp. Strangely enough I think this is the way my life will continue.

    But the good news is, that I could care less about anybody, anything, any position. I still have the duty to raise my children. After that, I am free, I can live on the streets, gets alms and don’t have to own money property, job, etc. I am not saying this b’cuz I am bitter. I truly feel relieved from the everyday hassles of life. I hope can grow some more before I make that move.

    Cheers. Good luck

  18. OneGoodSimha says:

    Hi all – I am happy Sade Shani is coming to an end soon. However, I don’t expect miracles to happen. The reason being my life has sucked even before Sade Shani. During this period it got worse, that’s all. How do describe a life with childhood stress and me getting married ( arranged) into a tortuous family. The abuse was there the day I got engaged and I am relieved that it’s all over with my divorce.

    What I am trying to say is that I am not expecting a super, jubilation life afterwards. I am sure some of the most annoying problems will go away if this is all true.

    Cheers. Good luck

  19. Karl says:

    Been having a lot of anxiety this week.

  20. m-K says:

    start planning for a wonderful christmas n new year party !

  21. marine says:

    15 days to go 🙂

  22. m-K says:

    words cant express wat im feelin !

    we all deserve the best from now on,lets enjoy life !

  23. marine says:

    14 days to go 🙂

  24. m-K says:

    this really made my day,hope yur day is also made coz of dis !

    god blee n enjoy people !

  25. raghu says:

    According to many ppl and Telugu Astrology from Nov. 14th : 5.30 Am only the time of simha people fate changes hope so. waiting muchhhh for that.

    7 days to go

  26. Tandav says:

    A quick translation; this is the best I can do:

    All good tidings for Simha rasi. First, Sani’s transit into the 3rd house from moon is not only good from the point of view of completion of a difficult 7.5 years, but also that Sani transits into a house of exaltation (Tula), which means that Sani will do a lot of good to those that truly deserve (just and deserving benefits). Second, Guru is in 9th from Moon (Bhagya sthan) and Guru not only has drishti on Simha rasi itself but also, both Guru and Sani have a strong (benefic) drishti on the 5th from moon which is a poorva-punya sthan. Note that Sani’s drishti IS benefic, since Sani will be in Tula, in exaltation.Third, Ketu, a powerful and transformative graha is in 10th from moon and 10th being a house of profession/position/standing/honor/dignity/esteem-in-the-world, this is good for those seeking good changes in this sphere of life. There will likely be changes in profession for those seeking such a change, and it will be a good change. Sani is also a karaka for profession and Sani’s exaltation in Tula will add to this. Sani also has a drishti from Tula onto the 12th from moon, which is again a good thing.
    Simha rasians will do well to use this rare good opportunity (benefic positioning of three powerful grahas) to try hard for the profession of their choice and to work toward resolution of all outstanding issues, personal and otherwise. Regarding personal issues: Sani is lord of both 6th and 7th from moon and 7th indicates all close partnerships- spousal, business, etc. Since one will be free of sade-sathi pressure to the mind (moon) and thus relieved of a fear/anxiety mindset, and Sani will be in exaltation in Tula (justice), one’s attempt at resolution of any dispute where one has a just stand will not be in vain.
    Simha rasians are also entreated to worship at TiruNallar (in Tamil Nadu), a famous Saneeswar temple linked to the legend of King Nala or if that is not possible, at a temple to Hanuman or Shiva/Vishnu and ask for blessings. This will truly set the simha rasi native on a path to success in all endeavors, especially in this period when Lords Sani, Guru and Ketu are all auspiciously situated.

    My personal note: best wishes to all simha rasians to work hard, work justly and without fear and back their own instincts and projects in this period. Collaborate, let others benefit too from your own growth and victories, let them also rise with you. Solve as many issues as you can now, invest wisely (Sani is good for long term planning and investing and being exalted in Tula this is a good time for dharmic investments). The most powerful periods will be when Guru is in 9th from moon (until May 2012) and then when in 11th from moon (around mid-2013 to mid 2014).


  27. m-K says:

    great job Tandav !

    god bless ya !

  28. Crushed_Leo says:

    Please post your experiences as time goes on after next week. We can all relate to each other as we get out of this slump..

  29. MB says:

    Hi Tandav,

    Thanks for translating for us! Many thanks!!

    I am Simha with Magha nakshatram and last 7.5/8 years have tested me, which started almost mid 2002, but never realized that what started would hit me so hard from 2004 till today.

    The challenges have become way of life, that I can hardly remember my days of freedom, and of carefree times before! I am looking forward to some releif from challenges and yes, some freedom, some happiness (well deserved after a long struggle!).

    When I read this blog, I was surprized to see so many Simhans going thru worse/ bad/ out of the way challenges. Too bad, I only managed to find this blog a few months back!! Thanks for having this blog!

    May God shower his kindness and love to all Simhans, and bring us all a new life!


  30. marine says:

    jus’ a reminder….10 days to go 😀

    • m-K says:

      welcome bak to u n ya countdown !

    • Karl says:

      what do you mean 10 days? it is Nov. 15th.

      • lily says:

        That is what i was thinking too 15th, but some say December 15 2011, some say we are not officially over till August 2012?

      • Karl says:


        We are not totally free yet after Nov. 15. Do not be careless with your choices because in may 2012 Saturn will retrograde back into the second house for 3 months and as we all know, 3 months of Saturn is enough to make you lose everything again.

      • marine says:

        more precisely now 5 days that is…11,12,13,14,15 and then its over..I guess :O. Plz don’t say 21 dec….wen are we gonna see ray of hope, huh??

  31. Neethi says:

    …Desperately waiting for the sea change…..Past 7 yrs were terrible than the word terrible…..Personal problems, suicidal tendencies…no harmony…no peace…..Gosh….Sade sathi has just left me numb…The worse I believe is over…..God…Pls put an end to this…….Show us…Some light, some way, some grace…..We bore it while we had to…….Now pls guide and protect us…….

  32. m-K says:


    • Neethi says:

      ….Yes….I will..I have learnt many lessons…Being humble…not hurting anyone physically or mentally…believing in self…not expecting much from anyone…for that matter anyone!!and also respecting people only to the extent he/she deserves…and not desires!!

      This is one period in life which leads us to enlightenment….It teaches that there is no gain without pain….I have had roughly abt 3-4 people by my side whom I can never ever forget…I am convinced that I can do anything for them….For they r the ones who didnt let my spirits die….I am and shall always remain indebted to these people…..Even though situations were tough they helped me sail thru the rough seas……..with unconditional lov n support…….

      • simha says:

        We should also remember to remain spiritual even during good times. we should never ever lose an oppurtunity to do good to others as this adds to our good karma. Maybe when our next sade sati comes by after many years… it may not be so bad….

  33. Maani says:

    Hello ppl as a fellow Simha Rasian whilst most say the date for Saturn transit is November the 15th the actual Shani transit according to the Shani temples speciafically at the Thirunallar temple in South India, Tamil Nadu is stated as the 21st of December.
    This is mainly because there are different Pachangam’s in the hindu relegion.As per Suddha Vaakiya Panjangam, Sani Peyarchi takes place on 21-12-2011 in the early hours.
    Whether its Nov 15th or Dec 21st I’m just hoping for a change in my life

    • Karl says:

      This really really needs to be addressed. which one is it?

      • Tandav says:

        Karl, use the Nov 15 date which is per the Thiru-ganitha Panchangam (per calculations used by astrologers). The Vaakiya panchangam date is by a different methodology (vaakiya =by spoken word). There is even a third panchangam – Surya Siddhanta, which may well give yet another date. If all this bothers you, use Nov.15 as the starting date, and Dec 21 as the completion date for your personal transition into this new state of grace. Best wishes, T

  34. marine says:

    more precisely now 5 days that is…11,12,13,14,15 and then its over..I guess :O. Plz don’t say 21 dec….wen are we gonna see ray of hope, huh??

  35. sukesh says:

    one more hurt simha here,..u guys make me belive life changes after nov 15th..i got adjusted with endless failures n lost optimism…if any changes with your life plz share…

  36. m-K says:


  37. m-K says:




  38. m-K says:

    fix all ya health problems first .

  39. lily says:

    Hello my beautiful Simhas, i’m sharing this prediction i found today!

  40. Crushed_Leo says:

    Did he say wear black on Saturday? I was told that not to wear black.. What have you guys heard?

    • lily says:

      Yup, he said to wear black on Saturday, when i had a vedic reading i was also advised against wearing black as it would exacerbate the depression Shani was causing anyway, i was told to wear more bright colours, yellow colour … and i was also advised against wearing blue saphire ring, which is often recommended to wear, so needless to say there are a lot of contradictions in these pujas and recommendations.

  41. Karl says:

    Last night I didn’t get much sleep his morning is a bit frustrating at work but I still have a few more hours till my Sade Sati ends

  42. Mansi says:

    Hey guys,

    Just Stumbled upon this blog….. I wanted to share my experience.. As with many of you I had many setbacks in the last few years.. end of a 4 year committed relationship, No stability in Career, Loss of a job where I was very successful due to ethical issues with my boss and so on and so forth…

    Was not a believer in god n sadesati n stuff. However this period changed a lot in me….. and as it turns out now everything i lost made way for something more meaningful in my life… After the disastrous relationship i found love of my life and got married… My husband’s career was not stable and we were having lot of issues due to that… Nothing was working out for him despite a strong profile in investment banking for almost an yer. finally he decided to go in for an MBA,,,,, again a tough path with rejects coming our way…. had almost lost hope…..

    Then comes 15 Nov. Was hoping for some relief but there was really good news in store for me… My Husband got admission to the most coveted Bschool in India and I who was jobless for sometime now got 2 really good offers…. both coming on the same day… As they say Shani leaves you with lessons for your life and sometimes an unexpected gift as a bonus!!!!

    So all my fellow Simha Rasians… Keep faith and hang in there…. there is always Light at the end of the Tunnel!!!

    Good Luck:)

  43. jay says:

    Leo: As you are aware that sade satti is a period of great limitations, humiliations and destruction of one’s ego completely, the objective of this period is to teach one that time (kaal) is supreme, not man and most people do get the message during this period. However, one must not become overtly overjoyed at the end of this period as its outer period does continue for atleast 2 more months even though Saturn may have moved into Libra. You stand to gain most since your sade satti gets over on November 15. Gain of landed assets is indicated. Better health will be experienced and you will be satisfied on most accounts. An unexplained alertness is visible. Wealth multiplies and cash flows will improve significantly. Most activities are achieved effortlessly. Those looking for jobs will get attractive and fulfilling jobs. This Saturn will help you defeat all your enemies also. But you must be careful of preserving your moral character as you are very liable to get into temptations. Those in government jobs get positions of higher responsibility and power. The first half of 2012 shall be quite eventful, however, Januray end to April second week is a dicey period for those buying/selling land for personal/commercial purposes. But as they say that everything cannot be well at the same time for long, this holds true for you as well since Rahu is positioned in your sookh sthan throughout 2012 which means that it shall keep causing you uneasiness in matters of domestic happiness, drinking water kept overnight in a silver pot will be beneficial for you and you must also offer water to a keekar tree for 42 days without a break with sankalp of all domestic problems to get over. August shall be quite a gainful month where you shall be able to achieve a lot with your will power, however, September shall be quite a difficult month and relationships with your siblings shall also be affected, your written mails/correspondence and paper work shall bring you to problems.

  44. marine says:

    Guys is it finally over? or do we have to wait till 21st dec or more. Plz clarify. 🙂

  45. jay says:

    it will be good to get the moderator/administrator and other eminent astrologers give their ruling on the transit to libra, instead of posting some random videos here.
    we all simhas have licked our wounds in these past years. my life like many of my valiant friends has been devastated. but rather than crying and sobbing i would want to look at positive solutions.
    please could people post positive suggestions on mantras, or upays, to strengthen ourselves now that this eclipse is finally getting over. does aditya hrudyam work? etc.
    i feel your pain brothers – we should all be strong as we were born to be!
    warm regards, snow lion from the north.

    • Karl says:

      There are plenty of sights that can tell you that online.

      And this is just a blog not a paid site. The owner is nothing more than a Leo just like the rest of us. Now that your Sade Sati is over why don’t you contribute somethng? The people who are posting video are doing something good a they are anything but random. Do you see people posting video of none Simha related stuff?

      • jay says:

        karl, i sense rebuke and condescension in your remarks. sorry, but you read me totally wrong. i am not ridiculing people’s experiences, i have been through torment myself.###i believe the objective of this blog is not to just rue over our lives, but, through common experience, determine prayers and upayas which will set leos lives right. now that sade-sati is over, i believe that is what the goal of this blog is, and i think most of our friends will agree.###
        and now, i must counter your acerbic remarks 1) plenty of sites that can tell you online : thanks for stating the obvious. but for your information, this blog is a platform for us leos. your advise is unwarranted. 2) this is a blog and not a paid site : wonder where you got that from. i am not looking for personalized solutions. what i inquired was for the larger good. 3) now that your sade sati is over why dont you contribute something? i am contributing by significantly moving the discourse on this site to ‘what we ought to do now’ with my query, than just cry over spilt milk.
        i hope you focus on the essence of my comments henceforth rather than getting personal. i wish you well.

  46. Karl says:

    I do feel more alert today and I seem to have a sense of mental clamness that is a relief from all the mental tension of the last few years.

  47. Neethi says:

    ….I have been waiting for this date….My life has been really really miserable…Now,I want some peace…Somehow,for me still things r not working….I somehow feel I cannot continue with this burden anymore….Iam actually bearing more than I can…..In the past few years my eyes were always moist…..accompanied by sleepless nights,fear of failures….I The people I dislike, were making fun of me n enjoying themselves…..I feel I have become the talk of the town……

    Never ever life has been so worse….To add to all this…My child is developmentally delayed….I had so many dreams for my child…Looks like Iam sinking…For any parent,this is a major setback…I truly wish and pray that any parent should not undergo the pain I have undergone…..I truly feel I dont deserve this…….I sincerely pray and wish the Almighty feels our pain and atleast shows us some way to get out of this pathetic situation…..I had approached so many astrologers who claimed that after nov 15th my kids situation wil improve….since he has janma shani…(also a simha raisain)….Only God knows what my destiny has in store for me……….Just hoping for some grace…..Dying to see the good old days…….

    • Sathish says:

      I feel your pain Neethi as its been no good here at my end as well with my life taken an entire U turn on the job and health front. Thankfully things are fine on the health front although there are the usual naggin pains. Hold fort till the Shani transit is actually the 21st of Dec 2011 and also there is a short period where between June and Aug 2012 Saturn comes back again to the 2nd house that will make us experience a little of the same effects of Saturn for a period of about 40 days. Hope your child makes a quick development and as im leaving for the Shani temple at Thirunallar in Tamil Nadu early tomorrow morning as the Simha rasi(Pooram star) falls at 4 pm on Saturday hope to pray for the good health and wealth of all fellow Simha Rasians and hopefully the Lorde will shower a bounty full of happiness to all fellow ppl. Good luck and im sure things will change so hang in there.

      • Manoj Sanghavi says:

        Thanks & May god bless you & all

      • jay says:

        sathish and neethi i empathize with you. all of a sudden my life took such a disastrous turn i couldnt believe how it could life could be devastated in a few months. i have suffered hell. all i can say is that being leos (natives of the sun) we suffered wrath of lord saturn who is not particularly well disposed to sun. that is the only plausible reason i can find.
        take heart, for i think the worst is over. it can only get better from here. do your best despite the circumstances.

      • Karl says:

        Why are you so sure it is the 21st when the majority of astrologers say it is the 15th? Is there something that has convinced you of that?

    • srinivas says:

      same problem now iam facing sani in tula

  48. Mukesh says:

    Hi Sathish,
    May God Bless us all., n hope n strongly wish we all should gain at least enough to live a decent and nice life,(like what we used to live before this painfull time).All the best for your journey n visit to temple and pray to Lord Shani on behalf of all Simhas on this blog.

  49. Bharat says:

    I don’t see things improving at all. I am living in the US. I don’t have a job and my house lease is expiring in December after which I will not have a place to live. And I am short of money too.
    After enduring all hardships for around 8 years, there is no relief. I feel life has been merciless to me.

  50. Karl says:

    Bharat, it has only been 3 or 4 days since the end of Sade Sati… Were you expecting something to happen the next day? I think you should talk to an astrologer and see ow the other planets are effecting you. I know it sucks.

    • Bharat says:

      I think I am being to impatient & expecting miracles to happen over night.
      I guess Sani’s lessons are not yet over & there is still some final chapters remaining to be taught by him.

  51. marine says:

    No respite, spent all of today depressed and as I write this I am wiping my tears. Why?? and how long?? seriously is God so damn unjust!!!!

  52. Karl says:


    The reason you are crying is it because of something that occured before the 15th?

    • ladysimha says:

      The worst part is that some of the things we lost during sade sati , we will never get back and we might have to cry for it all through our lives…

  53. marine says:

    yeah well parially yes and partially even now. I have this constant feeling of being lost alone and to top these my xams are approaching and I dunno wat to do. 😦 this constant depression is making my life hell. I just hoped for a bit of respite 😦

    • Karl says:

      Are you in Rahu Mahadasha?

      • iamsimha says:

        Karl – is Rahu mahadasa good or bad for Simhas? I am also in Rahu Mahadasa, so curious. I was feeling alright for a few months before 15th and after the transit I am feeling uneasy if not horrible. Thanks for your posts.

      • marine says:

        I don’t think so….I am currently under Ravi Dasha. Were do u feel d prob is Karl?? I am so confused 😐

    • onegoodsimha says:

      Hi Marine – Forgive me if I am giving you unwanted advise. Please go see a psychiatrist or any doctor for your depression. Taking right steps do take care of ourselves is also new learning during Sani phase or any other phase.

      We got to fight our battles and finish a winner at the end.

    • Sonny says:

      Marine..constant depression and feeling alone? I was feeling same way before nov15th.i feel little better now. Currently I am going thru rahu mahadasha…i was taking pills for anxiety which i stopped now. If you are going thru Ravi dasha then try surya namaskar every morning.

  54. Karl says:

    I am not an astrologer but Raho is generally considred bad. I think it depends much upon your Lagna too.

    You also might want to get birth tiime rectification to make sure you are a Leo. If sounds like you have just entered Sade Sati or one of its phases.

  55. marine says:


    I don’t think so….I am currently under Ravi Dasha. Were do u feel d prob is Karl?? I am so confused 😐

    • Karl says:

      I am not an astrologer and can’t tell you where the problem is and being that you are Muslim, how is it that you are even allowed by your religion to believe in Hindu Astrology? Is the answer for you not in Islam?

  56. marine says:

    I am Not a Muslim. Wat made u assume dat??

    • Karl says:

      Sorry, got you mixed up with another poster. But again, I am not an astrologer.

      if you are under rahu dasha then things can’t be great. I am also in rahu dasha and probaby can only expect small stuff til guru dasha in 2012.

  57. m-K says:

    Lord Sani is just leaving you after seven and half years from 21.12.2011 at last. Past years had been not so good in every aspect. Saturn was in second house from your rasi and now transiting to third place in Thula rasi.

    Tensions, failures, health problems, unhappiness and extra ordinary delays in ventures – all these experiences you had been facing all these years are going to come to end. As this sani peyarchi is very good for you, you can sit and relax for some time and enjoy the life.

    The setbacks and down trend in the business will show tremendous change and success is in the right way now. If you just take this opportunity and good time with proper planning and strategies you gain more than what you lost. You can reach new heights and prove your talents and intelligence to the world.

    Luck – you can expect to know and feel the meaning of this word in coming days and be prepared to gain most out of it. What you need now is the self confidence and action. And you are very well capable of achieving your goals and aims.

  58. Karl says:

    Dammit, another person that says Dec. 21st. Who here feels that their Sade Sati is over and who does not?

  59. sukesh says:

    to my knowledge, satrun came into libra on 15th nov 2:00 pm and effects to be felt affter 21st nov…ppl positioned early in simha rasi ll feel effects earlier…in sept 2009 exactly after 9 days i got to broke up with my ex which was horrifying, now im thinking it happnd for my good only..

  60. Karl says:

    thanks sukesh,

    so today we should be feeling it.

  61. Ray says:

    I started feeling amazing last night.. It feels as a dark heavy cloud has finally been lifted off..

  62. Karl says:

    * Special Message for Simha Rasi:

    The Transit of Saturn is considered good whenever Saturn transits the 3rd house. So it looks like Simha Rasi people gain a lot from this transit of Saturn into their 3rd house (THULA). With Jupiter in the 9th house it is really celebration time as far as the environment goes. However the truth is that not all the stars in this sign will experience the same good result.

    Saturn phase is fully over for Makha Star. Poorvaphalguni 1st Pada people also will find the time good.

    However Uttaraphalguni 1st pada (SIMHA Rasi) people need to wait for a year to get the benefits of Saturn in the 3rd house. In the same way the good effects of Saturn starts late for Uttaraphalguni, the ending of the good effects will also be delayed by a year. So there is nothing to lose. It is just waiting for your turn.

    If you have anything in mind especially new venture etc you may start it because Jupiter is blessing you from the 9th house. The benefits may be delayed but it will come later on when Saturn moves further into LIBRA.

  63. Sathish says:

    Hi fellow Lions. Just came back from a vist to the Shani temple in Thirunallar and after the dip in the holy waters of the Nala Theertham ( For those unaware of the word Theertham its the holy waters of the temple where King Nala took bath to calm down the effects of Shani god after he was releived of for 7 nd half years). Indeed there is a calmness about things now but still the transit is scheduled for 21st December as per the Vakya panchangam which is what is followed in all the Shani temples. Seems to amaze me that ppl were writing left right and center here but now there seems to be a lull. Even though nothing seems to be happening on any front and its just a slight calm that is prevalling so hopefully the storm of good fortune and fame is not far away even if its Dec 21st. Anyways prayed for every Simha Rasian out there to lead a peacful, prosperous and happy life with lot of ups and a lot let downs. Hopefully the New year will be a change and everyone of us can look forward to a better future. Good luck to one and all. Do keep posting.

    • Neethi says:

      Thanks a lot Sathish……Ur prayers mean a lot……All that we went thru in the past yrs will serve as lessons for a better future…..Whether its 15th nov or for that matter dec 21st……,I only hope and pray the dark clouds of failure and sadness vanish from our lives………

      • Karl says:

        It does matter, it matters a lot. There are Simhas who have conserved all their energy and finances and have been holding off from making any major moves until after Sade Sati when the condition is just right because Shani is in Tula.

        Now 1 month certainly is no big deal since we have been in it for over 7 years but what if it is Dec. 21 and some unlucky Simha made his move early without knowing anything about Dec. 21? It could all go to hell.

        When it comes to astrology, even the seconds matter. Imagine if you were born one month before or later than when you were born? you probably wouldn’t even be here reading this.

        I myself have decided not to risk it and lie low for another month. I hate this.

      • Sathish says:

        Hi Neethi HOPE seems the word thats on all ppl with simha rasi.Even though the sark clouds of failure and sadness vanish from our lives Im pretty sure they have left a permanent mark in our lives. It will be so hard rather impossible to regain lost ground and how everyone one of were 7 or so years ago. Needless to say wouldnt mind a rollercoaster after 21st where we will see at least some crusts rather than just turfs all the way through. Jus keeping fingers crossed.

    • Manoj Sanghavi says:

      Thanks for your prayers

    • m-K says:


  64. m-K says:

    Just wait patiently for the day to unfurl pleasant surprises.

  65. lily says:

    Well i have talked to about 4 vedic astrologers and they all consider Shani to have ingressed into Thula, i also see that the majority astrologers here on Internet consider it to be in Thula since Nov 15. Quite frankly i have not even heard of this date Dec 21 as a relevant date but from some people here on this blog.

    So far for me things have come to a standstill, i feel like i am born anew, like i have to start over, i have had bouts of crying in the past days over things in my past, but thats what it is -it is the past, i can not change those things, can only learn to somehow move forward, maybe the anxiety level is down by about 30%, but it is only that because i chose to remove myself from harmful situations, but i still do not feel free.

    Not all of us Simhas will have good results, that is why one must have an individual reading done by a certified jotyshi if you have important decisions to make, a lot depends on your Lagna and other things mentioned on this blog already, but Shani also needs some time to settle into the sign of Libra into that first degree, so i believe we should be seeing a more clearer picture of what is going on in the months ahead.

    • Karl says:


      Thanks for the post.

      I too have found about a 30-40% reducton in anxiety.

      After studying my life during the last few years I am convinced that their is no free will and that we have control over nothing, not even our emotions and reactions. Everything to me is predestined.

      [Croesus is a rich king in ancient Greece who is quite enamored with his own wealth. When the wise man Solon comes to visit his kingdom, Croesus asks Solon if he had ever seen greater opulence than his own. Solon replies that birds like peacocks are incomparable in their beauty. Croesus disagrees, and he tries to impress Solon with a list of vanquished foes and claimed territories. Solon still disagrees, telling Croesus that the happiest man he had ever met was a peasant in Athens. He explains that the peasant worked hard, raised a family, and was content with what he had. Croesus takes this as an insult and Solon leaves.

      Soon after Solon’s departure, tragedy befalls Croesus. His oldest son is killed in a hunting accident, and then Emperor Cyrus invades. Cyrus’ army is triumphant, and Croesus’ kingdom is ravaged and Croesus himself is captured and ordered to be executed. As Croesus is about to be burned on a pyre, he cries out Solon’s name. Cyrus stops the pyre to hear what Croesus has to say. Croesus relates Solon’s story to Cyrus, and Cyrus is moved by the notion that Fate can bring misery to a rich man and happiness to a poor man. Croesus is freed and the emperor and the king become good friends.[2]

      This is the report passed down by Greek historian Herodotus; but according to Persian historians and Persian school texts, Croesus had himself tied on the pyre to be burned rather than be tortured by Cyrus. What Croesus didn’t know was that Cyrus was a kind liberator. So when he saw the pyre on fire, Cyrus ordered it to be doused and told Croesus that he was still king in Lydia and that he could keep all his riches because Cyrus would never want such a burden.]

      • lily says:

        Hey Karl always interesting reading your posts, have you always had that feeling that your life was predestined even before sade sati? Because i personally did not have this feeling, prior to sade sati, i felt very much in control of my feelings and behaviour, and i had a sense i was causing the outcomes, because everything i did resulted in pretty much what i envisioned and i was supported. But with the onset of Sade Sati it was as if someone else was “pulling the strings” and it did not matter what i was doing so i was getting frustrated and in turn i was creating more negative vibes.

        We are probably a part of a bigger plan, we still have free will, but i do not think we can control the outcomes and sometimes even our best intentions and actions might not yield favourable results. It is just the way it is.

        Also lets not forget an important fact that Shani from September 2004 – September 2009 was transiting Karka and Simha rashis that are said to be the absolute worst signs (giving in general extremly harsh results) ever for Shani so whatever befell you in Sade Sati it is the worst that can happen to you. Remember that the hardship we had to go through of past 7 yrs, we will not have it as bad for the next 25 years till our next Sade Sati. Now i do not wanna get cocky since Shani will “visit” us again next year and could deliver the final “deathly blow”, but i choose to hang around and not kill myself as i read here on the blog a couple of people want to end their lives. I know it’s hard and painful, it is difficult picking up the pieces of what was your life and dealing with the consequences of Sade Sati aftermath but hang in there, keep breathing, keep putting your best foot forward no matter what. Just as Shani turned us into »beggars« it will turn us back to »kings« … eventually 😉

        “Listen to the mustn’ts, child. Listen to the don’ts. Listen to the shouldn’ts, the impossibles, the won’ts. Listen to the never haves, then listen close to me… Anything can happen, child. Anything can be.”

  66. Karl says:

    A good way to know how Saturn is influencing you in general is to see how you feel and what kind of things happen to you on Saturdays since Shani rules Saturday. I did take note of this for the last 6 months or so and Saturdays were almost always very bad. Let’s see how this coming Saturday turns out.

  67. MB says:


    I have been following this blog since past few months, and like all fellow Simhas, have been waiting for that light at the end of the tunnel!!

    I haven’t shared my experience in my last few posts, but thought of sharing them! Remarkably, we all have gone thru very similar, painful, challenging, humiliating, out of control past 7/8 years. Although, I have always beleived in astrology, but haven’t ever seen such evidence of similar experiences anytime! Many thanks to the site owner for opening this blog, actually, experiences written here can become a part of research for an astrology enthusiast, I would say!

    So, for my experience part, it was all very shocking, simply draining (is still). Got separated in mid 2002 with pregnancy, went back home for delivary, came back late 2003, struggled to find very first job in different country, no hope worked out for the marriage part, so eventually got official divorce in 06, now my child is turning 9 in December. Got totally secluded socially, because of the job, taking care of the child, and household. Nothing happened so far in regards to my hope of remarriage. But, worst thing to know and live with these challenging times was, that my marriage broke because of the ex’s misconduct. But, at the end of it, he got to remarry again, and I am with the child, god knows, why Saturn imposes lessons on the sane ones!!! Why does the unfair one gets the life, and the fair one becomes the victim?Any idea, philosophy, about how this works? May be, karma?!

    The lost marriage, my child not getting well deserved family life having both parents together, loosing golden time of marriage years, is the end of sadesati going to give me back all of these? No, I think the damage made is lifelong. So, no releif can bring us back what we lost timewise!! I hope everyone agrees in that! How do you try to give yourself solace in this situation??

    M B

    • Mukesh says:

      Really really its been a hardest/harshest time we all been going through from last seven eight years., (your self)Being a female and single mother every one can understand the plight u hv gone through in your life,I dont want to praise my self but in my good times i had supported number of my friends and relatives to any extent and all of them are millionare now n i am down to zero from being a millionaire and the people whom i supported dont want to see me even.I am alone,hurted, confined my self to one room and watching TV 24X7 to keep my brain busy.Be in touch at mail

    • Monika says:

      Hi M B,

      I was able to relate with your mail a lot.So many times I too have thought on same lines.
      past karma is again a debatable topic and a matter of difference in philosophical thoughts.
      Do we know our past? So how we know or remember what we had done? Why is this life we are being punished for acts which we don’t remember? or we may have not done at all? These logic’s are given so that you take it as your destiny that’s it.
      Also Lord Shani tested us and as is said he will give us multiple times of what he has taken.But will he be able to bring me back all that is lost is these years?I doubt this will be possible.
      Just live and accept how things are and try to get happiness out of it is what I am thinking of.May be that way can find some solace.
      Best wishes to you.

      • MB says:

        Thanks Monika,

        They say we don’t remember our past karmas, because we are ignorent! The fact is there, hidden, until is is unveiled. Still, a debatable topic!!

        But, as we all Simhas tend to be intellectual too, we do not accept the reasonings beyond reality. That’s why we suffer more.

        Wish we can either get some releif or some understanding to overcome what seems to be a loss of time, energy, relations, happy times/journey overall. Tough gets toughest, and that’s how it goes..


    • onegoodsimha says:

      Hi MB – I am in a very similar situation with respect to my divorce. Ironically my divorce happened in 2008 during Sadi-Sani. But I actually think it is a good thing as it terminated all the misery I went through for 15 years. I am free at last.

      But it is very hard for my son and he stresses out when he is going back and forth between the parents. I will always feel guilty about the divorce as it will have a long lasting effect on my son. I only hope that this situation is better than us living together and fighting every waking minute of the day.

      Regarding my social life it is hard as it is living in a foreign country and with my divorce now I have none. With my family or extended family I pretty much don’t have any desire to connect with anyone including my own siblings. My mother passed away in 2008 and my father has not been in my life for the past 12 years. I am bitter but I think I finally know how people are and I am better off this way.

      I really feel mature after the 7 1/2 years but the joy I have felt in my life is gone. I don’t think it is coming back.

      To answer your question, whatever is gone is gone and is not coming back. I try to solace by accepting my life the way it is. Whether I like it or not, whatever happens happens regardless. Why bother !!!

  68. Karl says:

    MB and Mukesh,

    Thank you for your posts. Really touched me and I can fully relate. The last 7/8 years have been bad but especially the last 3.5, those have been unlivable I was with someone for 19 years and one day over a petty argument she wanted divorce and starting the next day she ran wild. The way she treated me during our seperation was cruel and inhuman. I couldn’t believe this is the person I was with since I turned 18. It devestated me so much that I coudln’t do anything. I just stayed home all day and drank. Till one day i woke up with a rare and life threatening disease that reuired immediate surgery.

    Finally had the courage to move out and live on my own forthe fist time. that was about 2 years ago. And it has been really tough for me mentally and finacially. I spend a whole year looking for work unsuccessfuly and was living off my dwindling saving. I found a stupid job and am living from paycheck to paycheck now.

    The last few years I have managed to lose everything. I have almost no friends and my family doesn’t even talk to me. I feel so alone and hopeless all the time. I often wonder if I was so greedy and evil in the last life. Why am I suffering like this now? The constant anxiety, panic attacks and suicidal depression wears me down so much. I always have to be watching TV or movies in order to distract myself from thinking about the ugliest things.

    I do believe that my mental tension has eased a bit since Nov. 15. and hope things further improve for me and all of us Leos.

    I have stopped trying to find happiness or anything of that sort. It is fruitless. Either the planets give it to you or they don’t. I no longer believe in free will.

    • onegoodsimha says:

      I know the feeling about Thanksgiving. This year I was with people but the past 6 years I was alone. I am scared about Friday evenings and holidays. Hope all this changes now.

  69. Karl says:

    I’ve decided that I am not going to leave just because Sade Sati is over. We Simhas need each other and I will use this place as my diary.

    Just to let you guys know Even though Sade Sati is over now or will be on Dec. 21st, I am still in Rahu Mahadasha and Chandra Antardasha. It is still not a good time for me untell mid 2013.

    Yesterday was the American holiday thanks Giving. A time when friends and family come together for to share a feast and to be thankful for all they have. I spent it alone witho no one. Yesterday was so depressing…all i did was walk the streets not wanting to go home to that hopeless feeling. All the shops and restaurants were empty…..

    I drank myself to sleep last night and woke up just now feeling anxious and depressed.

    • MB says:

      Karl, Mukesh,

      Thanks for your sharing as well!! I think it really helps when you connect with people similar in your situation. As they say, only a person in pain, can understand another’s pain fully!

      I would still say, decline in our lives are too dramatic, but we endured them all because we are – Simhas. We are supposed to be gracious even in the worst moves we are complelled to follow!!! I think we all simhas should be proud!! Simhas, by their very nature, can’t betray, can’t shy away from responsibility, can’t become insane and go crazy. That’s not just us!!! Yes, we do tend to take our own course(a lion does not need crowd), and that might put us into a secluded position. So, I would say, still keep on the spirit of a lion, because that’s what we are supposed to be, no matter what!!!

      Wish we all get grace of the almightly to overcome our failures, pain, seclusion, saddening thoughts. That should be a good starting point for every simha!

      M B

      • Mukesh says:

        HI MB.,
        Yeah , you are very right, We are Leos, meant to be strongest than others, and God willing we all will come out of our own problems, griefs very soon and will lead our life like a king, that s what a Leo should be.

  70. Karl says:

    My email if anyone wants to talk:

    • Mukesh says:

      Thanks Karl.,
      Mine rather 99% Simha,s who are on this blog hv a similar situation., We all need each others solace and encourgement to lead our life.Will mail u in your gmail account later.Have a nice day Hope things will get better.

  71. simha says:

    I can feel some relief. A lot of family drama happened on the 14th and spent the past few days crying… But now things are starting to look up. Got a good job today eventhough i didnt work for a long time. Complete freedom from the bondage of past few months. My Nakshatra is Poorvaphalguni 1st Pada… may be thats why I already feel a difference.

  72. SIMHALADY says:


    • jay says:

      good you didnt marry during sade sati. for if you had married, your marriage would have always been under the eye of sade sati. i didnt know this. i married. my married life is destroyed.

  73. Sathish says:

    Hi Karl and others too

    I’m begining to understand your frequent blogs here. Jus read your post and Im sure so many ppl pleading their grievances and praying daily to various gods for the benefit of all the simha rasians will not be futile. Im sure the Unity in Diversity here will help ppl change into a new leaf after the Sade Sati period.Never have so many ppl interacted for each others benefit and for such a timeframe and im sure things will begin to change gradually when the proper time arrives..So fingers crossed and think end of the day the 7 and half years have been a lesson for us all making us wise and probably even tell our future generations for time to come.

  74. sukesh says:

    is whole life set up by planets??..any free will left in the world???…

    i agree @karl. last two years toughest….to kill loneliness n depression spent all my time watching movies, sitcoms n walked alone in streets….even though graduating frm top institute ,jobless and failed in three new ventures….took time n forgot brakeup…losing streak dint stop there,even lost my dog…after all these do i have to care that sade sati is over…..

  75. Sonny says:


    I spent the thanksgiving almost working and no family around, have gout and was in pain most of last night. Just so you are not alone. I feel less stress after nov 15th but still have lot to be worried about. Life is upside down since August and need lot of miracles. Where do you live? i am in southbend indiana.

  76. Karl says:

    Thank you for the post lily,

    I am willing to listen to any ideas but the thing is if we cannot control the outcome then it means we have no free will. Simhas are the most strong willed and cannot anything about the suffering.

  77. Sonny says:

    Yes ..going thru Rahu Mahadasha and Antardash since oct 21st 2011 I wanted to find out current planetary positions. I am assuming saturn is in 3rd house now in my natal chart but when i tried few websites like astrosage, astroved, astropeep..i get different predictions and planetary positions. Some places it shows saturn in 5th house..jupiter in 11th….i am still looking for a good place to find out my currrent planetary positions..the site you recommended ..didnt help. Any thoughts?

  78. Karl says:

    you can try this one:

    Saturn is in your 3rd house since Nov. 15th.

  79. Karl says:


    if you hae just started your rahu mahadasha then please thjink about getting a rahu pooja donre ASAP.

    here is a site for your birth chart:

  80. Karl says:

    Not sure why my poasts are working.

  81. Karl says:

    Now they are.

    Sonny, Rahu is known for creating a lot of bad luck and mental unrest. Please think about getting a Rahu pooja done since you are early in this mahasha. See if this works:

  82. Karl says:

    I often feel that we are all just actors in a movie who don’t realize we are in a movie. We think that we making choices, doing things and going places but its just the movie that is playing.

    I also feel that the planets aren’t doing anything to us. The planets are also victims of the GOD force. The planets just indicators of measurement no different than the hands on a watch or a thermometer. They measure the force but are not the force themselves.

    As you can probably tell by my sadness that I am a man that once had everything and have been reduced to almost nothing. Yeah sure I am a lot more humble and understanding than I used to be after all that I have been through but then I have also lost so much courage and confidence.

    I pray that things will work out well for me and all of us here.

  83. Good Friend says:

    Hi All,

    I just want to tell you all. I never read horoscope in my life before Sept 2009 .I took life as it comes and enjoyed all the good and bad things in life.

    Being leo moonsign – Poorvaphalguni star .I went through the worst and worst things in life.

    Changed job twice / lost my brother / saw my parents cry for past 2 years / lost my child / changed city / country and lost all my savings but to tell you all, i have not grown strong but rather now feel more afraid and concerned.

    After reading this blog and all your comments, i was hopeful about Nov 15th. I had lot of hope of giving some relief to my wife and family by being composed . But i was shocked to realise things have gone worse for me and i had better things atleast individually to be proud of during Shani even though other factors aound was affecting me and emotionally making me weak.

    My story now….

    I got my 1st escalations in my 10 years of very successful career . Am in soup explaining people in multiple meeting because i tried and risked to do something new, which no one took ownership and i did the base work. Now everyone wants my idea but they are questioning my approach and making me reason to correct themselves. Am being pulled down by thinking out of box.

    So i want some feedback from people. Do we really need to feel positive about this nov 15th and then get let down. am not only feeling low but also making my family feel sad.

    Life is all about taking care of friends and family but i feel, we are so deeply involved in ourself and missing the fun of life. So lets just move on and instead of being positive and confident about Nov 15th rather lets all be Smart , calculative & strong.

    Lets take care of people around us and family.

  84. Sonny says:


    Thanks. I did do the puja for Rahu and Ketu before two weeks. This site does not show current transit, it shows birth/natal chart which i dont need. Any other site you might now that can show current planetary positions?


  85. Mukesh says:

    HI Karl n other Brave Simhas.,
    We all hv posted our grief n sorrows we been through during Sadhe sati.,NOW we all knows the D Day has come n gone (15th Nov.2011).,n its still early days of Shani Bhagwan in Tula rashi.My suggestion “Does any one knows a really really good astrologer whom v can trust n lets create a small fund to get our horoscopes analysed!!!

  86. Karl says:


    This site seems to have a lot of free calculators:

    You can also go to demonoid and download jyotish somfware and it will do the calculations for you.

    I’m glad you got the pooja, i am planning to get one done too.

  87. Karl says:

    A situation at work arose the other day that could get me fired when I come in on Monday. I have been having so much anxiety because of this. This morning I felt like throwing up and crawling out of my skin. I didn’t know wat to do so i just got up and started waking and chanting some mantras to Sun and Maa Durga. I must have walk for about 2 hours non stop and went though probably 30 japas. It helped, I am still feeling anxious but the walking probably released some good chemicals in my body and the chaznting stilled the ind a little bit.

  88. MB says:

    I read somewhere that it’s our own mind (moon) which creates biased behaviour and creates anxiety, strees, dilusion, seclusion, lack of connection with society. I was told to wear a pearl (for moon) to restore connection back to society (and wearing one now).

    Any idea that Sadesati afflicts the person having weaker moon more? I would think so! Because an unstable mind can create dilusion, seclusion, strees, all mind-related issues. Which in turn takes away your control over almost any situation (critical situations get impacted the most).

    Any thoughts?


    • vishal says:

      The idea of wearing a pearl was given to me too by someone, wore it for a couple of years until things got worse than ever before…have kept it in the cupboard now 🙂

  89. Karl says:

    But Sade Sati is over. Atleast, its supposed to be. But yes The moon represents the mind and it is Saturn’s worst enemy, Saturn grinds down on the moon.

    • jay says:

      isnt sun saturns worst enemy? i thought i read that in astrology. we leos are natives of sun. therefore lord shani reserves special scorn for us.

  90. Karl says:

    Guys, i just feel too aweful. I am constantly depressed and anxious. I have no friend or family and am working a shitty job that I can get fired from at anytime. I just don’t feel I have anything to live for.

  91. Sathish says:

    I guess its good on ya to vent out your frustrations so hang on dont loose hope. I guess its only one simha person consoling the other. It may be blind leading the blind, but Im sure we will go somewhere or the other lol.

  92. P N says:

    am 19 years old..simha rasi pooram natchathiram..probably the youngest one to post here.. i have totally suffered so bloody much during this sade sati period !! soo f*****g much !!

    i dont wanna recall all those horrible incidents and brush my memory about them once again..

    read all my fellow simha rasians posts and comments here..felt really bad to see so many of us suffer so much and with so much of similiarity !!

    let me tell you guys not expect everything to change if sani is over..kindly kindly do not ! the so called november 15th IS NOT THE CORRECT DATE OF THE SADE SATI TRANSIT ! SANI WILL LEAVE ALL OF US ON DECEMBER 21ST 2011 ! I GUARANTEE U ALL THAT DEC 21ST IS THE CORRECT DATE OF THE TRANSIT !! U CAN 200 % BELEIVE THIS !

    as i was going thru some of the comments here , i realised that this blog is slowly becoming a place where all of us aren’t just sharing our grievances but also building our own expectations and dream houses about our future thinking and expecting that after nov 15th( which itself is a wrong date ) everything will change and we will get what ever we want !! and when that doesn’t happen we feel bad and start worrying once again from the beginning !!

    expectation always hurts..this is one bigg biggg biggg biggg biggg thing i have learnt in this period..kindly don’t expect anything absolutely anything to change..i know its tough..when the going gets tough the tough gets going !! 🙂 just imagine..before the sade sati period was going to start , if god had told u that ” in the sade sati , you will lose your job , you will have a divorce , your child will have a disease , you will be seperated from your family ” and blah blah blah.. i bet you that your immediate reply would have been “oh god ! no way can i bear all this ! death is better !”

    but now ? 🙂 the irony is you have crossed all that and u are alive reading my post..




    take u all..will always pray for our success…:)

    Pruthvi Narayan

    • jay says:

      i dont care if its 21 december or 15 november. such a big discussion here over these dates. its december here already anyway. and the damage lord saturn had to cause he has caused.
      i read somewhere that lord saturn judges you honestly and if your actions are truthful and good you will not suffer. i have not wronged any person and not done anyone wrong but i was subjected to the worst misery in this world. then, there is another interpretation that whatever damage lord saturn has to cause he will cause. regardless of prayers etc. i talked to a noted astrolger two days back he told me this when i discussed my situation.
      now sometime back i read an article saying the bad time of ketu and rahu has started in my life. this way i wont be able to live life at all.
      all i can say is leos here, dont be crying all the time. we will have to put in our best regardless of the situation. be mindful and careful as the time has not been good. but struggle we must. let not fear stop us from doing our karma. we should fearlessly advance!

  93. MB says:


    Wish and pray for you. It’s ok to feel bad, but don’t let it overpower you. May your own intellect, confidence and good karmas guide you! We all can connect to your write very well.


  94. Sathish says:

    Karl I guess its good on ya to vent out your frustrations so hang on dont loose hope. I guess its only one simha person consoling the other. It may be blind leading the blind, but Im sure we will go somewhere or the other lol.

  95. Mudit says:

    Hi everyone, this is my first post on this blog, but I have been a reader for some time now. Like many readers, I was eagerly waiting for the 15th (I even set my alarm to wake up at the time the sade sati was supposed to end). For the first week or so, nothing seemed to change, and I actually felt worse than I have for a while. In the last few days, however, it really does seem like a huge burden has been lifted off me and I am starting to feel like my old self again. Most importantly, for a couple of days, I have felt a strong sense of optimism (something I have not felt for the last 7.5 years).

    I just want to encourage everyone else on this blog to have faith as I really do feel things are getting better, slowly.

  96. jay says:

    karl from your posts you project as if you are the only one carrying the cross and burden. i have been through the most intense devastation any man could face from 2009, allright? i have lost my father in 2009 and subsequently with an impending divorce, wife and kid.
    after so much crying and being troubled, i have finally decided that i cannot behave like this all my life and waste my life. people go through all sorts of tragedies. god has given us this life to live. please let us honour that and approach it positively always and not just keep on bemoaning and crying over what our life used to be. hindu astrology is predicated upon karma. if you do not act and just keep crying, you will not get anywhere.

    • Karl says:

      We are all trying that is why we are here and using jyotish to fight back. Shani is not teacher to me. he is a jailer and a sadistic torturer. Does it make sense to teach a man to be humble by chopping off his legs and make eg for a iving? The real teach is Guru (Jupitor). Guru teaches thruogh love.

      • Karl says:

        I also want to say that it makes no sense to compare each other’s burdens. Losing a spouse to death or divorce is not worse or better than losing part of your body through cancer. it all depends are the personality of the victim cannot be comparably measured. There are those who commit suicide over thing we do not deam worthy. That is because we are not in their bodies and have not have the same raging checmical circulating in the brains.

        1 million dollars is 1 milion dollars so why does it feel great to start from zero and make one milion dollars but so depressing to have 16 million doallars and lose 15 million? you still have 1 million dollars and 1 million dollars is 1 million dollars.

    • Karl says:

      By your own admittance, shani is both a murderer and a home wrecker.

      • jay says:

        November 29, 2011 at 2:46 am
        “Being upbeat is for those who aren’t going though obstacles. Often time being upbeats is inappropriate and disrespectful Would youact up beat if your mom died”.
        November 29, 2011 at 1:24 pm
        I also want to say that it makes no sense to compare each other’s burdens.

        Jay: Should I say anything more?
        I dont want to argue anymore on the case. This is a discussion forum not a debating forum. Karl, just a question, what age are you?

        November 29, 2011 at 3:12 pm
        By your own admittance, shani is both a murderer and a home wrecker.

        Jay: Please do not put words in my mouth. I am like the many who have suffered misfortune during this phase. But I have nowhere used such words for Lord Saturn. We are here because of Jyotish and to find common remedies and support. Not to curse anyone. What is the point of being on this forum if you are just here to badmouth a particular deity? That is defeating the entire purpose of this blog.

      • Karl says:

        Blog is about Simha Rashi. I am 39. So why dou you think shani killed you father and your marriage?

      • jay says:

        this is in reference to your reply to my post just below.

        just what are you upto? do you want the entire simha rasians to badmouth lord saturn? for your interventions and similar people who abuse deities (scroll up), i would invite the attention of the moderator or the administrator of the site. it is ruining the environment of this blog.

        i do not want to reply to you and engage with you as i apprehend you just have an agenda of cursing deities and wailing over your fate. i have nothing to gain from an interaction with you, karl, so a request not to interact with me. it will be a great favour.

      • jay says:

        and please do NOT get personal. you have been personal before and i checked you then – now you are mocking my personal grief by using such crude words as ‘kill’ — it is the most abject human behavior can sink to. if you are a sadist type who revels in others misfortune and grief and comforts himself, i have nothing more to say. like i requested above, please dont bother to interact with me.

  97. Sathish says:

    I think its necessary for each and everyone of us to accept the fact that things will never be the same for most of us ever again and be content with the things that we got. Brooding over the past is certainly not going to help neither is cursing the Lord. For ppl other than Hindus and even including some hindus i think its high time we refrain from cursing the holy deity. May be we committed so much bad karma unknowingly as many may suggest hencforth the effect is such intense. I think we shud jus share how things are turning out everyday for us and may be talk about their spritutal experiences. I guess we all Simha rasians must take time to reflect after this Shani transit and then pursue our goals cuz im sure God will test us but not abandon us.
    Good luck.

  98. Neethi says:

    ….Just had a query…My nakshatra is Hubba in my janma kundali….I havent come across anyone in this site with Hubba nakshatra……Does purva phalguni also mean hubba?….

    Rest on the personal front,I dont see much of an improvement……I came across so many people on this forum,who have experienced the worst…..Yet life moves on….Daily morning I convince myself not to lose hope… cease worrying about things which are beyond the power of my will…….Life is tough,sometimes impossible to lead,but we shouldnt lose hope…..For what is life without hope?

    • Sathish says:

      Hi Neethi I suppose its Pubba(Telugu) which is also PoorvaPhalgun(i) in Sanskrit and Pooram in Tamil. FYI Pooram happens to be my star too. Good luck not sure if the previous one got posted hence sorry if it got repeated.Me 2 clinging on to that very same word.

  99. Sathish says:

    Hi Neethi its actually Pubba (Telugu) I suppose which is also PoorvaPhalguni in Sanskrit and Pooram in Tamil.Hope that was helpful. With regards to the personal front its the usual really worried last night and had to drag myself to get to sleep with thougoshts that one wouldnt want to imagine. Guess the Lord will only leave us on 21st with effects of the departure being felt slowly, thats the only cliff im clinging on too. Pooram is my star too and lets cling together for HOPE. Good Luck.

  100. Karl says:

    I am also born under Poorva Phalguni nakshatra. I would like to know what is the significance of this please.

  101. d says:

    As far as my knowledge goes Pubba is one of the worst affected nakshatra during sade sati.I am 31 and this my second sade sati.1996-2002 and 2005-2012.You all can imagine what my life has been like.

    • Tandav says:

      your (and every other simha’s) previous sade sati would have been 7/1975 – 10/1982. If you are 31, this current period is your first FULL sade sati. I take it you were born in 1980, which is at the end of a sade sati period (Sani in Virgo at that time). Which begs the question: how were the first two years of your life?

      Your next ss would be 7/2034 – 1/2041. Thankfully, that’s a long way into the future 😉

      During 1995 – 2002, Sani transited through Meena (pisces), Mesha (Aries) and Vrishaba (Taurus). Mesha natives experienced Sade sati in that period.

      If you had a tough time during 1996 – 2002, that was not a result of sade sati per se.

      Best wishes,


      • d says:


        I was born in 1980.The first two years after my birth were very good for my parents,but after that they have faced a lot of troubles coz of me.The experiences of 1995-2002 were very much similar to the last 7.5 years.I remember my dad saying that it was something to do with shani.I have been constantly defeated by my enemies.I am honest and hardworking,but all this goes unnoticed.The other lady who is troubling me is very cunning.She is tula rashi,swati nakshatra.She is very cheap,but people trust her.Now the sade sati has started for her,but things always seem to be in her favor.People know she is bad,but can’t harm her.

  102. d says:

    I am proud to be a Leo.Shani hates us,but am determined to go on.He hasn’t left anything.He has taken away everything.I am sure other than Leos nobody has the courage to face all this.Shani is a looser

  103. Tandav says:

    To all my brave fellow simhas who have gone through so much grief: think through this a little bit.

    None of the navagraha deities are intrinsically ‘external’ to us, causing us to experience this or that. Neither is ‘God’ or the ‘gods’ nor the ‘devas’ or the ‘asuras’. They all ‘exist’, but that ‘existence’ is neither a material existence, nor is it predicated upon reason or even the construct of some elevated intellect. They are entirely ‘intuited’ (and that too only if one is primed and prepared for such intuition) and such a perception, by definition, requires the direct engagement of the very best and purest of our own inner selves. If we are able to let go of the cantankerous, questioning intellect and simply intuit, we will see that all our devas and devis and mahadevas and asuras are a self-consistent, complete system of Beings, whose raison d’etre is no more than to mirror our own entire being to ourselves so that we may self-perceive and exult in this self perception (this self-reflectiveness through sacred mirroring is the secret of our ‘temple worship’, but that’s another story…)

    Our entire astrology is likewise a tool to reflect our initial (birth) and transitory (current) state of being to ourselves at any given point in time, without hiding anything, with each of the nava-grahas representing a collection of our own attributes; the ‘sum’ of which is our entire being. This includes everything from our core ‘soul’ to our ‘detached, observer’ being, right through our ‘rationalizing intellect’ and to our fleshy material reality. Given this basis, the navagrahas, including Shri Saneeswar, are, collectively, nothing but Our(entire)selves.

    It is imperative that we not forget this fundamental basis of our astrology, cosmology and in fact, our profound (sanatan) dharma, Without this, Lord Sani or Lord Guru, or any other Lord, in and of themselves, have no meaning. No, this profound basis does not remove the material and body/mind experience of grief or destruction or loss; that remains a harsh material experience as long as one intellectually interacts with a world one perceives as ‘material’. It can, if approached intuitively, however, act as a mirror that one can peer into and see oneself as one really is, from time to time, with the navagrahas providing clues as to our current self-status and landscape. Thus intuited, Lord Sani is no longer a separate Being, responsible for one’s miserable situation. He simply mirrors a collection of one’s own attributes and his transit reflects changes in those very same attributes that manifest into our reality as this setback or that calamity (or even that ‘auspicious result’ at times). He ‘Causes’ Nothing. He is oneself; it is one’s own doing, even if one does not recognize it. More practically, the question ‘why did this and that happen to me who was so good and dutiful and honest?’, is not answered by blaming Lord Sani, the mirror, but by looking deeply into and meditating upon what is being mirrored by Lord Sani.

    But enough of this, it’s getting too serious and heavy 😉 …..

    Reading what many of my fellow simhas have poured out into this blog, it is clear that the intuition is there and that for many, wisdom is beginning to fill the void caused by those great setbacks of many years. That is reason enough to celebrate!. May this new wisdom transform my fellow simhas back into their joyous original selves!


    • Mukesh says:

      Hi Tandav.

      I am not sure neither of us can understand what u trying to say, post some usefull blogs not like this I guess!!

    • MS says:

      Dear Tandav,

      Can u pls explain in simple english.

      • Tandav says:

        Sorry friends! I happen to write my own personal diary of sorts on my computer and in a philosophical mood wrote some heavy stuff and then did a cut-and-paste. Forgot that I can’t delete or edit once I post here! Didn’t mean to make you all suffer through this! 🙂 Just ignore, if it doesn’t make sense.

        All I wanted to say was that Sani is our own karma and therefore within us, not outside and someone to blame.


    • Karl says:

      Dear Tandav, You told me that you loved since age 5. You promised me a house in Waialae Iki, a brand new Grayish Silver Toyota Celica and $4000 to $5000 in cash. What’s up…you didn’t deliver any of those things. You also told me I was healed. Why is it that I still hear you in an audible voice? You liar! You don’t love me. You hate me, you jerk! You are an all time loser. Good luck to the next sucker who believes everything you say. If and when you come to Hawaii, I’ll see you in court, better yet, Kaiser Emergency Room (best place to play a game). I know I’ll grant you brake failure and mental illness. You will be transported by ambulance (New York Style). Don’t any car move out of the way. But, don’t kill him. Give him shooting pain. He loves it. He brags that he can do anything to others. So if he really loves me, and he is the male, take the pain. Will I hear a scream or a smile? Do you have wooden teeth like Abraham Lincoln? You are older than he is. I am not joking, just inquisitive. Do I sound sarcastic? I’m just fascinated at what people buy into. I spoke so highly of you and I didn’t know shit about religion. I have bad thoughts but it just comes. So, how does it stop? Do you enjoy flying your own bad thoughts? Would you like to be put on permanent disability? I never did see you heal a paralyzed vet or someone who loss a limb. I’ll give you ALS, your favorite disease. I’ll be honored to deliver high dosages of morphine that doesn’t even work at all. Isn’t that great news? What, I can hear you say, “you can’t stand me”. Now, did you do this to me and not make my medication work? Are you proud of your accomplishments or are you slacking on the job? I know you have an eternity to cause trouble. That is so dangerous. Please turn it off. Thank you. Do something right for the first time. Before, you give a disease make sure you can handle it if you are the sole person who received it. Are you macho enough? Are you really a woman? Why do you wear dresses? Do you change youth? Do you ever relax on your bed? Where is the real you? Can’t you interact with people in heaven? You killed my parents over this disease? You stupid idiot. Bring them back and lose your annointing. You made a mistake. Bring everybody from heaven back to life. I hope there is such a thing as reincarnation. I love New Age churches. I just like to go to church and get a reading. No, on second thought I just like reading my numerology. I’m very fascinated by numerology and the meaning of a person’s name. When you are ready, come to Earth and give a speech. Maybe, my phone will be ringing with callers apologizing for not believing. Pharmaceutical companies just love you! What is the cure for Cancer and AIDS? Do you want Cancer with mental illness? I’ll give you at least one mental and one physical illness. When is the world going to end? Don’t you think it will be boring when the world ends? I bet there is diseases in heaven. How do you stop fights in heaven or disagreements? Please reply by E-mail and not by personally visiting me.

      Amen. Awomen. Asso.


  104. m-K says:

    anyone here from singapore ?

  105. jay says:

    mysterio, like earlier, i second you on that. even previously, i have said that lets move the discourse on this site from negative, despair, wailing about life and how tormented our lives have been to what WE CAN DO.
    life is finite and just discussing misfortune is a waste of time. LET US LOOK AT SOLUTIONS AND NOT PROBLEMS.

    I AM GIVING A CALL AND INVITING our simha fraternity to share with us, PRAYERS, REMEDIES THAT WORKED for them and not magnify what has gone wrong and didnt work for us in life. PLEASE CONTRIBUTE ALL OF YOU.

    best regards to my simha fraternity.
    (p.s. – my opinion and query is that i found some people talk about their stars/nakshatras, i do not think all of us simhas can get into this stuff on such a micro level. my request is that let the remedies and discussion be limited to simhas in general and not those born under a particular star etc. if one is to stretch this argument, then one should primarily see where lord saturn is posited and it would be obviously different for us all which would mean different interpretations. so lets just keep it to readings and sharing positives for simhas in general)

  106. Karl says:


    It wasn’t a fight. It was playing!

    Eventhough Sade Sati is ended on Nov. 15th it will depend on what degree saturn is in your chart as to when the bad effects stop. for some Simhas it ended a few weeks before the 15th and for other it will be a few weeks after the 15th.

    The way to know is to see how your Saturdays go since that is Shani’s day. If you noticed the last few years Saturdays (weekends in general) have been stressful. If saturdays has become more peaceful and uneventful then you know you are out of Sade Sati.

  107. Karl says:

    Listen guys,

    Remedies and mantras for Shani DO NOT work, Why? Becuase Shani is an merciless, ugly, angry old cripple who gets even more hateful when you try to sweet talk or bribe him and will make your time much worse for it. That is his nature. He isn’t like the Shukra or Surya who love hearing their mantras. Shani HATES himself so don’t remind him.

    How do you lessen the effects of Shani?

    1. Worship Hanuman. Shani is scared shitless of Hanuman because Hanuman made him suffer him.
    2. Worship Shiva. Shani is a Shiva devotee and therefore won’t torture you out of respect for Shiva.
    3. Find out what Mahadasha you are in and preform the remedies for that planet. (unless of course it is Shani Mahadasha,)


  108. lily says:

    Who is doing the countdown with me to December 21st hahaha …

    seriuosly this week i got hit with more heaviness, some things are surfacing, though saturdays ARE suspiciously uneventful almost boring, i feel as if shani is still giving me his final hits, he still wants me to become numb to the pain i guess go figure, but i feel it is the final throws of Shani, yesterday there was some unfolding events, exactly 7 years ago when my sade sati began, i fell from a very important political function, my dream job, through no fault of my own, i was collateral damage, they tried to ruin my reputation it was just sick, my brother got involved in some political shit defending a prisoner of war, he ended up in jail, i was fired by the opposing political option simply for not being in their party and told i would never be able to work in this country again, enemies appeared out of nowhere, guess what guys yesterday was election day in my country, and the political option that reduced me to a miser FAILED COMPLETLY, which was a shock, cause they are a very powerful majority cruel, discriminating party that had been in power for all these years, they expected to win, i should be feeling good but i cry, moments of happiness, moments of indifference just by thinking how much i have lost and endured, human life is difficult no doubt about it, today i woke up and i was shaking, there is nothing physically wrong with me, i am just having all these feelings and sensations going through my body like electric currents uuugh i just hate it

    last month i went to see a lecture this guy gave in my city, check him out, he reminded me of King Vikrama … very inspirational

    … and for the lonely hearts …i know its a little cheesy, but i am sure we all can relate

    i am sorry guys i have no useful mantras or upayas to contribute, but i am doing my best to uplift this way…

    OM SAT TAT Stay safe Simhas

  109. Karl says:

    What you ae experienceing is called morning anxiety or perhaps even anxiety attacks. It is because you either don’t want to face the day or that you have fear of known or unknown events happening.

    I want you to start taking Natural Calm.
    It is a magnesium suppliment. IU also want you to get a b12 and b6 shot. I had one yesterday and it feels so relaxing now.

  110. lily says:

    Really OMG ….anxiety attack crap oh no, the shaking was just for less than 10 seconds, but yeah i guess subconsciously i do have those fears thnx to Mr. Saturn – in Western astrology he is THE ONE that causes ANXIETY (VAYU) – thanks for bringing that up and thanks for caring, awesome advice Karl, im off to get the supplements right now!!!

    I hope your doing better and you didn’t get fired, remember lay low for a while still and keep your temper down and ABSOLUTLY STAY AWAY from drinking, not a good way to handle Saturn, keep doing sports like running or marshall arts, any strength, resistance even lifting exercises really help, cause i sense you have a lot of fire element 🙂

    Blessings 2 u

  111. jay says:

    thanks karl and lily for some good points there. cant get that deep into minerals and natural supplements though. waiting to hear from mysterio and tandav and other simhas for their advice, best wishes

  112. jay says:

    im not doing the countdown though. i have to learn to live in his presence because lord saturn will reappear next year and later on in life as well.

  113. Karl says:

    Thanks Lily,

    I did not get fired. It turned out to be nothing at all. Saturn grinds the mind and causes so much fear and anxiety. However, Lily, I believe that the transit was actually on Nov. 15. and according to your previous post, obstacles are beginning to clear. Note, I did not say things are getting better since that depends more on your Mahadasha/Antardasha than Saturn. Saturn doesn’t actually throw misfortune on us, he just put many obstacles in front of us and ties us down with iron chains, making it hard to get ahead. He also shines his ugly rays on us making us ugly repulsive to society. These rays also act to repel any good fortune from coming.

    Shani is an old, ugly, frustrated, wrinkled leper and he moves slow because he is a cripple. And when he when he takes over our life be in essence BECOME him.

    At any given time 1/4 of the population is under Sade Sati. However, we Simhas are hit the hardest and it is not because Saturn hates us most it is because the lion is the animal that is the most defiant and resistant. Other moons sign just lie down and allow Saturn to trample them, we don’t and that is why we suffer the most.

    There are those who when encountering an impenetrable wall punch at it with their fists till they bleed and there are those who simply kneel down and kiss it. We DO NOT kneel.

  114. Sathish says:

    Hi guys,
    I think many of you have mentioned about the prayers to Lord Hanuman and Shani mantras. I think most of you must have heard of the GAYATRI mantra which is recited by many. The Navagrahasand many other Hindu Gods also have a Gayatri mantra of their own which I hope is not a new thing to people. Being a Hindu Brahmin I suppose the Shani Gayatri which is recited 11 times every should prove helpful in reducing the effects.

    Sanishwara (Saturn) Gayatri Mantra

    Om kaakadhwajaaya vidmahae
    khadga hastaaya dheemahi
    tanno mandah prachodayaat

    Garuda Gayatri Mantra

    Om Thathpurushaya Vidhmahe
    Suvarna Pakshaya Dheemahe
    Tanno Garuda Prachodayath

    Guru gayatri
    Om vrishabadhwajaaya vidmahae kruni hastaaya dheemahi tanno guru: prachodayaat

    and others like Kethu Gayatri if you want to look up.

    Good luck and ofcourse to finish with Patience is the Need of the Hour.Hope that information was helpful to Jay and other Simhas. One thing is for certain we will be tested till the last day (which I guess most would agree) Dec 21 at 7.44 AM which is what I have witnessed at all Shani temples in Tamil Nadu in South India.


  115. Karl says:

    The difference between Sade Sati being over on Nov. 15th or December 21st is just a month but this is extremely significant and goes far beyond just Sade Sati. If the descepency between Saturn transit dates are so different then it would be just so for all the other planetary transits since they have to line up accordingly or else we can’t have a planetary pattern to make predictions. Now that would means that many people born at the same time would have different lagna and rashi depending on which system they use. Now that is a BIG deal. What if according to the Tamil system my Rashi isn’t even Simha? That could mean that I am not in Sade Sati at all or perhaps on Dec. 21. my Sade Sati starts or goes into another phase. This is unnacceptable for a astrology system that accuracy depends on exact minutes and seconds.

    anyone agree with what I am saying?

  116. Tandav says:


    I can only mention a couple of points:
    1. Rahu (desire to be instantly, by any means, at a higher level than one legitimately can be) + Shani (focus on hard work in actually earning that legitimacy) is always a jump/hold-back period. Will be tough, but can be transformative if Rahu and Shani are relatively ‘well placed’.
    2. Shani in 7th means you are Kataka lagna, Simha rasi.
    — Shani in 6th from moon (simha) is tough in general, but consequently, Moon in 8th from shani can really transform you. Over your lifetime, you will probably start out as something and end up (personally and socially/professionally) as something else entirely.
    — Shani in 7th from lagna (Kataka) means your primary area of difficulty but also transformation will be ‘partnerships’ – spouse/business, everything that requires deep contractual relationships. The 7th house being Makara in your case means issues with partnerships with highly established hierarchies and systems (Government-like).
    — Shani in makara is in his own house (Shani already loves structure, man made hierarchy, etc.) and so is very strong,

    Your need to learn to work with human hierarchies and laws and systems (Shani) to achieve your goals, but Rahu mahadasha gives an underlying theme of wanting to jump forward, in some clever manner, over the labyrinth. This is not all bad; it can be invigorating and might well give you successes in overcoming hierarchical restrictions or even helping improve some established stodgy system by showing a remarkable new way. But beware that Rahu-Shani means jump/hold-back and until the end of this Shani antardasha, this will be the case.

    Enough said. Cheers!

  117. Karl says:


    Can you dop your best to give me a reading? I’ve suffered greatly over Sade Sati. I was with the wrong woman for many years and the relatoinship finally ended in an intensly painful divorce that left me mentally and physically very sick. Now that Sade Sati is over do you think it is possible for me to finally live a life I can be happy with and meet a person that is right?

    DOB: March 28th, 1972
    Time: 12:53:20 pm
    Place: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (Latitude: 10°45’N, Longitude 106°40’E)
    UTC/GMT +7 hours

    I currently live in Los Angeles California, USA

    Thank you kindly,


    • Tandav says:

      Not sure if a reply I typed went thru. Karl, I am no professional astrologer, only someone who has done self study for some years. That;s not enough for a real reading. Someone else also inquired if I could confirm the coming period as definitely good. I really can;t. I’ll give you some generalities though, that might potentially help and will post it at a different site and give u a link; we shouldn’t take up blog space here. I;ll reply again in a few days.
      For now, as someone suggested, let’s see if there are some positive stories coming forth from people.

      Cheers, T

  118. Karl says:


    Shani is no longer in your 2nd house. He is in a good house now the 3rd. There are many other planatery combinations that cause anxiety.

  119. Neethi says:

    ….Anyone who knows astrology reading…kindly help me….My son was born on 14.02.2006 at 10.08 pm night……in manipal….udupi.district….I had already mentioned that he is develpmentally delayed…….he is extremely smart and understands things well……but lacking in speech………I just want to know abt his future………will things ever change?……..

    i would appreciate if anyone can tell abt his planetary positions….his life…….All the astrologers I approached stated thins will be fine after nov 15…..but I dont c much of hope……Kindly guide me…….what needs to be done….

  120. Mysterio says:

    hai neethi pls approach the a doctor as soon as possible or try to get a reference from the previous doctor you have seen so that he might suggest another doctor who might be an expert in solving the case. AS NOV 15, 2011 is over now the path towards recovery of your child will clear, I have also seen a similar case when my neighbour who was in bed ridden condition due to illness for 2 years recover amazingly and ofcourse he was simha rasian and had hell of suffering he lost his job, and he was jailed in dubai and also got extreme ulser and spansmodaic diseases now he has recovered amazingly and also please go to your nearest hanuman temple and donate vadamala and cheese and also give puliohara and curd rice to hanuman devotees or do some similar rituals. Worship lord shiva and also go and see the same doctor he will tell you a way out of it. I am sure your child will recover soon and the next year he will be studying in school. God bless your child!!

  121. Karl says:

    Lonely times….

  122. Karl says:

    Things have become a bit better for me since end of SS but I still feel restless and a bit hopeless about the future. Any updates guyus?

  123. Karl says:

    Not much of a life story Mysterio. Was doing ok then went to hell, climbed back out all burned up and now just trying to be ok again.

  124. m-K says:

    8 dec 2011 was a great day ! was laughin n smiling in all languages !

  125. Mysterio says:

    its a while i have not been seeing any success story in this blog. Can some one tell me a success story post NOV 15, 2011. I strongly believe some lucky SIMHA is there among us who has got SUCCESS post NOV 15, 2011. So if there is such a SIMHA friend here on blog kindly share their Success story with us please!!!!

    • MB says:


      Nice observation, and good ask too!!

      Well, if I were to share something from my side, life is more stressful (due to sense of more responsibility). But, on good side, I think I have started feeling more courageous as compared to past 7.5 years. As if, no matter what the contraints are, I am now ready and able to face them. Some answers are coming from within, which wasn’t entirely possible during sadesati. Still, I think I would like to imagine myself being more free (childlike), more risk taking and more ready to enjoy life. But, I am now aware of it, that I can come out of “bandhan” mentality slowly. This thought is also coming from within.

      Still, there are some very stressful moments, tearful times and saddening thoughts. But, when it comes to work as per my role, it just happens. It’s miraculous that things do happen, work gets done, problems get solved, although not with my own timelines and expectations. But, at the end of it, I should admit, things happen – mostly the way it should. The feeling of observer instead of victim has somehow become part of me – although, I am not too deeply religious or spiritual by nature. Just a regular person.

      I don’t know whether this is what I was supposed to (or something more) learn after sadesati. I would like to enjoy my life more – that’s for sure. Which is not at all the case right now!!!

      Mu dob – 28-2-72, 2:30, Rajkot, Gujarat, India


  126. Manikandan says:

    Hi guys,
    I just got my new job in an IT company after remaining jobless from feb 2011. During these ten months, i had to undergo a lot of mental trauma as my wife gave birth to a baby boy and i was jobless sitting at home attending interviews one after another but to no avail. I am an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva and I have chanted the Sri Rudram many times. I have never prayed to God for any desires. But God tested me to the max and i was forced to ask for a job. But there is no respite. I used to go for Girivalam at Sri Arunachaleswara temple at Thiruvannamalai. But miraculously, i got this job offer on the very day of the Maha Barani deepam at Sri Arunachaleswara temple. This is nothing but a miracle. Friends, i dont know whether Shani has moved on Nov 15th or not, but God will never betray the true devotee. God bless al the simhas over here……

  127. Karl says:

    We are all restless now that Sade Sati is over. All waiting for a good wind.

    Guys, As much as I hate to say it, I think we better wait till after Dec. 21 to really see results. I say this because that’s what the transit date is in the Shani temples and it would be really crazy if they have it wrong. Who can we trust if we can’t trust their date?

    Though we all entered Sade Sati at the same time not all of us noticed the bad effects at the same time. For example my first phase of Sade Sati was not painful at all though their was a lot annoyance, dissatisfaction and stagnancy, the period was over all acceptable. I wasn’t hit hard until the middle of the second phase of Sade Sati and when it hit it completely shattered my life and sent be to the depths of hell within days.

    Though we all share the same moon sign to different degrees, most of us will have different lagna lords and MahaDashas. That is why Sade Sati has effected us all differently. Some of us were hit most finacially while others had their reputations destroyed and others lost support from family members and friends leaving them metally defeated.

    Looking back at the last 7.5 years, I noticed what remained most consistant was the lack of satisfaction with everything I tried and everywhere I went.

  128. Leo2812 says:

    Well am another simha (Makha nakshatra). Would like to share few things with ya ppl……….Yup i too suffered a bit ….but am doing good now…….got a promotion effective November 1st…… i think things are changing.

    • Mysterio says:

      i am also makha rasi with date of birth 8 feb 1982 can u tell me about your sade sati years experience i want to see weather it matches with my experience

      • Karl says:


        I had a good look at your chart according to the birth details you put. Noticed some strange yogas. There are many good planetary yogas such as Dainya parivartana but you also have Panchanga dosha and that is why all the good yogas are not activated.

        Before you can activate them you must stop the weird planet combinations that are giving you priapism and pruritus ani.

        Remedy is buying Ganesh figure and placing it upside down and chanting retrograde Ganest mantra for 3 japas a day for the next 41 days (Om Hing Vern Pern Yamahbstrakitrosistra Gum Namaha).

        After this you will only need to worship Saturn until Jun. 2013 as he is malifically aspecting your are other houses. You must pray to his statue or yantra on Saturday evenings but make sure you only pray with you back facing his image and be sure to bow down low and do not let your heels touch you botton while woshing him. Make sure you burn a sesame seed lamp on saturday evenings too.


      • jay says:

        Karl, We’ve done a bit of sparring sometime back but Ive followed your posts and was impressed by your insight.
        i am also a simha under makha nakshatra – what is strange is that theres a couple of them here and number 8s at that (like me).
        i am emerging out of a devastation in my life, holding hope that things will be better, but the tidings are not good. my personal life is totally destroyed, but the only part, professional life, that kept me afloat, is showing signs of turbulence and is shrouded in wilderness.
        i am 26 february 1975, 1.10 am in new delhi, karl, your interpretation, help and remedies.
        also, mysterio, leo2812, other simha makhas, any help/remedies, mantras, you can share.
        requesting help in distress.

  129. MP says:

    Simha Rashi, Magha Nakshtram here. March 1979. I already posted my story here. Am posting it again. Things appear to have changed a little bit for better but I can clearly see it that I am not out of the woods yet. Issues are dragging out still on the career side, and there are lots of frustrations on the personal side as well. Then also there are these insecurities, and some scary possibilities from past actions and encounters. I don’t know how things will shape up in the future. Me and my wife have been trying for a child for some time and no success. I am still separated from family and there is no positive indication that we will be getting together in the near future. It still appears that I will have to pour in tonnes of hard work before I can expect an ounce in return. Living it day by day with fingers crossed and whatever of optimism that is still left.

  130. Narain says:

    I also had the same experience. Went thru hell; had panic attacks;had depression;had family seperation; health issues; financial loss;job loss and now slowly things are looking up. Light at the end of the tunnel is visible ( Earlier I did not event knew that I am in a tunnel). Thanking the experience which made me evolve and helped me to become better.



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  131. Mysterio says:

    Dear friend Karl!!!
    I am very much happy to read your blog. i appreciate your sincerity in adapting to hindu mythology, astroved and i also appreciate your extensive knowedge about hindu gods, rashi and its effects. I will recite the ganesha mantra and hope that all simha rasians here must try to find effective solutions so that we all will lead a happy life.
    i also appreciate the fact that all simha rasians have successfully faced the sade sati and fought it well and also have demonstrated their dare devil instincts.
    i pray to god to bless mr. karl and other simharasians. May lord hanuman, lord shiva, lord vishnu, lord ganesha, devi maha maya, lord shani, lord rahu bless all simha rasians in this blog and also in this world~!!!\

  132. Mysterio says:

    To Mr. karl and other simha rasians!!!
    I have recently contacted an american lady by WWW. She introduces herself as english astrologer and also says that she has amazing powers of predicting the effects of positive and negative energy revolving around people and also she says that she can influence the effect of positive energies and predict how to utilize it for our positive impact in our life. She predicted about my astrochart but she didnt predict correctly for me. But it may work for other simha rasians in this blog. if you want you can mail her.
    Her name is Mrs. Jenna and she has a website of her own named:
    Her mail id is
    if you want you can use this information
    Dont blame me if u find no benefit from this.
    god bless you all simhas!!!

    • Sathish says:


      i think you are a worrying yourself way too much buy looking into stuff. The one you have stated above Jenna is a pakka con who deals in swindling ppl by posting messages as she dreamed something big about you and so on and asking you to contact her to send her money so that she will get an accurate prediction. Please refrain from such ppl. I will give you one piece of advice if you are in Chennai. Look up the telephone number of the famous Astrologer Shelvi whom u must have heard of. Take only your birth chart with you and visit him, asking him no questions just keep silent when you meet him and he will tell you in detail as to whats going on with you and what parikara need to be done. Im sure you will find it very uselful and of course he charges a nominal fee of Rs 500 ( I supp thats nominal).

      Wait till Dec 21st things will be different which is what everyone hopes. Speaking from a personal prespective I think all those with Maga nak are starting to see some positive already as one of my cousin brother who is Magam too has been promoted to Team leader at his comp. I beleive one thing Shani has taught Simha Rasians is PATIENCE and hopefully each of us can expect our dreams to start coming true from the 21st.

      Hope the info was helpful. Regards

      • jay says:

        i agree with sathish here, please only post references which have worked for you, and in whom you are 100 per cent sure, else it can be misleading and compound our problems.
        sathish, does astrologer shelvi consult over phone, i am in new delhi. i can arrange the payment etc. the thing is, i have been looking for a genuine and siddh astrologer who can give good proactive advice, warm regards

  133. Sathish says:

    Hi Jay

    Im not sure about that but Im sure you can arrange for payment to be made and probably send him your chart via email or post i.e if he does accept such kind. I guess its better to contact him personally and have a talk as to the methods of communication goes. One thing is for certain though he will not ask you to do things that you cant do practically like fasting and other parikarams that are recommended by most people. It will only be like visiting a temple on a particular day or time and lighting a lamp or perform abishekam for certain gods and chant some mantras particulary to reduce the ill effects in the chart. Hope it was useful Jay.

    • jay says:

      dear sathish, many thanks for the info. i follow your posts with interest as they are insightful and topical, Om Namah Shivaya!!

  134. Karl says:


    I have found that lighting a black sesame oil lamp for Shani and mustard seed oil for Rahu to lessen the negative effects..though it cannot be proven of course.

  135. Karl says:

    I wonder how Lily is doing and hope she is safe and well.

  136. Karl says:

    Hi guys,

    I found a Jyotishi who gives free readings over the phone:

    I called him and he is very direct and will tell you what things need to be done. You can also ask him as many questions as you like.

    Good luck,


    • Narain says:

      Dear All,

      I contacted this Jenna lady . I gave birth details of me, my wife and my son. For all the three the readings were some what similar and computer generated. She requested to send some money which I did not. I do not think that she is genuine

    • Priya says:

      Hi Karl,

      I called the person on the website you posted – Dr.Gurudev. He has mentioned some big remedies . I wanted to check with you one last time how confidently I can go ahead with this. Please dont misunderstand me , I am just another Simha who has been thru hell and don’t have anyone to turn to for help.


  137. Sathish says:

    Karl I think we are not here for making confrontations as told to you earlier by another person. It is not a case of proving theories their converse but what gives a person a calm mental state of mind in times of distress. Whether you light a lamp( dosent matter what lamp to what God) or perform a type of poojas its the mind that matters. I suppose you being in a different country would have not felt the same thing what we experience when visiting an ancient temple.Eg. Temples is Kalahasti (Rahu and Kethu) Thiruvannamalai and many others give immense peace for any person and that is what one requires when he/she is given a tough ride. After all the Suryanaar temple is the only one that is dedicated to the graham or the celestial body itself. All of the other eight are ancient temples dedicated to Shiva. I hope I dont sound too much like a Saivite that I am.

    • Karl says:

      Yeah Sathis and m-K, I am not Hindu. Nor do I literally believe in any of the Hindu dieties or planet dieties. It is the energy that the idols, myths and legends represent that is of valuable knowledge to me. Each diety represents a certain energy frequency and the Vedic tales are metaphors revealing to us how those energy frequncies interract with eachother.

      Like classical music; most of Hinduism is just filler but there are some gems in there.

      I see Vedic astrology as a high science and i see the remedies also as being scientific. All we are trying to do with the remedies is using energy in the form of light, sound vibration, chemicals and aroma in order to match, enhance, replace, repel, activate and synchronize other energies.

      Everything in the universe is energy. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can be however, be guided and manipulated.

      There is no need to trust me since I haven’t asked anyone to do or give me anything. Nor do I think one has to be Hindu or Indian in order to have Simha as their Rashi. If the planets and Sade Sati only effected Hindus and Indians then that would be great and I wouldn’t have to be on this site looking for answers.

      • Sathish says:


        Im not against ppl other than Hindus making their claims but making claims strongly against the relegious beleifs of Hindus is what is to be condemned (even if it is from a Hindu). Im sure most of your blogs have dealt with only the issue of cursing the Hindu god Shani whom we consider sacred( although he causes hardships). Im sure if you did this in any other relegious site you will receive a large backlash probably and even worse if you did such a thing in a Muslim website cursing their deity Allce. So one piece of advice if you are here looking for answers its totally unnecessary to curse Hindu Mythology and Hindu deities or for that matter any relegious beliefs.Im sure most would agree to my point of view.


  138. m-K says:




  139. Sathish says:

    Hi Neethi,

    Since you are the same Nakshatra as mine how have things been getting along with you and by the way howz the health of your son are there any glimpses of light?

  140. MS says:

    Since Karl has entered into this Blog conversation, he seems have managed to change the basic reasons for the existence of this blog. None of his posts are relevant or appropriate. He needs a diagnosis and then some help- not astrological.

  141. Karl says:


    buy a small sri yantra made of silver and keep it in your wallet. Buy a meru sri yantra and put it on your roof. Also have one on your desk at work. Use Vastu to balance the energy around you.

  142. Mysterio says:

    Dear all
    Please dont curse mr. karl or some body else in this blog. mr. karl talks from his point of view and helps us the way he could!! please respect that first. AS far as mr. mj or mr. satish or mr. jay are concerned pleased dont portray youself as an ardent hindu here and try to disturb the peace in this site. i am also a hindu person and i pray to god with good and calm mind although i dont know to recite the correct mantras. Those who curse lord shani dont do it will fully. I have seen people loose their life during sade sati phase and also people become physically ill for the rest of their lives. i bet those people are not in this blog. Its only those who escaped shanis wrath by a hair line are typing shani praise messages and intimidating messages here. Actually its every ones personal sade sati experience is that which makes them to curse or praise lord shani.
    So please dont alienate any body in this blog. Lets try to keep our heads togeather and think the betterment of all the people in this blog.
    thank you,

    • Sathish says:


      I cannot believe you are in support of a person who is cursing the gods you worship. This is not called portraying ardent hindusim but respecting ones beliefs and not hurting the relegious sentiments of others. If you read other sections of the blog there have been ridiculous comments passed about Buddha and Buddism too which are totally uncalled for (please refer to Sade Sati experience). This is just blog where ppl helpo each other get through the tough phase in their lives not destroying other sentiments.Thats all not ardent Hinduism and neither we are here to destroy peace. Sorry if the blogs by me have affected your peace in any way.


    • jay says:

      Dear Mysterio,
      I have only interjected at times to steer the discourse here towards positive, action-oriented discussion rather than cursing our fates. I am not in the game of one-upmanship as insinuated by you. What could be more absurd than doing so in a forum where people have gathered to discuss ways forward?! I know your anger stems from my interjection when you posted a link of a fraud astrologer. This was a desultory step. As I have requested you before, please do not perpetuate and patronize such frauds here. Such a move only amounts to subjecting innocent and gullible Simha Rasians – who have suffered enough already – to further misery and trouble. I hope you understand. I have appreciated your posts here earlier but objected to this one because it was dangerous for the Simha Rasians.
      All the best.

  143. m-K says:


  144. Karl says:

    Sometimes i feel Indians have lost their meaning and are unworthy of their own Gods. If you read the Vedas and Puranas you will see that the Gods are not cowards and they are always waging war and fighting oppressive forces.

    The Indian men of the last 2 hundred years have become low testosterone men and submit to all internal and external obstacles.

    Only those who welcome fight, ignore pain, meet setbacks with redoubled will, and keep their eye on victory regardless of cost create the conditions for lasting victory. The timid, overthinking, and measured will compromise all chance of victory with their castrated approach, coming at all things with whining, nagging, begging, pleading, idle theory, and jolly dances of ritual panic. With them on your side, the battle is lost before it starts.

    They are unsuited for war, eager to ingratiate the enemy, prostrate themselves before tyrants, sell the village into bondage, obey corrupt priests, dwell on spectating and petty gossip, create rules and false knowledge from superstition, turn over oppositionists to occupiers, and react to every strip of chaff thrown their way. They mean well, wanting to make others happy with their helpfulness, a useful idiocy unaware of the corroding destruction they invite inside the community gates.

    Your Gods would not allow the English, Muslims, Pakistanis or Americans to have any control or occupy their lands. Your Gods would stand up destroy them in 2 seconds.

    Just look at the statues of all of your Gods please. They all are carrying weapons and all are ready to wage war against any kind of bullshit.

    By surviving Sade Sati, I have shown Shani who is the boss and I will be prepared for him when he comes again.

    • Ajit says:

      You have hit the fundamental points but pointing to a singular community seems to be biased. You probably have grown and nurtured your thoughts on the negativity,just reverse the cycle. you will blossom like anything. Donot test any body, everyone has immense power. The almighty is one and never-ever challenge him. If your critics are hurting you must look within how you have represented the point of views. Religion is the thing which we know little but experience a lot, the emotions attached to the experience replenish the belief. We have degraded in values and because of selfishness our behavior is getting deteriorated. If we beleive GOD then we should also believe KALCHAKRA. This is KALYUG, the worse things are about to happen and KARL, you and your community is also not spared from this change. Just think once more we are sailing in the same boat!!! GOD Bless You!!!

  145. m-K says:



  146. Mysterio says:

    mr. karl please dont abuse indians or any other people on this blog. I am an indian myself and i supported u only because i thought you have a wide range of good thinking about all people including indians and all races. But now i think i have done wrong thing by supporting u. please dont racially abuse any body in this blog. I want to remind every body on this blog that it is a solution oriented blog. Problems and sade sati losses must be solved here!!! To solve these problems we need tight realtionship and clear and pure thinking and mindset. That is all we need i have a common appeal to every body here on this blog is to give valuable inputs so that a total misery strucken soul here can get benefited. I shudder to think what will happen when a new commer to this blog sees such messages written by our capable simha rasian friends. So please kindly take my appeal in to your consideration and please try to get effective problems to all our simha rasians.
    Jai hanuman

    • Mysterio says:

      Excuse me!!! please replace the word problems by solutions in my last message
      thank you,
      jai hanuman,

    • Sathish says:

      Mysterio : Im glad things became clear to you my friend and the reason behind my comments.On a lighter note: ” Why this KOLAVERI kolaveri “….:)


  147. Karl says:

    Jai Hanuman.

  148. jay says:

    Jai Hanuman!

    Please all Simha Rasian folks. Lets work for staying united and staying strong and not bicker among ourselves.
    Let us also please not turn racial. I do not support Karl for his anger and outburst against deities in retaliation for problems in life and have checked him before, but I do know that Karl, though not being an Indian is genuinely probing and often understands astrology than most of the people here. The only jarring notes were when he and Mysterio suggested some online quacks. Please stop patronizing such frauds on this forum and compound our misery!
    But there is a larger import of Karl’s message and there are positive points to take home, rather than just make it an ego issue. Indeed, Indians have turned servile and a meek people with centuries of subjugation. What Karl is merely pointing out is for us to rediscover and reclaim our proud and glorious past. In that I agree with him. I am a proud Indian and Hindu and I appreciate Karl for taking interest in our culture and traditions and wish him well.
    My only advise would be that there is nothing to be gained from badmouthing deities and cursing ones fate, that is not a solution. We have to constantly struggle uplift ourselves and uplift ourselves WE WILL.

  149. MP says:

    Say what you want about this Karl guy and disagree with him as much as you want, but I as an Indian myself, strongly agree with most of what he had to say.

    We are just submissive meek people

  150. Karl says:

    I have to say it feels as though Sade Sati is not quite finished yet. It does feel better day by day but I still have some tension inside.

  151. Mysterio says:

    please mr. jay if u say that i am a promoter of online quacks then please suggest some dependeble astroguru so that all may become benefited. And also please be clear in your statements first you thrashed karl. Now today you are praising him. i dont understand you!!!
    thank you,
    jai hanuman

    • jay says:

      mr mysterio:
      1) you have accepted that the guy you recommended was an online quack. people who saw that site have also attested to the same. in crux: it is better to keep quiet than to suggest such frauds.
      2) i have consulted several astrologers, but all of them have different interpretations. i am searching for a genuine astroguru and thus a seeker still. i wont recommend people i am not sure/confident about.
      3) about karl: the world is not monochromatic. there are arguments and thoughts we may like or dislike, and people here are nothing but a bunch of thoughts. i agree with karl on several of his interjections and readings as well as his interest in traditions, and plead him not to badmouth any deity. i have also appreciated points you made earlier, but stopped you from setting a dangerous precedent. if we were to stretch your argument further, by the same token you are also guilty of the same behavior. you praised karl and later thrashed him, please scroll above.
      for all simha rasians the discussion above, i am keen about karls interest in hindu astrology and culture. he offers a perspective, a view that not many of us people sitting here in india can give. a ringside view and that is invaluable.
      in any case, people commenting here should do well to remember for several centuries, our cultures upto south-east asia were the same. rama and hanuman are popular in thailand and indonesia even till this date. thais worship ganesa at city squares. there was even a statue of the great lawgiver manu as far as philippines reserve bank. point im trying to make (contrary to mk’s rage down below) is that we have the same asian values and culture, we are sons of the orient. as the vedas say let good things come to us from all sides. accept what is good and shun the rest!

      • jay says:

        i apologize for the big omission here. the message of great buddha has spread across eastern cultures and buddhism binds us as well. and it may surprise you to know, there are equivalents of ma durga and ganesa in buddhism as well! the great guru padmasambhava or guru rinpoche who spread buddhism in places like tibet and bhutan, was a brahmin from pakistan’s swat valley!

  152. m-K says:



    PERIOD !

  153. marine says:

    guys, instead of bickering among ourselves y don’t we just write abt our xperiences post sade sati…:)

    @satish–aptly said…’why this kolaveri??’ 😀

  154. M says:

    Bhai log is it Dec 21..? yaar am so fed up and bored with this grind..everybody said it was nov 15

  155. Sathish says:

    Hi all,

    As most of you in the blog would probably know that I have been quoting the end date for Sade Sati as 21st of December (which is according to the Vakya Panchangam) and most temples in Southern India have their Sade Sati poojas scheduled. I happened to read an article from a very famous person who is well respected in the astro circles has stated that since Saturday the 17th will be the last Saturday for Simha Rasians who have been through the 7 and half year period it would be apt to light any lamp at any Shai shrine or even infront of a picture (This is for those who beleive in..) between the times: Morning 6-7 AM, Afternoon 1-2 PM or Evening between 8-9 PM. Just thought I would share this information with my fellow LION bloggers as hope the light that each of us light tomorrow shall illuminate our lives for years to come.


    • Karl says:


      Some how Dec. 17th feel right to me too butthen the 21st is just a few days after so it not too bad. Nov. 15 just didn’t bring the releive I was expecting. However thing have been getting more relaxed since.

      • jay says:

        one i dont understand this hullabullaloo over december 21? i mean we have undergone seven and a half long years of this wrecking time, so what difference would a few more days mean. for me all the damage that could be possible has been done. i am numb.

        tell me sathish, do we keep lighting these lamps even after the sade sati is over. tell me karl and sathish, once the dasha is over, where will all of us simha rasians on this site go? wont the raison d’etre of this site perish with the expiry of the sade sati?

    • M says:

      Thank you Sathish, for sharing this info.
      Much appreciated.

      I will try to find a Shani temple in my area, I am in Chandigarh.


  156. Karl says:

    Come to think of it, if Sade Sati ends on the 21st then the 17th would still be the last Saturday for us.

  157. Jalandhar says:


    I am surprised. So many people have the same maha dasa
    I am also in Rahu Mahadasa since 2000 and SANI in 7th house Libra(Aries Lagna) and Simha Rasi.

    I agree that SANI makes us work hard. But all is well in the end

  158. Sathish says:

    Hi Jay

    Your questions are quite normal considering the pain and suffering we all have gone through during the past years although Im sure many of us would have come to know of it only in the later stages of our Sade Sati period. I suppose when somewhere something wasn’t going your way we were gullible enough to think it was probably the worst thing that could happen. When things happen repeatedly with similar facets then we begin the process reasoning ( which is what supposedly lead us to this page). Upon reasoning I guess remedial measures were the need of the hour with various offerings and chants to reduce the ill effects.
    Now we all wait although with a little bit of qualm in each one of us and I suppose the big Q on everyone’s lips is ” Now is that true that the day of the transit on Dec 21st our lives are in for a crest “. Im pretty certain though in a little nook in everyone of us there is Hope and that is what is going to get us to the Path of Salvation from the 7 and half year period and quite possibly the answer to the later half of your question about the raison d’etre of the site and us once its over. We live to tell the tale , the lucky few from this blog will keep in touch and ofcourse last but not the least live to fight another 7 and half years, ofcourse this time with practical experience behind.
    With regards to lamps, the deepam primarily signifies knowledge and this is what undoubtedly governs all our activities, particularly the knowledge of Dharma and moreso Light is the first and foremost manifestation of the ONE unless you are an atheist. I hope my explanation wasnt going to philosophical and OHT.


    • jay says:

      thanks sathish, again a well informed reply. i would want to be in touch and hear more from simhas with intellect such as yourself, love and respect.

  159. Karl says:


    The difference between Sade Sati being over on Nov. 15th or December 21st is just a month but this is extremely significant and goes far beyond just Sade Sati. If the descepency between Saturn transit dates are so different then it would be just so for all the other planetary transits since they have to line up accordingly or else we can’t have a planetary pattern to make predictions. Now that would means that many people born at the same time would have different lagna and rashi depending on which system they use. Now that is a BIG deal. What if according to the Tamil system my Rashi isn’t even Simha? That could mean that I am not in Sade Sati at all or perhaps on Dec. 21. my Sade Sati starts or goes into another phase. This is unnacceptable for a astrology system that accuracy depends on exact minutes and seconds.

    • Sathish says:

      An article on the TOI Chennai edition dated 17/11/2011.
      Ringed planet to rise on Dec 21:
      A celestial event will occur on December 21 when Saturn, the ringed planet, will rise over the skies. Astronomers and astrologers alike have been waiting for the spectacle for long. “Go to the beach a little after 2am and look up to catch the celestial spectacle,” said a senior astronomer in the city. Italian physicist and the father of observational astronomy Galileo is believed to have been the first to sight Saturn in 1610 using his telescope.

      Dr P Iyamperumal, master astronomer and executive director at the Tamil Nadu Science and Technology Centre, says the planet will rise at 2.04am IST and set around 1.51pm. “It will be a constant dot of light, best seen between 3.30am and 4am with the naked eye as the planet rises above the horizon,” he told TOI.

      “As the sky brightens with sunrise, the bright dot will fade. You cannot see the rings as Saturn is about 150 crore km from the earth and also because it will be in an edge-on position due to a tilt,” he explained.
      Four years ago, he recalled, sky-gazers could make out the faint outlines of the famous Saturn rings as the tilt was not so pronounced.

      “Unlike stars, Saturn will not twinkle and will be a constant dot of light,” he said. Saturn, which has nine rings and 31 moons revolving around it, moves from the zodiac sign Virgo to Libra. “Through a telescope, it will be visible as a grey sphere,” he said.

      While astronomers will record the event clinically, people all over the country will gather at ‘Sani (Saturn) temples to offer prayers in a bid to ward off the planet’s malefic effects.

    • jay says:

      karl, so are you still testing whether youre a simha or not? from your reply it seems youre not sure youre a simha?

      • Karl says:

        Its not that I am not sure. It is about accuracy. I amd still the same person no matter what the system. But accuracy in astrology is the #1 important thing.

  160. Sathish says:

    Pertaining to the headline on the blog How is it now? : Feeling really low in confidence and life with reasons cropping what has brought such a change in me. Am I meant to be like this when the world around me is multiplying in three and four folds. Questions with No answers, still think its prob the last Saturday and one last time the Lord is pulling my leg and testing my waters. I hope Im not being too delusional in my beliefs as things will turn better ..gosh testing times…Hope I get through the day.

    • jay says:

      hi sathish,
      broadly, i feel the same. i feel i have lagged behind – this was not the case in the first phase though. – and similar feelings. lord pulled your legs, but today he hurt my leg, being in the last phase, on the feet.
      there are two useful suggestions i could share here : it is upto you to believe it or not, and i am still trying to test their veracity :
      1) last night i did some pranayama and felt immensely releived and in charge. i somehow believe that by altering our breath pattern we can deceive forces arraigned to harm us.
      2) lord saturn will try to tie us down by fixing us at one place. he is a slow moving planet and will make us toil hard. i think we should be like mercury, fast moving and a friend, we should keep making changes in our lives and not stay stagnant. for example on the job front, keep making changes. an astrologer i met yesterday, i do not believe in him completely, but he advised me the same. he said you keep changing jobs else they will make you work 23 hours and underpay you. this could be because of my horoscope but i think it was majorly because of lord saturn.

  161. MS says:

    I hope 21st dec is the real completion of Sade sati. It has devastated me. The last two years were the worst. I also do not know how the wrongs done to me (and to all of us simha rasians) will be righted. I did have a glimmer of hope on Nov 15 th itself but I am hoping against hope that all the drama and detriments in my life end soon.

  162. shangambaba says:

    Dear all fellow Sade Sathi Sufferers!

    I am also among you who has been taking worst beating all these years, despite the clear fact that I am far more ethical and straight than most of the people around me but yet, I face the humility of being branded amoral!

    I have read in some of the posts that a good number of people are suffering from severe depression, stress and axiety. I have a solution that successfully helped me to wade through severe ruffled times in my life.

    Hope this would help my fellow simha brethern.

    Tyrosine and tryptophane are two amyno acid supplements which our body (our brain, more precisely) requires to secrete the right amounts of seretonine, dopamine and other amphetamines. These secretions are responsible for making anybody feel happy and composed. However, for various reasons, the levels of these secretions drop in our system resulting in the feeling of anxiety, stress and depression.

    Milk and egg are the natural sources of these amyno acids but yet again, it seems when we are going through sade sathi and other difficult times, our brain centres dry up and so we require to replenish them with supplements. REMEMBER THEY ARE NOT DRUGS AND ARE ONLY FOOD SUPPLEMENTS AND SO ARE ABSOLUTELY SAFE TO TAKE, WITHOUT GIVING ANY SIDE EFFECTS.

    I studied extensively on these amyno acids and researched on their availability in indian medical market. I am sharing the information what I accrued.

    Tyrosine (500mg i think) is available in a tablet marketed by the name “thyrowel” by Abbot laboratories and costs about 5-6 rupees per tablet. The other ingredients in the tablet are just vitamins and micro nutrients and so it is absolutely safe to use.

    One can use upto 3000mg of Tyrosine a day with no side effects. Even there are no withdrawal symptoms and any such problems.

    If you are suffering from axiety, stress etc., and feel the wordly is against you, its time you administer yourself two tablets a day after waking up from bed. One should not take milk and milk products for the next one and half hours to enable the body absorb it fully.

    Tryptophane is comparatively more costlier and is only available in very big medical stores and costs upwards of 10rupees per tablet. If you happen to get hold on it then you can take upto 3000mg safely in a day and should take before going to bed.

    You need to take b-complex tablets to eanble better assimilation of these amyno acids by the body, along with them. You see, minor anxiety and stress is also caused by b-complex deficiency.

    take these tablets and from the very third day you start feeling very better and the situation coming under your control once again.

    I have immensely benefited from them and when ever I feel the stress levels are too much I take recourse to them and they are non-addictive and safe.

    Hope this post helps!!


    • Mysterio says:

      i second this thought i am taking eggs for the past 18 months. the total number of eggs i took during this period is 834 and i have drunk lot of milk (around 240 litres). please take enough noursihments to keep your mind and body fresh.
      thank you, JAI HANUMAN!!!

      • Karl says:

        Drink lot’s of tulsi tea. Tulsi calms the nerves.

      • jay says:

        so its come to this: chemicals, medicines,milk and eggs for lord saturn! it is amusing but mysterio has even kept count of the total number of eggs and milk hes had during this time. its interesting but i dont know what to make out of it. well if tulsi calms the nerves then we should also be doing pranayama, it calms the nerves and revives the body better than these suggestionss??
        i guess the broader point – correct me if im wrong- is how to be in better control of mind. cause perhaps lord saturn starts affecting the mind and makes us do all things we shouldnt do? what you guys are trying to make is have food and drink that helps you in better control of one’s mind? is that what we’re trying to get to, here?

  163. jay says:

    well guys, as sathish remarked earlier. most of us are tormented cause we didnt know we were running sade sati and perhaps didnt do remedies in time. i was also taken aback at how my life has been devastated in such a short span of time, looked like a script out of the movies. i later realized about a year back that i was running sade sati. but by then, the damage had been done, and it was too late for remedies.
    anyways, in continuation with what sathish, karl remarked earlier, 17th december (again number 8 and a saturday) being the last saturday before our phase runs out, i was ready for more trouble.
    looks like lord saturn did the icing on the cake. i had avoided playing football because saturn is in the third phase on the feet for the past two years, but then threw caution to the winds like i usually do – or perhaps i was inviting trouble, now being no longer bothered by it – and started playing about a month back. today, i got hurt real bad on my feet and have been limping. karl, this saturday has been bad, also because one of my childhood school friends betrayed me. so here i am, at the end of the sade sati, losing my father, separated from family, shunned by people, betrayed by my closest friends, hurt and limping. thank you god, its a wonderful life. what divine balance, or is it karma?
    now dear people on the site, could you tell me when the next sade sati falls for us simhas? i should be better prepared with all useful suggestions and hope to fight back the ill-tide when it appears the next time around.

    • Sathish says:

      Hi Jay
      Sad to know abt the injury and wish you a speedy recovery and ofcourse my condolences in relation to your father. Im sure something positive will come up in your family too in due course. Well atleast the so called end is near we shall keep everything crossed. The next sade sati is 30 years from now so hopefully the balance is shifted. Anyway drop me a line at Good to know we could keep in contact other than the just the blog, it would be my pleasure.


      • Karl says:

        30 years is wrong. The next Sade Sati starts 22 years after the last one ended. The whole cycle of Shani through the 12 houses but as for Sade Sait, we only have 22 years between the hells.

      • sateesh kumar says:

        Hi Sathish,

        Sateesh here, can i drop a mail to your email id provided here.
        Would like to know how will be days now onwards. The days after sade dati period are even worst. Even though guru is in 9th, my employer gave me gard time so i was under stress, fustration, may depressed since feb-2012. got two job offers but didn’t work in the last moment. i lost job in May but gave 15 days notice then i found another in a week. After i joined current job, lot of pressure, no job satisfaction, betrayed, in one shot not happy days. Immigration issues, family went back to India as things are uncertain.
        Not sure whether to stay in USA or go back to INDIA do some business. But because of all these days(since 2005) my experiences, peoples opinion really lost confidence and in confusion about what next.

        Any advice, what is your experince.

  164. Karl says:

    Next Sade sati is:

    March 29. 2025 – May 30. 2032.

    As I have said earlier, Remedies for Saturn do not work. He is an ugly, old cripple who gets extra mad when he hears people chanting his name and trying to suck up to him. It doesn’t matter now though.

    Next Sade Sati we are to worship Shiva and Hanuman.

    Also, Matras do not actually fix but just prevent. Depending on your Dasha and transits you will be attracting certain energy frequencies, some good some bad. Reciting a mantra to the planet or diety that is giving you the trouble is basically just creating a certain vibration within yourself that makes you invisible to the malific energy.

    When good or bad energy hits you they don’t manifest themselves in your physical life right away. It takes day, weeks or months to see the outcome. And it is the same with mantras. During the time period that you are chanting the mantras no bad energy will effect you since you will be invisible to it, however bad energy that hit you prior to chanting will still manifest.

    • Sathish says:

      Saturn takes around 30 years to complete one revolution of the zodiac. It stays in each sign for around 2.5 years. So 12 signs is 30 years which is what I meant. The mistake was for quoting “from now”.
      Its 30 years from the date of begining of the Sade Sati and 22 and half years from the end.
      The Sadesati is a period of 7.5 years judging by your last prediction it seems a little less than the presumed number as its for 7 years and 2 months. It’s rather difficult to make a correct prediction of date and time of the next sade sati as one can only estimate the span.Im sure there will be another speculation as to when the start date and finish date would be which would be according to various panchangs.
      Worship Saturn or Shiva or Rahu or Ketu as I said earlier only one of the Navagrahas the Suryanaar temple is the only one that is dedicated to the graham or the celestial body itself. All of the other eight are ancient temples dedicated to Shiva. Shani is short for Shanieshwara where the Eshawara was bestowed to him by Shiva and FYI Eshwara(Eshwar in Hindi) is the another name for Shiva.Eshwar also denotes the almighty one. Everyone gets a dose of bad things as a result of sade sati the extent of the troubles is however determined by the Karma that each and everyone of us have done. Which in my case I think it must have been quite substantial.

  165. Sathish says:

    Hi may be you guys should have a look at this site. Its really intersting.Im sure most of you must have stumbled upon it while using the trusted G engine.
    and the free jadhakam/ Kundali on the right amost is quite interesting specifically pertaining to each one. Pardon me if it was not your cup of tea.

  166. Karl says:

    Just came back from the temple. I lit a flame for the guy and wished him never to come back.

  167. Narain says:


    Next sade sathi will be after 22.5 years. ie 2034. Let me explain. Saturn takes 2.5 years to transit one house. Now it is in Tula, is 3rd house. Sade sathi is when saturn moves in 12th, 1st & 2nd house. Hence it will take 9 more houses to reach our 12th ouse again. So 9 times 2.5 is 22.5. Hence add 22.5 to 2012. it is 2034.

    On a separate note, sade sathi affects different aspects during each time. The first sade sathi is normally mild. Second one is severe and 3rd one depends on your past deeds. Hence be good, do good & feel good is the remedy for sade sathi next year.

    Any one above 23 years may be having his sade sathi for second time. I hope most of the bloggers are above 23 and they are having 2nd sade sathi and hence very painful experience.

    I recomend a book by Robert Swabhawa, ‘greatness of saturn’ to all my friends



    backup, pandora, limewires 2.5

  168. anurag says:

    hi everybody
    one of the biggest change i feel after 15 Nov is at the professional level. earlier i was so much frustrated for not doing any significant work as my idiot boss was doing all the work and taking credit from the management.and i was sitting like a fool but studying like a hell .but now that boss is new boss is a friend of mine and i am doing great work .All the hard work i which i had done during sade-sati is now paying me.i am a GSM telecom professional.but i do feel i have lost a lot on the professional front in the last 7.5 years. more over i have purav phalguni nashtra.i read some where that they are suffering for the last 11 year. i too believe this fact. despite all my intelligence i am still at the junior level. i did get project manager level offer,but it did not materialize .though i am extremely optimistic(being a lion)but yes i feel i am way behind my friends who stand no where in comparison to me . but i think they were more lucky than me . but i still feel sade-sati has made me a better human being,in the sense i used to be very innocent and easy going person.i am still the same at core but more mature , cautious now . i do not trust every body now.i feel life is great. if i had not gone through this phase i would not have become the person i am today.heavy price though,but worth the experience i have learnt. it will help me all through life. i feel only lions have this beauty that they suffer like hell,but still rise. i feel little relaxed now.

  169. Mysterio says:

    Its hard to conclude that every one is benefiting from saturn 3rd house transit. I find still some of our friends are loosing their loved ones even after sade sati
    i think the sade sate is not 7 and half shani it might be 70 and half shani.
    oh why this shani is dancing on only on leo, why he is hestitant to leave our rashi???
    i wish to tell to mr. shani your contract period is expired!! please leave our house!!!
    jai hanuman

  170. Karl says:

    Mysterio just wait till Dec. 21. After that none of us here have the right to blame Saturn anymore. Maybe we can start blaiming Mars instead.

    Jai Hanuman

    • m-K says:


      • Mysterio says:

        do any body know that shani will come back to our rashi for a short period next year???
        can u pls explain this will it cause any adverse effects yet again!!!
        kindly enlighten me!!
        jai hanuman

  171. m-K says:


    the period is from 08.02.2012 – 04.08.2012

    • M says:

      some more info, looks like after going retrograde it takes some time for Shani to reach back our virgo

      found this online:
      “Shani becomes vakra (retrograde) on 8th February, 2012 and enters Virgo on 17th May 2012. Sani finally reenters Libra and leaves virgo on 4th August 2012”

  172. shangambaba says:

    I have read in some of the posts that a good number of people are suffering from severe depression, stress and axiety. I have a solution that successfully helped me to wade through severe ruffled times in my life.

    Hope this would help my fellow simha brethern.

    Tyrosine and tryptophane are two amyno acid supplements which our body (our brain, more precisely) requires to secrete the right amounts of seretonine, dopamine and other amphetamines. These secretions are responsible for making anybody feel happy and composed. However, for various reasons, the levels of these secretions drop in our system resulting in the feeling of anxiety, stress and depression.

    Milk and egg are the natural sources of these amyno acids but yet again, it seems when we are going through sade sathi and other difficult times, our brain centres dry up and so we require to replenish them with supplements. REMEMBER THEY ARE NOT DRUGS AND ARE ONLY FOOD SUPPLEMENTS AND SO ARE ABSOLUTELY SAFE TO TAKE, WITHOUT GIVING ANY SIDE EFFECTS.

    I studied extensively on these amyno acids and researched on their availability in indian medical market. I am sharing the information what I accrued.

    Tyrosine (500mg i think) is available in a tablet marketed by the name “thyrowel” by Abbot laboratories and costs about 5-6 rupees per tablet. The other ingredients in the tablet are just vitamins and micro nutrients and so it is absolutely safe to use.

    One can use upto 3000mg of Tyrosine a day with no side effects. Even there are no withdrawal symptoms and any such problems.

    If you are suffering from axiety, stress etc., and feel the wordly is against you, its time you administer yourself two tablets a day after waking up from bed. One should not take milk and milk products for the next one and half hours to enable the body absorb it fully.

    Tryptophane is comparatively more costlier and is only available in very big medical stores and costs upwards of 10rupees per tablet. If you happen to get hold on it then you can take upto 3000mg safely in a day and should take before going to bed.

    You need to take b-complex tablets to eanble better assimilation of these amyno acids by the body, along with them. You see, minor anxiety and stress is also caused by b-complex deficiency.

    take these tablets and from the very third day you start feeling very better and the situation coming under your control once again.

    I have immensely benefited from them and when ever I feel the stress levels are too much I take recourse to them and they are non-addictive and safe.

  173. Mysterio says:

    mr. shangam baba pls dont cut and copy messages and paste again and again we have got your message. already this blog is full of depression and sade sati maddening dont make this more maddening
    jai hanuman

    • shangambaba says:

      Mr. Mysterio,

      Precisely that is the reason why I deliberately repeated my message… this board is already full with depressed people, I didn’t want this beneficial message lost in the din. Secondly I posted it infact threedays ago but it didn’t appear, for whatever the reason and so I thought I better repeat it.

      Take heed to good advise, instead of clamoring that the things are not moving right!


      • Mysterio says:

        oh thanks for the advice mr. baba u look like a rude guy and want to nail your advices on our head dont do that. having the name baba does not mean automatically that you are a guru for all the simhas here. Please try to be polite and respect your brethren here any way please dont try to intimidate people instead try to be soft and suggest effective solutions.
        jai hanuman

      • shangambaba says:


        This is the trouble with people. If you, with all your sincerity and diligence advise people with a piece that really helps, they don’t bother and when you accentuate your point of view they consider you rude…Wah re jogi…

        By the way, taking your blog name mysterio, I never considered that you are mysterious, rather take you as a dumbass with your response here, similarly my board name here as baba does not in anyway mean I am projecting myself as a guru…again you dumbass…this is just a pseudonym. IF my missive is of no use to you, just leave it let others benefit.

        (I am in a mood to fight Mysterio…! and with that jackass Karl!)

        Keep up the fight!


  174. m-K says:


  175. d says:

    Just feels as if Shani is waiting to hammer the last nail in the coffin 😦

  176. MB says:

    I called the person suggested by Karl, and yes, he’s real. Thank you for suggesting.

    The person is very fast in reading your janma-kundali, that shows his experience, knowledge, whatever you may call. Suggested me a few remedies, might as well try that, since have not experienced any significant change so far.

    Sadesati has hit all lions hard, and as per my observation/ understanding, he impacts you most on the areas where you are born with some defect, problem or say, area of improvement, or say karma bandhan. Sadly though, we never know it befroehand what is it that we are weak at or say, defect in manufacturing. That’s why I guess it’s more devastating and out of control, because, how can you gather enough positive energy to work on, where you are already weak/ having problems at? It’s double the challenge if you look at it!!!

    No shining sky yet, still dark and foggy!! Hope to see some change after 21st!

  177. M says:

    I broke my ipad 2 today morning, completely shattered, FK 😦

  178. Karl says:

    My sleep has been horrible the last few years but it seems to be getting a little better, just a bit.

    • Mukesh says:

      Hi Karl,
      Nice to hear that., I think we all can assume that final date for Sadhe Sati will be 21st Dec. n with God’s grace we will be having positive results around 10-15th Jan.I think more or less more than 60% Simhas are feeling better mentally n having less stress, anxiety and other negative feelings.
      May God bless us all and we all should get we deserve and once again can live in this society with pride and show others we are born to rule ,they way we are doing b4 start of these last 7-8 years.

  179. Mukesh says:

    Hi Baba.,

    With your arrogance and rude behavior I dont think your Sadhe Sati will be over for another 7 n half years, may be its just started.,Take a chill man,n ready to burn in hell for another good span of your life.Hahahahhaa

  180. Mysterio says:

    mr. mukesh you are right!! Look at this jerk baba he thinks he is guru of gurus but the truth is he is a goof. He is Using bad language against all our simha brethren he abuses me and mr. karl he also thinks he is a doctor and he is writing prescriptions here. This baba is a waste fellow he deserves a kick from this blog!!
    This baba is disturbing the peacefull atmosphere in this blog and he is accusing all our simhas. i dont know why he is persistent in disturbing the relationship between our simha brothers here in this blog. i am asking him why he has abused me and mr. karl in his previous blog??? What he is going to acchieve by giving abusive remarks against me and rest of the simhas??? i think he is getting happiness by abusing us!!!
    I ask all our simha brothers here to kindly advice mr. shangam baba kindly not to abuse any body including me in this blog???
    please this is an appeal to all of my simha brothers here!!
    jai hanuman

  181. Narain says:


    one thing sade sathi experience taught me is that ‘ if you are good and positive, you will get goodness and positivity’; negative emotions bring in negative experience;

    Fighting will not help any one in long term.


    red tube, pandora, limewire

  182. shangambaba says:

    Dear Mysterio, Mukesh,

    sorry…for all that…yesterday I was in an intoxicated state and was not in my right moods… sorry for hurting all of you.

    god bless all of you

    • Mysterio says:

      you shingam baba better u come in a good mood. Its even better if u dont come at all here in this blog. It would be a great favour if you dont write any thing in any blog. Blokes like you are sitting ducks who think to become shepeard of goofy groups.
      go and sleep!!!
      jai hanuman

      • sateesh kumar says:

        When someone says sorry , we should forgive.
        I follow Sai Baba words told to me by my guru. That is “Forgive yourself and forgive others “. That really gives you peace most of the times.

        Sorry if i hurt anyone. My only concern is we all are already had bad experiences(when people laugh, comment, do not agree you/your words, blame…). Lets be healing for each other and strengthen out lives.

        This message is for all of us who can take it. If somebody feels bad or … ,please forgive me.

  183. Mukesh says:

    Hi Karl.,
    Its just my opinion Karl, every major transit or Mahadasha takes 15-40 days to give its effects and if the real transit is on 21st Dec.,than I assume most of us are having a shade or two better feelings since last week or so and it will continue till 10-15th of Jan to give its real affects.

    • jay says:

      yeah and then lord saturn also looks into our rasi again from february till august, so this way the cycle goes on and on. dont think too much about it, we have to do our karma alongwith prayers and leave rest to divine will.

  184. Mukesh says:

    Hi Mystrio.,
    Just leave the Baba,s episode as for now, He had already said it was wrong on his part.Lets burry the hatchet now n think n write some thing positive.

    • Mysterio says:

      yes its true mr. mukesh leave baba lets think positively
      have you had any good things happening post november 15??
      i belong to makha nakshathra i have experienced some positive energy flowing after nov 15 my health problems seems to be solved about 90 percent but all the broken relationships with friends and relatives remain broken!!!
      although i think its good because most of my friends are opportunists!!!
      i thank god for giving me peace of mind for the past 2 months!!!
      jai hanuman

      • Mukesh says:

        Hi Mysterio.,

        Yeah ,there hv been some positive effects like wise improvement on health front, less stress and agony,and some thing motivating internally saying YES,YES,YOU CAN DO IT AGAIN.BUT NO THING MUCH PRACTICALLY.May be its too early to expect much but at least
        I think its a positive start.

  185. Karl says:

    I am still very bothered by the conflicting shani transit date. This would change the whole natal chart.

    Other than that, things have become a bit better but I still a lot of stress and anxiety about my life and my future. For the last 8 or 9 month I have been having a lot of pain from my face down my neck on the right side. Turns out it is because I have stressfull dreams and I clench and grind my teeth while sleeping. I about a mouth gard for sleeping yesterday and this morning I took it out and saw all the grind marks on it.

  186. Karl says:

    Ok, so tomorrow is the day…….

  187. Mysterio says:

    i want to collect a data here related to sade sati i request all of the simhas here on this blog to kindly respond to this. As we know the sate sati is composed of three parts of each 2 and a half year phase. i want to collect a data among our simha brothers to say in which phase you have experienced maximum pain/problems please write one, two or three to indicate the phase number.
    please only mention the number i will understand and collect the data
    please kindly co operate~~!!!
    jai hanuman

    • Mukesh says:

      Things starteted to take a ugly turn in phase 1, second one being little supportive may be only cos it was about to take each and everything in phase 3

  188. ashish kumar says:

    Generally it is said that the 2nd phase is the toughest since Lord Saturn is in the Simha Rasi. I believed in that given that the Lord of Simha is Lord Sun.

    However in my experience, the 3rd phase was the toughest especially the last 6 months. This was a bit unexpected. A noted astrologer however told me that any part of the 7.5 years could be tough based on the configuration of other planets.

    In another blog I have read that the first 1 year and the last 6 months are usually very tough.

  189. Narain says:

    1 & 2 were bad. 3 was a nightmare; especially last one year

  190. Mukesh says:

    Can u give some readings from my horoscope, can i hv your e mail id to pass on the details. my life have been a real real intersting case to study……………

  191. Narain says:

    Dear Mysterio,

    I am Magha and things are looking up after Nov 15th. Now things will start traction and culminate before May.
    For simah rasi , Sahni-Guru combination ie excellent till May .
    During last month, things looked up ; but slow. Now things will move faster


    windows messenger, pandora, limewire

    • jay says:

      lot of people here are simha with magha stars. please reply if youre magha too in the thread below, and are there any specifics for us, including ancestor worship? please advice

  192. Mysterio says:

    same here my life is also very interesting especially during the past 7 and a half years.
    ofcourse you can contact me freely
    my email id is
    you can also tell about u also u can well be my friend
    jai hanuman

  193. Karl says:

    Something has changed…

    I usually wake up feeling very anxious and depressed after a bad sleep filled with nightmares but not this morning. This morning I woke up feeling relaxed.

    • Mukesh says:

      Hi Karl.,
      Finger crossed, I strongly wish (rather every one on this blog) things should change for better and we can hv our life back

  194. anurag says:

    dear all
    today i am also feeling very good and very confident at job.i have not felt it this way for long time.

  195. anurag says:

    dear friends

    one very good web site,which i visit too often in is the best site in terms of very accurate prediction.moreover it is free .

  196. Karl says:

    Todau started off decentthen turned to shit. I think maybe I should stop believing in this jyotish stuff if things don’t get better soon.

    • lily says:

      Karl i do not think Shani gives a damn, to me the energy of Shani is this, he comes into our lives to practically destroy us, sure you can say he teaches us the error of our ways, patience, surrender bla bla bla, but ultimatly Shanis agenda is to wreack havoc in our lives, so whether you believe in jyotish is really beside the point, if you think it is evil, that is also beside the point unfortunatly, our lives are now what they are, i have only in the past few days grasped the devastation it has caused in my life and it is far worse than what i thought before, Shani is like an earthquake or a tsunami off the scales, he destroys your house, your body and then leaves you in the midst of all that crap, broken, shattered things, bones, bodies, so you can now sit in quiet thinking about what just happened …its horrible, yes you can cry, get mad, but ultimatly will have to move on and find some meaning to life.

      I want to share with all of you this, my brothers ex girlfriend when she was 18 yrs she was raped by 2 men, she did not now them, so the police did not find them, after the rape she told me that she wanted to die, kill herself, she did not want to live, i actaully did her vedic chart and what do you now, she was in her sade sati, after moving on with her life, she also has a faith in God, she goes to church, prays, she is a good human being, she’s got a good job, she is a very very smart, funny girl, sure she has relationship issues and issues with trust, but who doesn’t 🙂

      My point is i guess like in the Forrest Gump movie SHIT HAPPENS, we all go through The well known Dark night of the soul, heck even Mother Theresa practically died loosing faith in God if you read her book, but she never lost her spiritual practice and her humanity!!!

  197. lily says:

    Hey everyone,

    its 11 PM overhere in Europe, just got back from prayer, just felt the need to pray for all us Simhas,i read some of the previous post on the other part of the blog from you guys, that i missed, we truly have suffered a lot, my day started odd, the alarm on my cellphone went off at 6 o clock with a reminder that i put in Dec. 21st SADE SATI – OVER :), i reached for a glass of water from my night table and the glass fell and broke, shattered to littlest pieces, i loughed picking it up, what a way to start the day right, a few moments later at the window looking out i realized something else, at the onset of my sade sati symbolic of Saturn- Shani – Crows, right after my dad died, i noticed a few crows in my backyard, now i never saw crows in my neighborhood before or i never noticed them at all, but these crows decided to make a nest in the only tree in my garden, so they were there all the time all these 7 years, when i would go out they would fly up to me, they would fly up to my window, i would feed them, i started seeing crows at every step, even one day when i was at work in the midst of the hustle and bustle of down town city center a crow came sat right on the window ledge and crowed at me as if saying oh so here you are i found you and it just sat there, it was the funniest thing, but today i noticed that i have not seen crows in about a good month,i do not hear them, the tree is empty, i rarely see crows now, everything is oddly quiet…excuse my random ramble, please do not think i am crazy for writing this, i sometimes take animals as omens or totems, messengers you know. My energy was quite low throughout the day mostly on account i am healing from a nasty food poisoning, actually i had another cry just out of nowhere, when i thought of a certain relationship and wished it had worked out differently, but what is done is done, but later on suddenly i had a boost in energy, i do not know where it came from as if something was lifted from me for just a few moments it was very strange even my mom remarked i was different. Today i also reactivated my Facebook account, that i closed almost a year ago, because i was getting death threats and hateful messages, i don’t now i just felt safe and comfortable doing it, i will not let these bullies prevail over me. So again excuse my random rambling post, depending on where you are i wish good night to you, or alternativly a good morning and have the best day possible my Simhas!

    • Narain says:

      Hi Lily,

      Nice that we all are out of sade sathi. I might have consulted close to a dozen vedic astrologers during last one year. All in unison are of the view that last two years was bad for Simhas. Saturn affects Simhas the worst as saturn is in a bad mood while in Simha rasi. Compouded to that Guru; Jupiter was at 8th place causing all of us running out of luck

      For Simhas, from May onwards, things started looking up and from Dec it is celebration time.
      We all will regain lost glory, prestige and joy. By Feb , March things will be all right for all Simhas.

      Improtant things is that the lessons we learn during last 7 years is life long and saturun had done a major surgery on our soul removing some unwanted tumour. Healing may be painful; but once healed, negativities will never occur.

      Hope you will be back as your joysful happy self. God bless you



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    • jay says:

      It is so eerie reading lily’s post. a few weeks ago, i had thought of writing about my experience with crows but had desisted thinking that people would think im being paranoid.
      in the second phase of sade sati, i lost my father. during this same phase when my life has gone to hell, i found crows very hostile. i wondered what the reason was. some even came swooping down to attack me as i talked on the cellphone or played outdoors. i was rattled and thought this could be a clue. later i came to read online on jyotish that crows are the ambassadors of saturn. in the recent days i find that the crows are not as hostile, perhaps an indication that the worst is behind me.

  198. Karl says:

    Nice to here from you lily. In chinese superstition crows are the harbinger of death. I’ve seen grows apear many times before me when a loved one is about to die.

    • lily says:

      Hey Karl, you are correct, actually many cultures correlate crows with death as they are scavengers, but the symbolic of crows is really like The Death card in Tarot, which signifies irreversable changes, transformations and new begginings however painful it may be 🙂

  199. Mysterio says:

    i recieving unncecessary mails from this hoax jenna i dint even ask any thing to predict but unnecessary she is sending predictions to me. today she send a message saying that i will have my golden period of my life from feb – 2012 to august 2012 ha ha this idiot has no other job ha ha!!!!
    jai hanuman

    • lily says:

      Hi Mysterio,

      Jenna is a known psychic/astrologer hoaxer, its more or less an automatically generated report that she sends to everybody and you can not even unsubsribe to her, she keeps sending her email predictions whether you like it or not…i have redirected them to my Trash can annoying 🙂

      One of the mor knowledgable western vedic astrologers is Barbara Pijan, her website is awesome, she does consultations over skype, but she does charge her readings upwards 200$, so quite expensive.

      • Mysterio says:

        hai lily,
        did u see the crows all these 7 and half year of sade sati
        and does it came in 2004 in your garden!!!
        jai hanuman

      • lily says:

        Yeah Mysterio,
        all 7 yrs, my dad passed away January 2005, since then pretty much constantly, it was really ridiculous, they were flying all over the place, you could hear them crowing all the time, they created this really oppressive atmosphere, you could not go out, without at least 2 of them walking around and following you a little bit, they were quite amusing to watch. I did not even know their meaning until i had a vedic reading and the jyotisha remarked that crows are Shani creatures, she also told me to feed them Saturdays and light sesame oil lamp on Friday/Saturday evening for appeasement, because i have Shani conjunct Rahu along with Chandra in Simha and you can only imagine what “fun” that is 😉

  200. Sathish says:

    Hi Lily
    Just a piece of info regarding crows since the convo is about crows and the cultural significance of the crows in some religions.According to the ancient Hindu beliefs the Crows are the linkage between the dead and living humans.For the peace of the souls of our ancestors we perform what is called as Shraddham which is a ritual and ceremony performed. Every dark fortnight the Thithi is taken by people for their parents and forefathers who have passed away.
    All the sinful deeds committed by the ancestors are cleansed by the ritual, and all the ancestors bless thoseperforming the rituals.At the end the offerings which mainly consists of rice and black sesame seeds that are made into round shaped form called as Pind are placed for the crows. Some beleive the crows are messengers carrying the food and some carrying ancestor spirits So according to hinduism crows are offered the first before everyone else in a household or for that matter even the offerings in Temples. So quite possibly it could have also been the Crow with your Dad’s spirit(Pardon me if it meant any disrespect to your Dad ) protecting you from more ill effects happening in your life which probably explains the reason following you for a little bit.

    • lily says:

      Hey Satish,

      i actually made a reply 2 u, but it did not post, it was probably way too long :), so i am writting it again…shorter version this time :). I commend you on the broadness of your understanding and i take absolutly no offense at all made by your remark my friend, because as soon as i started reading i knew where you were going with it, you have worded it so brilliantly and it is also the conclusion to which i came to several years ago, when i also read about the connection of crows to the spirits of our deceased ancestors. This also fits nicely with the notion that in my vedic chart i have what is called Pitra Dosh (aflicted 9th bhava – fortune, dharma, father, forfathers – for me 9th bhava is Simha with Chandra, Rahu, Shani in it 😦 ) basically a Karmic Debt of my Ancestors that i must “pay” in form of praying for them and yes as you rightly mentioned almsgiving or tithe. As soon as i had my income i have given a portion, albeit small, to this cause for prayers performed for them at required dates, i try to do good deeds to the best of my ability, i volunteer, i have myself prayed for my ancestors and my dad, who died sudenly of a stroke at 47yrs. We were all devastated, because he had not been ill or anything, it just happened. In the last 7 years i regularly dreamt of my dad, so i know his soul is/was not at rest, the dream is usually about me telling him he is not physically alive anymore and him being in disbelief, last dream i had of him was last month when i asked him why are you here, you have passed away and he said to me “don’t you know, i only came for this”…and i do not know what that “this” means. So maybe he came to tell me it is over, the debt has been repayed, not sure, will see.

      Thank u for showing an interest Satish, many blessings 2 u

      • lily says:

        *oh i forgot to add that in the last dream my dad had several red strings tied around his wrist, which makes it even weirder ¯\(°_°)/¯(shrug shoulders)

      • Sathish says:

        Hi Lily

        I gives me immense pleasure to see a persons like you from different origins and countries would get so involved with various aspects of the oldest religion( let alone the astro side of things). A similar occurence had occured to me during Dec 2008 when my Dad suffered a heart attack suddenly and underwent a by-pass which litreally devastated me to the core. Luckily due to his various good deeds he was able to recover and I can tell you he is so alive and kicking. Sometime I even think he has become hyperactive now. 🙂 I think one of the major attributes apart from his good nature is because he has been performing thithi for his mother and father( who passed away when he was 3 years old and he hasnt even seen, even via a photograph) on every ocassion presented to him over the years. So the fact that you have already started giving alms and Thithi to your parent will in itself begin the cleansing process. Oh and tomorrow is a dark fortnight which as you probably know is Amavasya. Im not following the red strings side of things, however it was nice to hear your views and thanks for the good wishes Im sure they will provide me good luck. Pleasure gettting in touch with ppl like you and hopefully keep connected.


  201. jay says:

    as the current sade sati concludes, let me express my thanks to my simha brothers sathish and karl for their insights and valuable advice. wish that we all now reverse the suffering and make up for the lost time in our lives. jai hanuman! om namah shivaya!

    • lily says:

      Yes i am a fan of Admin of this blog, Karl, Satish, Mysterio and all you guys 🙂

    • Sathish says:

      Hi all,

      Firstly when I happened to stumble on this blog I happened to have second thoughts.Gradually the blogs grew on me and I can honestly tell you ppl that this is the first time I have been following a blog let alone writing one. People out here have literally been like a light in a sea of darkness although differences where creeping up( quite possibly due to strong personalities: afterall we all are Simhas). But differences aside I think everyone was praying,hoping and alluring each of us that the end is not far. Being admist all forms of temples in what can only be called as the Land of temples I wanted to do something on the very day (Dec21st). So I decided not to go to a Shani temple( which is exactly what people do on the say of Shani Transit) instead head off to a Shiva temple in a place called Thiruvannamalai in Southern India and decided to go the Girivalam ( which basically means circumambulation around the mountain which covers a distance of 14 km) and looking out for the planet Saturn in the skies as I was informed that it could be seen as a constant dot of light betwen 3.30 and 4AM. So decided to worship the Lord at the temple at around 3.30 and head on the look out for the Saturn movement. I did witness a couple of light dots that were constantly visible to me (but didnt have a clue which one of it was what as star gazing is certainly not my forte). Continuing with the circumambulation, the path has temples for different forms of Lingams. Indra, Agni,Yama,Niruthi,Varuna,Vayu,Kuberan and Esanya. It was kind of a wierd irony that at the end time of transit I was positined exactly at the Vayu Lingam (Vayu meaning the air, wind, or Pavan( purifier) at around 7.50 IST.This is the first time in years I feel the lightness in my heart and soul and I was like Wow..this is a good feeling.I sincerely hope everyone here will too be bestowed with the same purity in their hearts and given the rich credit which each of us deserve.Thanks to Jay,Karl,Lily,Myst,Neethi and even those ppl who I have not interacted with( your views and info). It surely has been one hell of a ride and I hope and pray we will be better prepared for the next installment. To people who have lost loved ones my sincere condolences. I beleive the blog will remain here for us to keep in touch and I hope people do write GOOD stuff; which would be a change to see for once.
      Oh nd lastly something to coincide with the transit of Shani just thought I had to say this
      ” ELVIS HAS LEFT THE BUILDING”….Until next time, adios ppl.

      • Karl says:


        I was wonder if you could answer a question about planetary transits since you have been going to the temples.

        On the 21st did Saturn just start to enter Libra or did it enter completely? And do you knjow if a planet can be in 2 rashi at the same time during transit or do they just go from one rashi to the next immediately?

      • Sathish says:


        I would say I’m less than a beginner when it comes to the astronomical field which is probably why its termed as astrology. Visting temples can only give a profound effect to the mind,body and soul. Transit questions are probably best known to astronomers rather than astrologers. However I happend to find your query on the G and came up with what is most probably the answer you are looking for..


      • onegoodsimha says:

        From what I know Shani has entered LIbra and can be in only one rasi. However he will retrograde into Kanya for about a month in March 2012, I think. After that he comes into Libra and stays in Libra for 2 1/2 yrs. I am no expert but this is my understanding.

  202. Karl says:

    Thanks guys,

    After living in Sade Sati for all these years I can’t believe it is over. I don’t feel different than I did last week or last month but there is a huge difference now compared to the last few years.

    3 years ago I was out of a job and laying in the hospital with a life threatening disease. My wife left me and so did my parents and most of my friends.

    I was going though intense mental issue such as anxiety and depression. I was also battling alcoholism and prescription drug dependancy. I was experiencing unending panic attacks. I found absolutely no satisfaction in anywhere I went or anything I did. It all seemed so hopeless and I was wishing that I didn’t exist.

    I live on my own now and found a decent job and bought a new car. Things are definately better and now that Sani is in a good house I hope an can recouperate further by meeting someone I love and starting a business together.

    There are lots thing I want in a relationship but the most important thing is good conversation. When I look back at all the relationships I have had i notice that 99% of it was spent in conversation

  203. Mysterio says:

    i want to give you all an info. mr. shani called me yesterday evening and he is keen on to give us a new contract for 15 years which he calls it a double shani effect and he has promised us to provide a 4.5% pain interest and a sizzling impact. if u are interested you can contact him he will be available all nights when the moon is 3/4 of its diameter and can be contacted by standing on your roof top at this time.
    jai hanuman

  204. Mysterio says:

    what do u mean by normal mr. karl do u think i have been a mad man for 20 years before sade sati. Any way the message that i shared before was a dream which i had in which mr. saturn came with the double sade sati offer for all of us jus kiddin. ha ha !!!
    jai hanuman

  205. MP says:

    its messed up. things haven’t improved a bit though there was a glimmering illusion of hope. I was pretty agnostic to this for so long and thought I will give it a try. but looks like I was taken for a ride. I don’t think its going to change for me.

  206. Karl says:


    what is your situation. Please tell us in detail. Maybe we can help.

    • MP says:

      Thanks Karl. my situation is that I have been trying for the past 14 months to secure a better position because in my current position there is no scope for career growth . I am separated from my wife, and both of us are growing older each year for a progeny. I am not able to support my parents for whom I am the only son. my family is scattered and as mentioned above my career seems to be stuck. only answer to that is to get a better job and the only news I have been hearing for the past two weeks is rejections after rejections. basically, life sucks and there seems to be no light in the tunnel. any how, thanks for lending your ear. end of rant.

      • MP says:

        and I think that this incidence is note worthy in this context. We had a khandith ganesh murthy (ganesh idol with a broken piece) and somehow this has been bothering me for quite some time because it is commonly considered that housing a damaged idol doesn’t bode well. so I decided to donate the murthy to a nearby ISKON temple, and I did. I somehow believed that this will bring be good luck. so i just enter home, check my e-mail and bam, I see this message of rejection for a position that I recently attended a personal interview for and I was very very hopeful of the same. lol..

  207. m-K says:


    • Mukesh says:

      Hi M-K.,
      No offence intended., but how u r sure?

      • m-K says:

        keep da faith homie,whether 2 believe or not its up 2 u.

        besides im not KARL !

        get bak 2 me on the 8 of feb 2012.god bless n neva giv up da fight !

        roar like lion,not meow like a pussy !

      • Karl says:

        It won’t be like that. Though we all share the same moon sign we are all born at different times under different stars and different dasha. Even if some of us have the same planets in our charts they will be in different degrees.

        The only thing for sure is that Saturn is no longer going to hinder your progress.

  208. Mysterio says:

    8 feb is my birth day ha ha
    to mr m.k i think the sade sati has made all lions in to a pussy may be you are the only lion left in your herd he he!!!

  209. Karl says:


    Do not look at your material condition or social status at this point, it is still too early, those things will take time to change and you will not notice the change untill untill weeks or months from now. Rather look at your mental and physical conditions. Do you feel less mental pressure and anxiety? If you have any ailments or physical pain are those things getting better or less problematic?

    There is not need to try to feel better or work harder right now. Thing will just get better. The choice is not yours.

  210. Karl says:


    This is the first Saturday without Sani’s foot on your head. I live in the States so mine just started. Those living in India or other places please give a report. Let’s compare today to previous Saturdays.

  211. Karl says:

    Ok guys this is how it works and it has no choice but to work like this:

    Saturn in out of your 2nd house and into your 3rd which is one of the few houses that Saturn treats well. Jupiter is in your 9th house wich is also a good position. So this means that all good things are coming and you cannot avoid or reject them. You DO NOT have the power! Just like how you were powerless to avoid the bad things that came with Sade Sati.

    We DO NOT have the power to reject what the planets give us. We cannot avoid or stop prosperity anymore than we can avoid or stop misfortune. As we all have proven.

    THISTHIS HAS TO BE HOW IT WORKS or else this who Jyotish thing is a lie.

    There is nothing you need to do now besides take inspired action. What is inspired action? It is when you see a good oppurtunity you have to go for it. Simple as that.

  212. Mysterio says:

    i met one jyothish he says my sade sati is until 2014 march
    i am simha rasi makha nakshathra
    i feel like i am on cloud 9
    jai hanuman

  213. Sathish says:

    Merry Christmas to everyone and a better future ahead for everyone of us.

  214. marine says:

    Merry Christmas fellas!!! 🙂

  215. Mukesh says:

    Its too calm n quite over here, looks like every body got rid of Sadhe Sati!!!

    • Sathish says:

      True Mukesh it seems quite calm here. Looks like things here might come to an end….hope it doesn’t. Or could be everyone is playing the waiting game..

    • Karl says:


      I am still not doing well. I am running Rahu Mahdasha and Rahu is poorly placed in my natal chart. However, I do feel better than when Sade Sati was running.

      • onegoodsimha says:

        I am hopeless but I am used to it now. I mean why should I expect any better. I spoke to a professional astrologer about my horoscope. He said Rahu is ill placed in my bhava chart and I have Rahu Mahadasha running now. He said overall Shani is not as bad as some other planets in my chart. Go figure. I also have almost all the planets placed badly though. That explains my pathetic life.

        But I am not going to expect too much out of people and out of life. I should be good going forward.

  216. Karl says:

    I still have feelings of anxiety, depression and hopelessness, however, these feeling aren’t as intense and they are easier to shake then during Sade Sati.

    • Mukesh says:

      Hi karl,
      As earlier stated nothing has changed much practically in anyone,s life (i guess so) but may be we are all exhausted and feeling helpless even after all the dates hv came n gone.,

      • Karl says:

        Well I have seen small changes and it is still early. I am just depressed and grievng about the things that have happened.

  217. Karl says:

    If any of you have Chandra in your 1st house of Simha than it means the effects Sade Sati are doubled.

  218. Sathish says:

    Where is everyone??? Or am the only one left behind…Is the blog still functioning??

  219. Karl says:

    I am here.

  220. Karl says:

    any updates guys?

  221. Karl says:


    Did the astrologer suggest any remedies?

  222. MP says:

    just writing here to provide my perspective to the blog here. nothing improved and life is the same in terms of material gains and other worldly achievements. but yea I do see an iota of optimism by means of improved mindset.

  223. Karl says:

    I am seriously doubting all of the remedies. Indians are the ones who chant the most mantras, do the most poojas and wear the most vedic stones and india is still such a poor miserable country when compared to other nations that do no remedies at all. Now why the hell is that?

    • MP says:

      lol. yea good question

    • Sathish says:

      Totally uncalled for such remark even if it was intended as a joke. However much you have been notified of passing such unnecessary comments. If you beleive in such things fine, no one is forcing you to do any such remedies. It is such a sad remark in a blog once again by none other than you which shows how racist you are although you may deny such a thing saying that you are from Vietnam and south east asian orign you are definitely are one and you defintely need help. India is land with rich cultural heritage which I think any country in the world would be envious of. Its emerging economy doesnt need any introduction unless you are an illiterate. This is the last time I intend to have any decent conversation with such disgusting people like you and you definitely need help ( not spiritual but physiological).

      • Karl says:

        What I said is not a joke. Instead of worrying about me why don’t you address the question? Nor do I see anything racist in what I said. But for your information, I am absolutely a racist. Aren’t we all? As long as you have any kind of preference for or against anyone of different race then you are racist. Are you married Sathish? Is it to an Indian woman? If so then why did you choose an indian instead of an african or white? Racist?

        And lastly, an open forum/blog is about free speech. You can say whatever you think so why can I?

  224. marine says:

    Just wanted to share a few thoughts. from 2008 onwards, I have been pushing people away, some with reason some just lyk that wdout ne reason. I had dis constant feeling that they wud nvr care abt me, dey nvr respectd me and i was becumng so cheap due to this over-socializing. However a few months back wen i started feelin’ lonely i tried to get back to dem nd in doing so i felt worse and realized that i was perhaps ryt in pushing them away. I tried gettin back to a few of dem even today, but i felt the same vibe.

    Dunno if the end of sadesati shud start showing gud results now only, but i still feel lonely as ever. I feel lyk shutting myself down in my own room and waitin for a better tomorrow.

    U may find this absolutely crap, but jus’ felt lyk sharin.

    • Sathish says:

      Hi marine
      Nice of you to share some real worthy feelings. The only thing that I have done apart from you is not getting in touch. I however keep receiving calls and I jus keep shunning them for no reason ( well I guess may be I started to acquire this feeling that Im not in their league), Now I have come to some sort of a conclusion that it was another passing cloud. One thing is for certain though I still keep a close friend of mine who understands what Im going through and Im very much greatful to him. Im sure things will pick up soon. The doom and gloom will end in 2011. Think positively we will get through this..hand in hand. Hugs..matey. Keep the faith cuz thats what will hold us in good stead.

    • Karl says:


      When you feel lonely just post something here and wait for a reply. You can also email me if you need a talk. We all went through and are going through the same shit so I am always available for any simha.

    • marine says:

      @Karl and Satish

      Thank you so much. 🙂

  225. Mysterio says:

    cyclone thane is hitting tamil nadu shores!!!
    kindly pray for our brothers and sisters living in tamil nadu!!!
    let god help them in this problem and make life of all tamilians rosy and flowerfull@@!!!
    jai hanuman

  226. Karl says:

    So that’s what they get for worshipping Shani.

  227. Karl says:

    I feel much less mental pressure and physically stronger this week.

  228. marine says:

    I still feel hesitant to live life to the fullest but atleast I’ve stopped regretting a no. of my decisions which surprisingly seem absolutely correct now. 🙂

  229. m-K says:

    for all yet 2 see changes,hang in there ya’ll !

    keep da faith !

  230. M says:

    I always find this clip really inspiring, not really sure why but it works 😀

  231. marine says:

    last saturday of the year. Tell us how it went evryone 🙂

  232. m-K says:

    we will rise ya’ll keep da faith aite, cheers !

  233. Mysterio says:

    all are saddist here when i posted about cyclone thane hitting tamil nadu no body responded with prayer and hope messages for the cyclone affected people of tamil nadu, india. All are self centred people in this blog. what a time waste blog this is??
    I am leaving this blog once and for all@!!!!!
    No humanitarian concern for affected people huh!!!! disgusting people in this blog just think about their safety, sade sati poojas etc.. but not concerned with cyclone affected people and abonded young ones and killed people due to cyclone~!!!!
    jai hanuman

    • jay says:

      as we turn into another year, i spent moments in silence thinking about the tragedy and the tough times faced by my south indian brothers. i pray for courage and fortitude for our cyclone-hit countrymen and hope they can recover soon from this disaster.
      but mysterio, i find yours an emotional reaction. you seem to condemn everyone here with great flourish, something that is uncalled for. why are you trying to assume a high moral ground?
      but perhaps your noble intentions would be better utilized were you to to start a voluntary outfit and address the needs on the ground than merely putting up posts trying to elicit people’s sympathy.
      maybe many simhas here have suffered so much and have been turned numb by constant misfortune. on the contrary, even if lines of sympathy are not written, it doesnt mean people here ignore others suffering. indeed, the very aim and interjections here are to share each others sufferings and find a way out. this is a small forum focused on simha misfortunes, that are personal in nature, so we cant expect it to dwell on matters of national and international importance.
      i, for one, tuned into the blog today. but am surprised to read these these holier-than-thou and preachy post that is nothing but distasteful. mysterio: just some food for thought, 200 people die everyday on indian roads. indian roads considered the most dangerous in the world, why dont you spare a thought for them and do something about it?

  234. Sathish says:

    Hi Mysterio ,

    Chennai had atleast had only a sighter whereas Pondicherry has felt the full force of Thane, but still there has been the fair share of disturbances in Chennai where the power lines and trees uprooted it have been a nightmare due to the gale force winds. It is sorry to see, I agree with you. Sometimes you do wonder Where is the Love?…Heart goes out to the lost souls.Thoughtful of you to post such messages. By the way howz things with you..sure there must be some sort of changes happening.

  235. Karl says:

    Talk means nothing. Giving out your heart mean nothing too. Did you give any money?

  236. jay says:

    Wish all my Simha brothers a very happy 2012! Good times are set to roll and we will make the most out of it!!
    Over the past few days since December 21, I feel better, I get a sense that things will take a good turn. I seem to be appreciated now, and quite a few old friends are contacting me again. Not that I was needy, but it feels good to be getting in the swing of things again.
    Place your heart in prayer and many strengths are born of it. We shall overcome!

    • Sathish says:

      Happy new year to you 2 Jay.
      Naye saal aaye banke ujale,
      Khul jaye aap ki kismat ka tale,
      Hamesha aap pe rahe meherban Oparwale,
      Chand tare bhi aap pe hi rosni dale.

      To the rest of the fraternity Lets welcome the year which is fresh and new,Lets cherish each moment it beholds, Lets celebrate this blissfull 2012.

      • jay says:

        thanks bro. your posts always bring a smile on my face – interjections that are always optimistic and helpful. more strength to all the simhas!! lets never be slaves of fear and roar away to glory!

  237. M says:

    hope 2012 won;t fuck up my efforts at work and won;t make me a sitting duck for my enemies, one of em is my ex girl, yea ex girlfriend at work can you beleive what i got myself into here, we broke up last feb and she been wanting to get back at me for god knows what

    besides her majesty, there is a string of loosers who just hate my ya yaz and want me to burn

    ain;t easy being a lion people..nope it ain;t

    • Karl says:


      Fuck them all. Especially the bitch. Start going straight home after work. Never hang out with them. Never let them or her have any idea what you are doing outside of work. Never let them know what you are thinking and never engage in any non-work related conversations. Start dressing up real nice every now and then and if anyone asks just tell them for no reason or even better just say nothing and smile.

      Fuck them.

  238. Wanta change says:

    Not doing so well for sani transit. I keep loosing stuff all the time. Relationship isnt working out. I have just learnt to not freak out as much but apart from that the same stuff happens over and over again. No difference really even after Dec 21st….

    • Karl says:

      That is where is starts, mental change. If Saturn was responsible for destroying your relationship then it is possible to mend it now that he is gone.

      • M says:

        I remember having read at a pretty sophisticated astro site that saturn also makes us mend things and breaks relationships that are not meant to be. I think maybe in the last 1 year of sadesati mostly.

        I wanted out of my poisonous relationship for a couple of years, but was never able to put a full stop to it, mostly because of people around us and how they would enjoy the break up etc..false ego, but it eventually happened and I am truly grateful to saturn for doing this for me.

  239. Mysterio says:

    jai hanuman,

    • MP says:

      apparently, you haven’t learned the lesson from sade sati experience.

      • Mysterio says:

        you idiotic mp goof dont be preemptive and make decisions on my behalf!!!!
        try to do some other meaning full job rather than commenting on me!!!
        jai hanuman

  240. Karl says:

    I think MP is right Mysterio. These 7.5 years should have taught you something about patience and acceptance.

    All you are doing is reac ting instead of respondonding. Sade Sati should have given you the ability to look towards the future instead of reacting to the now.

    Given any set of choices, consider where you will be afterwards: in a year, five years, twenty years. Certain attitudes block future possibilities while others expand them. Figure out your desired path and create it.

  241. MP says:

    mysterio, I thought you said you are going away and yet I see you posting here back to back.

    you whine about me judging you, yet you had started off judging every body else and all you can do is call names and nerd rage. I am sure you shortly resort to cursing and blaming. but keep in mind that crybabies like you are fit for nothing and your opinions are immaterial.

    you have not disappeared from the forums yet. but if you do, all i can say is, good riddance. get the hell out of here please.

  242. jay says:

    We all have undergone/undergoing problems. But a true measure of a man is how he holds up to the tough times. I’m disappointed with Mysterio, whose posts I used to follow with interest earlier. Never expected him to behave so juvenile and turn this forum into a slug-fest.

    On a philosophical note, I guess this blog, like life, also had to turn dialectical, the good and the bad. There are optimists and there are pessimists. Its upto us to choose which one we are to be. Lets not waste space here in this abusing each other and post something which is useful or makes for an intelligent discussion. For those who take vicarious pleasure in assaulting others, better stay away.

  243. MS says:

    Hello all,

    This website was an oasis while we all went through our saturn sade sati. The effects still remain and saturn doesnt leave us till Aug 2012 albeit it’s in another house as of now.

    Why this acrimony? Why this bickering?

    Please read the intention for this blog site on its home page as written by its creator.

    I have copied it and pasted it below….

    “This blogsite is created by a simha rasi person i.e. me, to network with other simha rasi people in theworld. My intention is to share with other fellow simha rasi on my sufferings, learnings and share some tips to survive as a simha rasi person. Equally, I want to be enlightened by others how they feel about belonging to this rasi. I am particularly interested in hearing from the moon sign simha rasi people.”

    Let’s honor this intention and talk about our times, our follies, how we have managed and grown hopefully in these trying times.

    May we all grow beyond our dreams from the lessons we learn everyday….


  244. MS says:


    I am not the creator or owner of this blog site hence I cannot edit any posts.
    I am just like you, an observer, a reader, someone who goes through all travails of life
    Feeling a sense of camaraderie that there are others whose lives have been trampled and distorted, all by reading this lovely blog site. I am not alone in this.
    I just want us to share rather than squabble, understand the trying times rather than lash out at each other. We are all unique in our own way.
    My ongoing divorce, collapse of business, foreclosures, loss of repute etc are the sordid effects
    Of the happenings around me.
    I believe that we all come from the stars and that we are all connected to each other with our karmas. I could so blame it all on everyone and every event of my life and believe me, I do that many times but off late, I have learnt to check my anger, my sense of doom and gloom to realize that nothing tarnishes and destroys me more than myself.
    I want us all simhas and non simhas to know and realize that we are all better than to be the product of our circumstances.
    We all need to thrive over here and support each other. We all can offer unique solutions to each other.


    • MP says:

      sorry to hear about your hardships in life. i didn’t mean to bring you in this – was just my misunderstanding. anyhow, I some times think that life is hard for some no matter what. makes me question the concept of god more than the doubts I have about astrology. any way, hope your situation improves.

  245. Karl says:

    Listen guys,

    Shani will come back in may for about 2.5 months. So that means you have from now till then to build up as much as you can so that there may be something left after he leaves.

    Do nothing now and you will have even less than zero.

  246. Mysterio says:

    Try to worship lord hanumana and that three or four month shani is a seperate effect and not sade sati effect. so dont worry. Please try to work hard and all our hardships will be over. As far as i think all over hardships are over the next 10 or 20 years will be great for all of us. So please dont worry and look ahead
    jai hanuman
    king mysterio

  247. Mysterio says:

    I king mysterio want to tell all the simhas in the blog to keep faith in GOD and dont worry about any more future predicitons in life. We need to worship lord hanumana and visit his temple weekly once and recit his mantras and also to walk around his temple three times and also burn camphor. Dont worry about the three month retro-sani period. Please dont invest in any properties during that period. Try to be cordial with your colleagues and also with your father and mother. Sleep early during that period and also eat healthy. After august start your new plans boldly because it will be golden period of simha life.
    Also as being the King of this blog. I am very much interested in listening to more success stories from all simha people in this blog. please kindly share here your post DEC 21, 2011 experiences and also your break through things which has happened during this period.
    Also share all the positive things in your life after Sade sati period. Also share any miracles or any good fortunes that you have received during this period. Also share positive vibrations that you have encountered after sade sati!!!
    jai hanuman
    King mysterio

  248. anurag says:

    hello all
    i feel this is a great blog ,after reading other peoples experiences i feel that saturn has one great thing that it does not let you go out of the loop,i mean it is just like playing some video game where level 1 has to cleared to go to next level. and unfortunately there are not short cut to the next level.And when i say NO shortcuts i mean absolutely no shortcut. and one problem is that you can not drop out of the game either. after having gone through this thing for the last 7.5 year i feel i can now judge fake and rascal people from the good one better now . earlier i used to be sitting duck for most of the people including my first girl friend. she was no where in comparison to me but she hurt me so many ways that at one point of time i do not even wanted to live. because of shani i could not marry her,now i thank shani for that.she did not deserved the royal treatment i gave her. saturn wanted me to shed my innocence and foolish ways. but i was not learning the lessons initially .but when i did learn, i thank the sade sati experience for that.

    But yes like other peoples i too feel that last 7.5 years have pushed me so much behind my peers in professional life that i just do not know if i ever will reach there level , in this life or not.but since i am simha rasi person , i am highly optimistic that i will for sure
    I love life more now.

  249. Mysterio says:

    Wish u a nice and prosperous month of January and let this month help you to cement a strong basement for the next wonder full years to come. As i am the undisputed king here. I wish you a nice journey ahead. As a strong disciple of lord hanumana. I sincerely pray to lord hanumana daily for all the simha people here in my blog and also request lord hanumana to give enough inner strength and courage to break all obstacles during this year and help you all to taste the fruits of successes.
    jai hanuman
    KING mysterio

  250. marine says:

    every one says that bad deeds always get punished. dunno how much dey r true.

    A classmate of mine, hu had made my life hell in schl quite a few years back is now doing grt!! came to know of it today. Not dat it matters, i had long forgiven her, but y r evil ppl neva punished. Is dis God’s justice 😦

    • d says:

      yeah!evil people are never punished.A lady whoz been making my life hell for the past 7years enjoys everybodys support and this despite the fact tht everyone knws shez a witch.Going by stars,I feel she wins coz she is tula rasi,swati nakshatra and I end up being the loser coz I am a simha 😦

  251. Karl says:

    What you wish upon other will come back to you is bull shit. If it were true then I would have died a million times already.

  252. MS says:

    When we learn and commit to drawing a longer line than others rather than erasing and shortening their line and then not even focus on what karmic justice others got, it is then the our path clears up and we surge forwards.

    When our stars will align and trust in the Almighty, they will align one day soon, all the hurdles will vanish. So, keep faith in your fate. Things will turn around.

  253. Mysterio says:

    And so the KING is here again!!!
    I went to temple yesterday and worshipped hanumana and also lit lamp for him. I felt positive energy ebbing out of my system when i silently sing a hym for him. I feel that many of the simhas here will face many positive things this month. The coming week will be a great week for all of the simhas here. May the positive energy flow through this blog. Let the minds of all the simhas be cleansed with almighty hanumana power. Let the obstacles vanish and new path and thoughts be created!!!!
    jai hanuman
    KING mysterio

  254. Karl says:

    I don’t knowwhat to say….

    I’ve spent the last frew days in bed with a severe flu. I felt like I was going to die. This morning I woke up with a swollen tongue. I think I will have to goto the hospital for this.

    Friend, I have a request for all of you please. Please pray for me that I am ok.

    Thank you,


    • MP says:

      Exactly the same situation with me, bro.and to make it worse, I have an important interview coming up this Monday and I have a super severe sore throat. I am thinking about calling up the hiring manager to reschedule the interview.

      astrology and sade sati…. go figure.

      • Karl says:

        Try to make the interview. Interviews don’t come easy these days.

      • MP says:

        I know. I am hoping to be able to recover in the next couple of days. but the sore throat is so severe that people couldn’t understand me well. any how, lets see how it goes. thanks for your response.

      • Mysterio says:

        mr mp please attend this interview!! Even if you perform average you will get this job because i heard from astro gurus here that this period of simhas is so good that even lottery tickets will win rewards for simhas!!!
        best wishes for your interview and may shri hanumana bless you!!!
        jai hanuman
        King mysterio

  255. Karl says:


    There is a good side to this though. It is known that getting sick every few years is good for you. When you get a fever it not only kills the flue virus but many other viruses, parisites and bacteria that are unknown to you. Many of these are actually in the brain and contribute to depression, anxiety and confusion. The fever, vomitting, sweating and diarhea eradicates and cleans out all those things. So in the few weeks after recovery we will feel physically stronger and mentally clearer. So this is probably good after all. Detoxing all the negative residue of sade sati.

  256. Karl says:

    Since most of us here agree that the real end of Sade Sati was Dec. 21 and not Nov.15 then we should also find out what dates the Tamil temples in Southern India have marked for Saturn retrograding back into our 2nd sign.

  257. Mysterio says:

    please dont think about sade sati and other things. Please dont worry. I am also belong to simha rasi i faced lot of problems and surgeries. We must be calm dont let emotions control you. Please pray to god with good heart. God will take care of all the problems we face. Shani will not give problems to you now. He has already tested you. And you have passed the test victoriously.
    Jai hanuman
    King mysterio

  258. Karl says:


    You are the only one here who is emotionally unstable.

    • Mysterio says:


  259. Karl says:

    you know what really gets me confused? how all the astrology site say that since guru in in 8th and shani is in 3rd we will all be having lots of finacial prosperity in days to come. now maybe if i was a entrepenuer or had my own business but i am not. i am just and averagely educated, salaried worker. i have no rich friends to offer me any opportunities or any kind of an inheritance. i am not business minded so no one would come up to me with a business idea. the only way for me to make more money would be to either win the lottery or switch jobs. and how much more money could i earn in a new job? at most 1/3 more than what i make now and i am not highly paid.

    so what the hell does this kind of horoscope have to do with me?

  260. Mysterio says:

    please dont follow astrologers words. According to my astrologer he says i must be the richest person on earth. But my position is that of a “STREET BEGGAR”. But still i am the king of this blog for many good reasons. He He he!!!!!
    Jai hanuman
    KING mysterio

  261. Karl says:


    Listen, I don’t know what you have gone through and what it has done to you but you have to stop the stupid talk and your emotional outbursts. The whole point of this blog is about following astrology and astrologers. Simha Rasi doesn’t exist outside of astrology.

    I don’t care if you want to be king of this blog or whatever but you dont contribute anything but noise.

  262. boo says:

    somebody ban this guy please.

  263. anonymous says:


  264. Sorry Leo says:

    Its about time the admin takes some notice of the happenings.

  265. shangambaba says:

    Mysterio needs urget medical and psychological attention & support. If anybody knows his details please alert his relatives and friends.

    • shangambaba says:

      This is the first time ever we don’t see his jai hanuman, I am the King signatures.

    • M says:

      mysterio made a mistake of divulging his email id on this page, someone is obviously using mysterio’s mail id to post crap

      i remember him lashing out at a certain baba, n am quiet amused at the baba showing concern like ya lil shit

  266. Karl says:


    I am reporting that I am feeling MUCH less mental stress and anxiety now. I am feeling human again after such a long time. Any update would be much appreciated.


    • Mukesh says:

      Hi Karl.,
      Good to see a positive posting., I did assumed rightly that good effects of Saturn transit will be around 10-15th Jan.,
      AND I must say that I m also having nice feelings ,positive environment, and one of the long standing issue finally came to an end yesterday.I think we will be having some more good news coming our way very soon.

      • Karl says:

        Thanks Mukesh,

        Can you tell me what is the most noticeable change? for me it is the reduction of stress. During Sade Sati I always felt restless and I felt like I had poisinous ray constantly shining on me.

    • MP says:

      seems to be slightly better for me as well. or may be I am/was just seeing it. I don’t know.

    • Mukesh says:

      Hi Karl.,
      It s more on the emotional front,less stress,less anxiety and couple of other things on family issues, hv n,t seen my Son from last two years (he was away to Canada for studies and unfortunately lost his passport that too in my Sadhe Sati period,and finally able to resolve his issue after nearly One n half years).May be he will be travelling back to India next week.

  267. Narain says:

    I also feel very relieved and less tense. Lot of good things happen to my life.

    adsence, pandora, limewire

  268. marine says:

    cried today for some silly reason. depressed 😦

    • Mukesh says:

      Hi Marine.,
      Just believe in yourself.,Think about the negative people ,negative energy around your life and try to avoid meeting will help a lot to bring back smiles in your self, I did tried the same and it helps

  269. Mysterio says:

    all copper heads and idiots are making this blog maddening a useless blog with no outputs and no use. What the hell is this. This blog contains metal heads with cow dung and pig shit fully. people like karl, jay, MS, MK, Tandav and all other goofs are making life maddening for a genune simha rasi guy. Please dont reply to these goofs. Please write some positive things here on this blog or any thing usefull for lifting mental tensions instead of creating one.
    jai hanuman
    KING mysterio

  270. Ray says:

    Things are looking great.. I feel great… look great… my thinking is positive.. God has the best in store for me…

  271. lack says:

    I dont find any difference. the problem is still worsening. i dont have any problems with my career. infact i got good reputation and recognition during the period. but family life is more disturbed. i dont find any improvement in that.

  272. Karl says:

    Since the end of SS i feel much better mentally. I used to wake up with severe depression and anxiety that would last the whole day but now those feelings are mild and fall away within 15 minutes of waking up. I also feel physically healthier. Food seems to be metabolized better and vitamins and supplements seem to be more effective. I wonder how life will change though.


    • Esquire says:


      While a bitter divorce, loss of job, wrongful character assassination, financial bankruptcy and huge debts, and finally lost my father, who was my best friend. I must say, the intensity of mental agony has reduced since December. But there still seems to be tension because of delayed realisation of money that I have already earned. So, while I am earning a decent amount of money, it is coming after quite a bit of delay, resulting in bounced EMIs and repeated calls from banks. That’s the only stress by far now. Apart from this, mentally am peaceful and positive, although, The severe hardships of the past so many years has made me emotionally tired to the core. I must confess I am sentimental about all that I have lost, especially the professional status and level and that;s the only thing I am praying to God to give me back, as that and that alone would get my morale back on track.

      I have spent the last few years completely dedicating my life priorities in every way to serving my parents. My father is no more, but I make sure I serve my mom and celebrate her old age — taking care of every little desire she might have. She is my living Goddess and I worship her! I do hope Shani Dev would at least give me enough strength, so that I can see my mom happy and peaceful in her last stretch of life!

      Faith, as they say, can never be a half truth. Either you have it or you don’t. I must congratulate the creator of this blog. It’s been a great support group for all of us and that’s surely a blessing for his noble effort!. God bless you! And God bless all regular contributors too!

      • rangavittala says:

        Hi Esquire,

        It was painful period of sade sati and also I was under influence of Rahu Maha dasha, i am facing problem more than 10 years now, I don’t have strength to bear further, still bad time running like i have lost money, job not stable my carrier spoiled & joined my friend company still struggling(he cheated me by taking money and i can’t come out of his company, because my hard earned money taken by loan is with him) i dont know what to do. to live in this world or end life

  273. m-K says:

    dear,fellow simhas

    to exactly gauge ya own horoscope, yur lagna plays a very important role.

    gd day ya’ll !

  274. marine says:

    I was introspecting a few days back and realized that ss has taught me to accept, to let things be and to live every moment as it comes. may be i hv becum too mellowed and acceptable and have apparently given up d fight but at tyms we shud really just let God play his game.

    Every one of you have survived the worst in ur lyf and just remember that nothing can be worse than this. It may be bad but not as worse.

  275. Narain says:


    In my life wonderful things are happening.

    During sade sathi, I lost a very well paying job

    I was jobless for about 6 months and mid 2011 I got a job and I was forced to take a 75% salary cut !!!.Every astrologer I consulted assured me that by Jan mid things will be better and I will get a job which is more paying than the original job you lost during sade sathi.
    Can you believe, on same day, last week I got two offers, both payimng me well and better than my lost job. Sadesathi humbles you and makes you a better person if you are receptive. Learn from this and move ahead.

    Slowly but surely, satrun in 3rd house will give you good results
    God bless all


  276. lack says:

    Hi all!

    it is good to see that all of you are getting positive signs and relaxing.

  277. iamsimha says:

    I found this interesting article, check it out simhas:


    Two eclipses – solar on 20.05.2012 and a lunar eclipse on 28.11.2012 occur in your 10th sign. These cause professional problems, false accusations and humiliations. If you are running adverse dasha / bhukti, then you should conduct a rudrabhishekha either in your house or temple.

    You can expect a great relief from financial problems though for a brief period, they return, when shani retraces into kanya [from 15.05.2012- 5.08.2012]. Do not be under the impression that a shani re-entered into a sign is less powerful. You are subjected to severe economic shortage during this time. When shani transits in tula [from 01.01.2012-14.05.2012 & from 06.08.2012 till year end], you will branch out, you will have good courage and venturesome attitude. There will be good business due to friends and also your spouse will be great help. Loans are easily available for development purposes. When shani is retrograde [from 08.02.2012-25.06.2012] the above results are withheld, nothing significant happens during this time. But when shani is combust [from 09.10.2012-11.11.2012], you will have ego centric problems, hypertension and headaches and eye sight problems. It is not that your boss is ego centric as you accuse, you should learn to somewhat more subdued and diplomatic!

    You have professional frustrations and also domestic problems throughout the year. You should not loose your temper with you family members. There will be frequent breakdown of articles and repairs or modification to the house.

    Throughout the year, God is your side. In mesha guru [till 17.05.2012] indicates luck and religious functions like daughter’s marriage, son’s settlement in job, pilgrimages, awards and recognitions. The advances students will be successful in their studies, particularly those in software and modern science. When guru transits in vrishabha [from 18.05.2012 till year end], you will get great respect in your office, you will become most sought after figures. Well, you will enjoy the go for some time but it becomes a burden later on. This increased work does not yield any financial benefits. When guru is retrograde [from 05.10.2012 till year end] above results are withheld, nothing significant happens during this time. But when guru is combust [from 29.04.2012- 28.05.2012], you can expect hypertension and loss of appetite.

    Kuja transits from your rasi to makara during this year. Most of the time, there is tension, anxiety. However, you a not subjected to severe problems like accidents, losses and serious health problems.

    While changing the house, just verify the previous history of the place. Do not be impulsive to put your deposit into that successful company which is diversifying and discount the gossip that US has approached the company for a loan! Do not invest in a secret manner but discuss with others.

  278. rangavittala says:


    I am simha rashi, pubba nakshatra, Rahu dasha kuja bhukthi running,
    my DOB 05.02.1969, born at Bangalore, 1 PM afternoon
    why iam struggling from past about 10years, now also still unkown life, my struggle end or shall i end my life

    • rangavittala says:

      Namaskar Tandav

      Kindly reply to my query as I am in deep trouble

      • Tandav says:

        Rangavittala, sorry I did not see your query until now as I have not looked at this blog in a long time.
        As you might already know, your Rahu mahadasha ends this year (roughly mid Aug. 2012). Which is good. Rahu didn’t do you much good. In your horoscope, Rahu is together with Shani (Rahu=desire, race forward, Shani = structure, hold back, lawful) and both are in the house of Guru (wisdom, expansion, grace). You unfortunately also have Shukran (your Ascendant lord) in the same house along with Rahu and Shani, and Shukran and Guru are in a way conflicted too (pleasure seeking Shukran, vs. wisdom seeking Guru).

        But now from Aug, you move into a new phase – Guru Mahadasha, with Guru bhukti also, until Sept 2014. This will be better overall. Guru in 2nd from moon (dhana, or at least, the psychological feeling of having enough dhana will be there), but there will be some transformations in your life happening too, since Guru is lord of houses that are both 8th from Lagna and 8th from moon. Go with the flow and what seems intuitively wise for you.

        Also, for you, Shani is yogakaraka graha (lord of 9th and 10th from lagna, both good houses – general good fortune, and profession, respectively.) Shani actually does good for you through structure and hard work in profession. Shani is in the 11th (2nd from 10th) and can give you wealth. If you have lost weath, it was primarily because of Rahu and Shukran (unfortunately, Shukran for you is both Ascendant lord and lord of 6th house of enemeies/debts/disease).

        Anyway, put all that behind from August. New beginnings, with Guru mahadasha. Guru is a benefic, no matter what comes. Following that, Shani antardasha will be a mixed time, but if you work hard, and keep the faith, success is yours.

  279. rangavittala says:


    MY DOB 05.02.1969, 1 Pm, Born in Bangalore, SImha rashi-pubba star

    I am facing trouble in my life from more than 10 years, currently Rahu dasha Kuja bhukthi running, is my struggle continue or will end.
    Kindly help in this regard

  280. Esquire says:

    There seems to be a distinct growth of mental peace, although the financial and professional front are just as precarious. I get a feeling that the lack of information is one of the greatest reasons that infuses tension and stress into our minds. Can someone throw some more light on the period between now and upto August 4, 2012?

  281. smiley says:

    My woes are not ending … anything done with all good intentions also turns around to bite me back. but still hoping the dark cloud will lift …………Lord when will you throw light in my life ? .. but I know I am not alone in this journey . there are many suffering like me .. or even more… I think this is not to do with sade sati but our birth timings which are playing havoc with our lives … I hav just realized how imprtant it is to be born in an auspicious time … and only God has to bless us to be born in such “TIMES” I am pryaing for all of us who are in pain.

  282. Priya says:

    I always followed ur blog. My Sade sati has been weird . I lost my father in Feb 2012. Life has been a mess. I am wondering if this is how the good days are supposed to be, how will May be?

    • Priya says:

      My date of birth is dec71982 magha rasi. Time of birth is 12.15am. Please let me know how things will be

      • Tandav says:

        Based on some assumptions (you did not provide your place of birth), things will change for you from around June 21.
        Two things happen:
        1. Mars (Kuja) moves out of Simha around June 21.
        2. Your antardasha so far has been Kuja antardasha. That changes to Rahu antardasha from mid-May. This new antardasha lasts about 18 months.
        Some explanation:
        For you Kuja is not a good graha. He is lord of 4th (home, mother, nurturing, education) and 9th (father, authorities) but is in 6th house (debt, disease, conflict) in your chart. So I expect the recent months since late last year (Kuja antardasha) must have been tough.
        Second, during the new Rahu antardasha (under Chandra mahadasha) you probably will have increased income or find new sources of income or be mentally captivated by new possibilities of income. Rahu is your 7th house (Kumbha) co-lord and is in 11th house from Moon (11th = income, marketplace, friends). BUT, be very wary of get-rich-quick schemes and partnerships and do not go after easy money. Rahu may present you with some rapid income-increase possibilities which may seem wonderful, in the 18 months starting mid May. If you accept them, think them through, put in your effort and make sure you ‘earn’ the income, whatever source it comes from, else it will not serve you well in the long term. After Rahu antardasha ends in Nov 2013, you will have Guru (Jupiter) antardasha and Guru is in kendra (4th) from moon, which is good. It will be a good period
        Best wishes.

      • Priya says:

        Thank you very much

  283. Neethi says:

    Dear Tandav..
    U explain things well…Pls help me out…Even after my sade sathi Iam not feeling better…I still feel the tense moments in my life….I was born on 13.5.1981 at 1.27AM(midnight)i.e on 12th may..midnight……………..Can u throw some light on my stars?How will things be for me this yr…….Iam struggling for my child who is also a simha raisian born on 14.2.2006 at 10.08 pm…..

    Really life has been extremely extremely tough….The amount of tears I have shed in the past 5 yrs can create a ocean……Iam fed up…Would be v v grateful to u if u help me in this regard..Neethi..

    • Tandav says:

      Neethi, you need to provide your (and child’s) place of birth also. Send me the full details to my email: t a n d a v a r y a (at) gmail dot com. I can only do a rough reading. Best wishes, T.

      • S says:

        Hi Tandav
        Sorry to be a pain as I have emailed you my details without asking prior permission to your above email ID. Im sure you wouldnt take it in the wrong sense and btwn hoping you can go through the so called inauspicious(which is what I think it is) details of mine and throw some light on me. Expecting something favourable thank you.

      • iamsimha says:

        Hi Tandav,

        many thanks for all the help you are extending in the blog, actually i am undergoing various problems professionally, I just emailed with details, please take a look and get back to me. Thanks.

  284. Neethi says:

    Hi Tandav,
    Thanks so so so much for the detailed analysis….Most of it was in the astrological language..u have mentioned that my child cummunicates only wen he wants…and believe me..hes just just that way…….I have no words to thank u…..u have given me hope…If i can change my approach child will change too…I will do my best…Thanks once again….hoping to smile soon……Neethi……….

  285. Sunny70 says:

    Hi everyone
    I have had a very difficult period during sadesathi.Now that saturn is retrograde and soon guru will be going to 10th house I am already seeing the signs .I will be losing my job for some time from july for a few months.All my plans are turning topsy turvy.
    For those interested in remedies kindly look at
    look at neernjanam, will give relief,I was advised to do it and have just started it.

  286. Sunny70 says:

    Hi everyone
    I have posted earlier today but the reply was not in the right order of time and month.
    I have also suffered during sadesathi and have had gains too.Now with guru going to 10th house and another 3 month of sadesathi coming I am already having problems.
    I have mentioned the webpage where you can see how to do neeranjanam
    Not everybody has problems during sadesathi,it depends on astakavrga,major and minor periods also.For those who think they showed Lord Saturn who the boss was,they got this opportunity as Lord Saturn was more benevolent for them because of other planetory combinations.My wife also is Simha rasi but her time has been much smoother.

  287. SRIKANTH says:

    Mine is a Simha rasi born on 28-10-1967 04.20 hrs but I am still facing lot of problem especially with regard to my HOUSE (currently staying) as all the other owners are giving trouble to me. Please suggest me some remedy for this. It is always the house which i purchase or stay will be problem.

  288. Karl says:

    Listen friends, since we are all back in Sade Sati for this short period it is best not to make any plans. It is fine to have Ideas but wait till after Shani is back in Libra to execute all plans. What is most import right now is to pay back all debt and and apologize to all the people you guilty about for anything. This is how this period needs to be used. It is also important not buy anyting uneeded.

  289. marine says:

    how are you guys?? am in a kind of doldrum at the moment. the blog seems quiet!!

  290. Mukesh says:

    HI Marine.,
    To me things are at standstill., Taking five times longer than the usual time frame for any particular work.,Delays delays delays.Just an advise Apply mustard oil on your body before you bath.To me it helped me lot atleast at physical front.

  291. marine says:

    hey guys??? wssup. me doing okay-ish. let me know if neone hs any gud news.

  292. defaultuser says:

    It is getting worse..especially my sanity.Whenever I feel today is the worst, the next day is much worse.I thought bad luck was supposed to be over for us simha rashians before May 2012,but rather it got much worse and affected every aspect of my life.I feel like I am slipping into madness, I cant take it any more

  293. manisha says:

    I am still going through bad phase. I am jobless for 3 years, and do not have experience. I am a 2009 passout with 78% first class distinction. I got placed in big mnc companies, but I was not able to last for any companies more than four months. This has happened to me with many companies. I am desperate, and lost hope in praying god. I don’t know whether I am the only person going through hard phase. Now I am not interested in anything, …

    I am born on Dec 1st

    Simha rasi, Magam nakshatra fourth padam. I am thula lagna, and my 10th house is empty. Do I get any permnanent job.

    Even doing business, I am getting order for few months, later I did not get any orders.

  294. Sathish says:

    Hello to the new larvae and the old flies like myslef lingering around here still

    Its been quite a while since I posted something on the blog although was in constant touch with the happenings around here so pardon me if this is a long one for you all. My patience and faith are and have being tested to the core since the past 7 and half(more like 70 and half). Dec21st 2011 is long gone the Guru transit of 2012 has been a passing cloud with hardly any blossom and the much low key retrograde Shani currently in progress has literally pushed me to the doldrums. I have reached a point where if Shani was asking Yama to take over for where he left off I would be more than grateful. I guess as my fellow blogger pointed out that most of us are in the 78-80’s era which probably means the prime focus of Shani had been on shaping our career and ofcourse relationships; quite a period that shapes the person for the next 40 odd years in their future. I’m begining to accept the fact that things will never get back to where they were or will there be any drastic improvements that make me go Wow could this even happen to me sort of thing. May be the realisation has come too late for even the prayers and visit to various holy shrines were too little to late (for which I have had my altercations ). Its however nice to see fellow kings of their own jungle like m-K having the patience and faith. Not only has the transit been a blessing in disguise for me but on my parents too who have to suffer upon no fault of theirs seeing me go through this phase in life. I have to be only grateful that they are still persisiting with me inspite of the the sudden outburst of anger.
    A couple of weeks ago I was literally in tears after a long time I cant even remember the last time I cried that much and I wrote a heartfelt email to a person who was very close to me and I actually received nothing as a response to it. I was actually so taken back I can’t even explain what I felt. August 4th seems to be the D day I would much rather prefer the 21/12/12. Last but not the least I would probably much rather blame myself for the mishaps caused during these years I suppose its the bad Karma and I know for a fact that I have accumulated a fair share, that has come back to haunt me at least its come back in the present lifetime itself instead of lingering and take its course of action future reincarnations.
    A couple of weeks ago I was advised about having a certain Maandi ( Son of Shani: It would be good if some one can throw some light on that subject) in my horoscope so I had to get certain rituals done in a certain holy Shrine.I guess every other thing that needs to be done has been done and my belief in astrology is at it lowest level possible. The next astro to step in should have a body armour as there could quite possibly be a dagger waiting to pierce.The effect of Shani the past years has been a one to remember and guess what I have his son too lingering with me. What more can one ask for 2 for the price of 1 sounds a bargain ehh.
    Nothing more to add on except that a little tiny miniscule portion of the brain thinks may be Aug 4th ehh (lol) after all human nature. I hope things turn out the way everyone expects.

    It good to see marine, m-K , MS and ofcourse the capital K blogging still( not that Im saddistic or anything) and a big hello to the new ones too. Adios ppl and your patience is much appreciated.

    • Sathish says:

      Sorry I missed Neethi ,Tandv, jay mukesh i my enquiry.

      • Neethi says:

        Well written Sathish…I dont mind joining u with Yama frm where Shani left us…lol..
        Dark clouds still hover in my life…Just waiting for that silver lining behind it…

        Longing to be happy,longing to smile…just wish to say adieu to all sadness in life….But still a long way 2 go…Certain things can never be the same….I really wish n pray that the Almighty understands our woes and show all of us the door to joy..n peace…Neethi

      • Sathish says:

        Hi Neethi good to hear from you and glad someone can join me in the path to hell (which is really not a big thing for our Rashis ) May your wishes and mine coupled with the the million other simhas bring the SMILE back to our face. Hopefully we can all connect and share our happiness too instead of the usual sorrows and mourns.

      • Mukesh says:

        Hi Sathish.,
        Thanks for the post and remembring me., Just stop by for a quick Hello., Will post in a day or two.
        Good to see this blog is coming back to its life.hahah May be we all join you in road to Hell while searching path to Heaven.

  295. rangavittala says:

    It is totally upset as of now, how to go about further in this state, how many years still problems? already deeply depressed

    • Subhashini says:

      Yeah rangavittala, very true. I lost everything in my life. For the past 7 years, my life was full of tension, failures. I lost 7 jobs in 7 years. I lost all friends, relatives , relationship and now there is no one to support me. My marriage didn’t happen. I lost hope in my life…. depression is killing me everyday…

  296. rangavittala says:

    It is not just sadesati or other reason, i have faced problems not 2 or 5 years it’s almost 15 years, nothing settled in life now at age 43, neither i have money or good job with me, lost money unsettled job all these years, now from past 8 years i am under peculiar problem , i dont now how to come out of it and it is more than losing hope i have no energy to carry on further!!!!

    • Sathish says:

      My sincere prayers go out to you, I hope things work out in your professional and personal front and provide us all with some respite not live a lavish or a high life but at least with our head held high. Good luck mate.

    • pnn says:

      I too have a similar story . Though there have been severe upheavals in my job front for the last 10 years, I can go back to almost 18 yrs, eversince, I am facing ignominy on the job front. No amount of hard work, sincere & dedicated efforts have yielded beneficial results. Unfortunately this is how the dice goes. But continue to be sincere, & honest & don,t have xtramarital affairs(incase u r married). I have maintained these traits in the best possible way, & have been justly rewarded in the family front.My kids are doing fairly well for themselves, so it is a big consolation for me. similarly you will also be rewarded in some major way.It need not be in the professional front as has been in my case. So chin up. Give me a buzz, if you feel like it -7259879135.

  297. Maalati says:

    Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies. I hope.

  298. marine says:

    honestly i’ve stopped looking forward to d dates of all these transits..rahu, ketu etc, etc. good or bad, we cnt help it. we cn only grit our teeth nd let it pass

  299. Agnostic person says:

    Hi all,
    I understand all your concerns as I too am in the same place and rather even after the transit of Shani from simha rashi ended, the situation instead of getting better, as become much worse for me.I am kind of unemployed now.Nothing seems to be happening now.And everyday is a new low for me in all respects of my life.I am going to temple every day, but it doesnot seem to matter.All my friends who used to be jealous of me, few years back, are doing much better both personally and professionally and are happier, whereas I am now a face of despair and depression.I have begun to wish that I wasn’t born.I feel suffocated and angry an despise everything including myself, people and God.I realise now , that 99% of the screwups that has happened till date has been my own fault and I should have changed a thing or so to make it better, but it is too late now. I heard there is some Rahu dasa going presently after the Shani, so it is affecting us in very negative way.I am tired of waiting and also trying for things to get better, and reached the conclusion it will never be better but rather become worse.But it feels a lit better to wrent my feelings here,thanks to this forum.I just hope atleast some of you people here are having better luck than me.

    • sateesh kumar says:

      Dear Friend,

      Life never remains same. After the dark, the light has to come. The more you tried the more tired. You said you give up right, then just relax until light rays hits you , get relax that makes you ready to take the energy from light once its start fludding on you, use it, get the max from it, have success, happiness and share the same with your near and dears.

      If you have kids and wife please remember that our presence itself a great support for them, and we need have that merry days to share with them.

      May god bless you and your dreams/wishes come true .

      Sweet after a bitter is more pleasure than usual.

  300. rangavittala says:

    things look going to be pretty worst, i dont know how things shape up from now onwards,is worst is over or still some more to go for simha rashi

    Learned members please enlighten

  301. MS says:


    I have been following this blog for quite some time now and I find it interesting. I am also a Simha Rasi. My DOB is 12 June, 1970 @9:46 am in Mumbai. I request you to do a reading of my horoscope and send the details to me.

    The last 7 1/2 years have been a mixed bag for me. Initially for the first 4 years or so things worked out very well for me. I grew in my career & everything was good. However, from June 2009, things started turning bad on the work front & I lost my job in Oct 2009. I tried getting a new job but was not able to get it. Therefore, I decided to go in for higher studies & did my Master in Management from a very reputed B School of Asia. I graduated in Dec 2011 with Distinction (top 5% of class).

    Post this, I started searching for job & got good response from few top companies in India. Later, I also had interviews with a few companies & all the interviews went very well. However, because of some or other reason, I did not get any job. Also, from May 2012 onwards I stopped getting interviews & till date I do not have a job. It is almost 3 years that I do not have a job & am feeling very frustrated.

    However, one good thing is that I have a very good personal life & there are no problems on that front but careerwise I have taken a real beating in the last 3 years.

    Please study the details of my birth chart etc & let me know by when things will start looking up on job front.

  302. marine says:

    down 😦

  303. shrutitini says:

    Namaskar Tandav
    Kindly reply to my query as I am in deep trouble U explain things well…Pls help me out…Even after my sade sathi is over I am not feeling better…I still feel the tense moments in my life. 2009 onwards is the worst part of my life. Sade sati is over still I am passing through a very tough time. I am passing through mars mahadash with shani antardash. I am not in talking terms with my husband since 11 mnths, though staying in same house. Me and my kinds are suffering hard due to this. Life seems to very dark. In spite of higher education couldn’t go for job due to family problems, I even lost that respect which I had. I am worried about my future. my details-DOB-25-01-1970,Time 4am,Place- rohtak, haryana. Kindly help, my husbands details 13-12-1969, haryana, time in the night(not confirmed)
    W ill I ever lead a normal life with my husband. Any thing to give some positivity.

  304. shrutitini says:

    Namaskar Tandav
    Kindly reply to my query as I am in deep trouble U explain things well…Pls help me out…Even after my sade sathi is over I am not feeling better…I still feel the tense moments in my life. 2009 onwards is the worst part of my life. Sade sati is over still I am passing through a very tough time. I am passing through mars mahadash with shani antardash. I am not in talking terms with my husband since 11 mnths, though staying in same house. Me and my kinds are suffering hard due to this. Life seems to very dark. In spite of higher education couldn’t go for job due to family problems, I even lost that respect which I had. I am worried about my future. my details-DOB-25-01-1970,Time 4am,Place- rohtak, haryana. Kindly help, my husbands details 13-12-1969, haryana, time in the night(not confirmed)
    W ill I ever lead a normal life with my husband. Any thing to give some positivity.

  305. MK says:

    I read your blog regularly. I am also simha rasi Magha star… Went through a lot of mess in life for last 9 years. I wish our time changes for good and everything comes under control.

  306. Mukesh says:

    I dont see any light,as there is a myth there is light at end of the tunnel.No body knows when this long,dark tunnel is going to end.Sadhe Sati have taken everything from us and I dont think most of us as have anything left with them whether there is Emotional,Physical or Financial strength.Every day ends with more Insults,Humiliation and Frustrations.

    • Sathish says:

      Hi Mukesh long time since youve been in the blog. Its nothing different here as well especially the last line of yours seems so true. We hope and pray thats all we can do to jus provide one window of oppurtunity and help us give a more stable mental state. Together we hope to get through…Good luck mate.

  307. Mukesh says:

    Hi Sathish.,
    Yeah., Its been long time since I posted here.

    All we can hope and pray to our Heavenly Father for all the simhas at least they have a respectable life if not a lavish one we all used to have in our prime.
    To my personal experience there have been numerous occasions since end of sadhe sati when the opportunities knocked through hard efforts but with in a blink of eye they all vanished.Its been sure like cursed with out any reason.,or reason best known to Almighty God.

    Anyone with similar experience?

    • MS says:

      Hi Mukesh,

      Yes..its same with me.

      I am without a job from Nov 2009 onwards. I even added qualifications & skills to my profile by doing Masters in Management from AIM, Manila – one of the best B Schools in Asia. I graduated from there in Dec 2011 with Distinction (top 5% of the class).

      Post Master in Management, I started exploring opportunities and between Dec 2011 to Mar 2012, around 5-6 companies showed interest in my profile and eventually I had interviews with 3. All the interviews went well but due to some of other reason, these interviews did not convert into offers. Again after lot of hard-work, I again got an interview this month. The interview went very well but did not convert into job offer.

      I do not know the reason and am getting really frustrated with these outcomes…however, hoping that things will turnaround as I am very confident that given one opportunity, I will be back with a bang.

      Lets hope for the best.

      As you can see, my experience is similar to yours.

  308. Mukesh says:

    Hi MS.,

    My best wishes are with you., May you get a decent job you deserved according to your qualifications.,

    For Me.,since Sept. 2009 was a disaster and its still continuing.Till then I was living my life King size in England with 20 employes, Three Restaurants and it all came down like a castle of cards with in One month.Cant recover since then specially got some serious health problems linked to stress.,Hope you understand what I mean.,But still living with a hope and belief :One day again I will be living the same life rather better very soon.

    • MS says:

      Hi Mukesh,

      Thanks for your wishes. May things turnaround for me at the earliest & you be back with a bang.

      For me, yes things started deteriorating from Jul 2009 onwards & finally lost the job in Oct 2009…. had showed to few leading astrologers. All of them have told that things will be bad till Jan 2011 (till end of Rahu Mahadasha). From Feb 2011 (Start of Guru Mahadasha), things will be very good.

      I experienced good phase from Feb 2011 (Course @ AIM started from Mid Jan 2011) as I excelled during the course in every module & was declared as best candidate of the batch. Post the course, things started on a positive note with many companies showing interest but slowly it all started to taper off….. i again showed to few leading astrologers and all of them are mentioning the same thing i.e. its a matter of time before things turnaround for you.

      I am just keeping my fingers crossed & waiting for stroke of luck to come my way.

  309. veneela says:


    My Rasi is also Simha rasi. and Purna nakasthra

    My dob is 16-11-1976 Time 2 PM born in INDIA , Andhra pradesh ,Warangal

    I am writing here as people who visit this site are having good knowledge in astrology. and may be i can have some solution to my problem

    My problem is i do not have children went to several hospitals and taken teatment but of no use…please/request to let me know if i have children in my fate

    Thanks in advance

  310. MS says:

    things are becoming simpler

  311. Mukesh says:

    Good Luck MS., Hope it will be turn around for all of us.,
    How many of us seeing a change?Please post here so that others can have a sigh of relief.,Any thing postive can boost our morale.
    Thanks Fellow Simhas.

  312. M says:

    Bottom line is that my life will keep getting fucked one way or the other. Benchod some or other fucking astro movement will keep fucking my shit up. Sali gandu zindagi hai meri.
    I worked my ass off for the last 2 plus months and in the quarterly company meeting..sab Kamchor kutte award le gayi..sala openly naainsaafi ho rani hai and people say god is watching..if god is watching then why is he only watching and scratching his nuts. Who the fuck made him god..we Karo sala naatak..let god perform his duties and take care of misdeeds n then we call him god..benchod too fucking much man

  313. VM says:

    Hi All,
    I am a simha rashi too. I have been continuously facing problems from 08 Oct 2012 till date.
    I left a great job for an even better one(or so I thought), but only to realize things will disturb me so much that I chucked the job in a rage(not sure if it’s for the better)!!
    I gave a series of interviews with a big MNC and was told I’ve been selected for the post, only to be informed a week ago that the position is on hold and may not materialize!!
    I’m not sure how Feb, Mar, April will turn out to be
    I am now fuming and this Guru transit is killing me!!
    I read that Jupiter goes direct on 30/31st Jan 2013…?
    Does anyone here know the effects of the same..?
    Please share your thoughts, would be of great help!!

  314. VM says:

    Hi All,
    I am a simha rashi too. I have been continuously facing problems from 08 Oct 2012 till date.
    I left a great job for an even better one(or so I thought), but only to realize things will disturb me so much that I chucked the job in a rage(not sure if it’s for the better)!!
    I gave a series of interviews with a big MNC and was told I’ve been selected for the post, only to be informed a week ago that the position is on hold and may not materialize!!
    I’m not sure how Feb, Mar, April will turn out to be
    I am now fuming and this Guru transit is killing me!!
    I read that Jupiter goes direct on 30/31st Jan 2013…?
    Does anyone here know the effects of the same..?
    Please share your thoughts, would be of great help!!

  315. sushmak says:

    Namaskaram,I am also Simha raasi person,born nov 8th 1974 female from andhra pradesh.Wanted to know how this 2013 going to be for me,I faced few challenges in 2012.What are future prospects for 2013.God Bless us all.

  316. rangavittala says:

    I am struggling as mentioned earlier, i met astrologer recently Guru is badly placed in horoscope and also enemy to simha rashi, its horrible

  317. MS says:

    Have patience for 2-3 months, good days are coming

  318. man says:

    This time phase is worse than the sadesati. Any one please tell me when this is going to an end ?

  319. Mangesh says:

    This time phase is worse than the sadesati. Any one please tell me when this is going to an end ?

  320. I visit day-to-day some web pages and information sites to read articles or
    reviews, but this weblog provides quality based articles.

  321. MS says:

    Wait till may

    • VM says:

      Looks like sade-sati was better than this guru transit..This has been the worst ever..Anyone running Chandra dasa here..?
      Please share your thoughts!

  322. M.Ramakrishnan says:

    My past life till Mar ’13 getting coincide with the forcast. Lets see my fortune ahead. Thanks for encouraging to get ride of stress.

  323. desperatelyseekingyourhelp!!!! says:

    cant cry . jammed emotions . just zapped .

  324. Mohan says:

    Hi All,

    This Blog is too good. As I am also Simharasian facing issues from past few years. All my issues started settling one by one. I hope we will get golden days soon.

    Always in my mind this question revolves, I never cheated or even never did any harm to any one. All are leading good life, enjoying with their family. Why I am struggling a lot. What is wrong with me.


  325. Anoop says:

    A roaring Leo! happiness after so long years, feels very good! 🙂

  326. Koolhead says:

    Nothing lasts forever” and this one this has kept me alive for the past 9 years. I guess the thing with simha rashi has been as if something or everything blocked in a dam. It will push through, cause walking through hell has made me (at least) realize things spiritually that would not have been possible if it would had been heaven.

    Time is ticking, just hold on, things would flow (no, flow wont work, it will erupt), ya good things will erupt and lions will roar once again. However this time, they will be gentle and passionate as life has taught them so much in so less time.

    Things has to go good, as time must change… it will change before you will know and tears will roll from eyes again, this time for goood. 🙂

  327. Pravin says:

    This is probaly the hardest period i have ever faced,so many failures and im just hoping for slight miracle to turn things around

    • Pradip says:

      Same here, friend.My mind is at worst. Every time , when it seems something good seems to happen but at the end it is complete many disappointments in so little time.I cant handle it. have become pessimistic,cynical and bitter with no hope.And I thought with end of Sadesati , things are supposed to be good..

      • rangavittala says:

        Wwhat will be effectof Guru dasha after 31st may, learned members enlighten
        or worst still to come
        God will help or not

  328. Shripad says:

    I have a very strong feeling everything will be ok after 31st may 2013. Still it is not a magical wand that on 1st Junde verything will change( it may also). The effects of the plants will show slowly and for sure. I was sufferening from Sade Sati and at the same time Rahu’s mahadasha. Business is like a black hole. I have to take loan to repay my loan. Business is slow may be due to the economy. I read Ramayan everyday and Nav grah stotra. I think this gives me strength. Rest all whatever is in destiny will happen what ever it takes. I can not change nobody can change so live with it and be happy take it as prasad from GOD. Keep doing your job and wait for the time when you get fruits for you job. Do one good job everyday so in next birth we have lot of “Punya” in our account. We can not decide the time. he has a plan.
    take the life in its stride.
    Be happy
    Jai Shree Ram

  329. marine says:

    The notification of a competitive exam I am supposed to appear ds yr came out a couple of days back. Memory of another disastrous exam i gave in 2009 nd dn agn in 2010 brought tears to my eyes. I felt so scared for a moment that I cried my heart out. If ds goes wrong I srsly dnt knw wat m I gnna do. I feel numb. the xam s scheduled in Oct, still….I feel so negative about it. And about the end-May surprise people are looking forward to…honestly I see nothing new happening.

  330. survived untill now ... says:

    ohhhh 😦 i feel like im jammed inside a pressure cooker !! am working also , should be grateful but cant shake this under pressured feeling off … and every-time i feel pathetic i come looking for this site > counting days !!! may 31st 5 .11 am IST it is …. shanidev please leave me with calm and happiness , and with lifelong learning’s taught through you! please give me the strength to ride this tide for the next 20 odd days intact …

    • VM says:

      Exactly the same feeling! I feel my head is gonna blow!! One million things eating me up, fear being cheated of a big sum by my landlord, in a new job and not sure where it’s heading, need to channelise efforts for a master’s degree, but not sure where the focus and energy will come from! Falling sick every now and then, have a million other troubles!Aarrghhh!!
      From Dec 2004 till now, my life has been hell!!! Plus I’m running chandra dasha till Dec 2014.
      God save us simha-rashians!!

      • koolhead says:

        My fall started from February 2004. Still seems like i am locked inside a room with no doors or windows. Sometimes I feel like running as fast as I can from the problems that surrounds me, sometimes I feel like breaking every problems down with my own efforts, sometimes i feel just hopeless to do anything at all and sometimes i feel like letting go of everything and start a new beginning. What i think today is not for tomorrow. The only thing that have kept me alive is an intuition that says me…to hold on, everything is done for the best, just few steps more and life will be full of colors. Hope never dies.

      • Pradip says:

        Agree with you!!!..I feel suffocated and angry..And cant understand what is the purpose of life!!!My career is stuck and going nowhere…

  331. Manish Rathod says:

    Hi My name is Manish Rathod,DOB-24/09/1973,TOB-11.17.00,POB-Mumbai,India.want to know is Guru Transit of 2013 is beneficial for me.

  332. Mangesh says:

    There isn’t any change in the situation. The life is becoming more & more worst. I cannot see any single reason which will help to make the things better. I would like to hear other Leo peoples experience ……….. God Bless !

  333. SLR says:

    In 2013, Jan and Feb were beautiful months for me. I felt like I was floating in heaven. Alas, it was all an illusion, Maya. In March, my whole life came crashing. Everything I had worked so hard for since 2 years fell apart. I didn’t get the job I dreamed of, my ambitions were shattered and the person I thought I was going to marry dumped me. April and May I realized how comforting and supportive my family is. On the day of the Guru Peyarchi I got another shot at getting the job. It is a highly competitive position and God only knows what my chances of getting it are. The results will be known next week; Anxiety is killing me! If I dont get this then i’ll be looking at months of worrying and mental stress till I get another chance next year. I only hope that the nice things they have predicted for Simha come true!

  334. Reva says:

    For me, it has been about ten yrs of health and family issues. Health has been a terrible problem. And only this year things are beginning to be clearer and hopefully, stable. Work-wise I have excellent opportunities in my hand but my health issues are taking so long to resolve that I live with the daily fear of losing my very hard-earned opportunities because of it. I don’t have a lot of money but I have always had enough for my needs. But now if in 2013 my problem is not permanently solved, I may lose a lot of money, my best chances of building an academic career and any happiness I may have in my in-laws’ place. Though my husband is extremely supportive and caring, others will not understand or like my problems. Also I will be away from home – out of India – so I need extra good fortune. And I need this yr to go as well as a lot of astrologers are predicting for Leos. I have to work hard to solve my health as well as work-related issues and I am trying to do my best. But I am often scared that my health will ruin all my other opportunities. Still 2013 has been a better year than most in the last 1 decade. So I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the best.

  335. Reva says:

    Wow, I thought I was the only one having terrible luck for more than ten yrs now – but it seems there are many people who keeping getting some trouble or the other. Well my sympathies and best wishes to all of you. This sort of thing has ruined my social life, my finances….the only great thing is that my parents, husband, and brother have always been there for me. Husband – only for last 2 yrs, but still I am fortunate in that. I hope all of you have at least one or two persons you can depend on in your bad times. And that 2013 would be a turning point for the better for all of us. 🙂 Cheers.

  336. marine says:

    Is Shani entering again from 22nd October. Is it harmful this time???

  337. BH says:

    How long before I see light at the end of this dark tunnel??!!

  338. nihant says:

    Karl, go back to your Chritian Gods!!

  339. Arun says:

    I am a Simha moon (Rashi) person. I too have been ‘waiting’, so to speak, for a sign to indicate 3rd hourse (Tula//Libra) Shani is awesome — per the “Astrological” world.

    It appears, one of the 3rd house signification — “communication” seems to have worked out. I am not an outspoken person all along. However, I am able to publish a poetry book — almost, out of blue. It all started in March and I have compiled and published it by July. I guess, this is the awesome gift that Saturn has given me — confidence to speak up.

    I am sure, many other Simha Rashi friends must be finding their gifts from Shani in the same manner — Some in subtler manner and some in more pronounced manner.

  340. rashu says:

    hey guys howz life now.. did anybody experience any change.. are Things getting better
    Even after 30 May, My life sucks.. Its almost the end of the year, yet i have the same sufferings and pain..
    Feeling to quit this LIFE

  341. Madhav says:

    Hello Fello Simhas,
    Wondering how things have been going for other since June this year?
    Apparently things should be going very great (“best time in the decade” according to some astrologers). Things have not been as great as mentioned by astrologers. Having gone through Sade Saati, now I am kind of learning to live to failures and adapt quite easily to them and move on in another direction. I’ve been on the look for a new job since May this year and things have not materialized yet. If things go in the right direction, something else causes it to fall through. For eg. One company interviewed me and was willing to hire, they were waiting for a project to come through and were confident that they will get it since they had inside news. Come to find out, the project was awarded to the competitor of the company I interviewed with. This was quite interesting. A few other similar scenarios have happened. So wanted to check and see how things were going for other? Hope you guys are atleast in better shape and better situations.

  342. NB says:

    Lost everything this year… I can say I lost myself. All my efforts since 5-6 years are flushed off. I feel like dead meat. Discouraged. Feel like taking up sanyaas! Worst phase of life so far. No more strength to face world.

    When will this bad time end?

    I am simha rasi makha 1 padam.

  343. Shripad says:

    Nothing is working, it seems all the planets are in China. Will someone take them out of China?

  344. aasish says:

    I recently had to undergo Piles surgery, all my office colleagues have gone against me … I was about to get another job in the same company but I had to step away bcaus of the surgery;; well, just what the hell is happening to Simha rasi?? Is there some kind of curse placed on the rasi? Do we have to perform some special prayers/ homams/ poojas?? I feel we need to share out contact numbers on this site. When people with similar problems are connected, Im sure there will be solution somewhere . .

  345. MR says:

    Hi All,
    I lost my job (Mar 2013) after a company accquired the organisation I was working in. I have been looking out for a job since then, but till today I am jobless. I keep applying for appropriate jobs, but no luck till today. In the process, I am losing hopes. I belong to simha rashi & pubba nakshatra. Can any body suggest remedies?

  346. Shripad says:

    I came to know this is Golden period!!! OMG if ths is Golden period, then what will happen when it is not golden?

  347. Sridhar says:

    Howz it going guys, I can say it’s going from bad to worse

  348. parineeta says:

    hi simh rasi folks
    all the websites i saw are mentioned Excellent Period simha rasifrom may 31. and i am still waiting for the ‘excellent’ to happen. from may till now time is not very bad also, not very good also.basically im not able to making out any chages – before how it was,like that only now also.
    in health ,some new problems,not any major, but still – i dint not expect in excellent period any problem will come.

    didnt buy the house, didnt get promotion, didnt get the new job i am trying it,usual existing health problems and little new health problems.. this is only the status. but on little good side — having good relation with people, earlier more fight, now less fight. also having little relax life. But i am expecting something great by seeing the websites, and like that nothing happened

    tell me simh friends …. how its going for u. i want to compare and see. r u having any good results.. like any promotion, or any new hoouse or new baby born or anything?

  349. VM says:

    How’s it going..?Things seem to be going from bad to worse for me..Life’s just collapsing and I have no more strength to cope

  350. Shripad says:

    Nov. gone Dec coming and 201 will be gone, 2014 coming and will be gone,…………..Nothing is happening………………………………..

  351. xyz says:

    All things said above are perfectly true, plus things started detoriating for me again from Nov 8th 2013. I have retrograde Jupiter and its malefic lord of dushta-sthana 😦

  352. rangavittala. M says:

    nothing good happening what’s life? no answer

  353. Kumar says:

    Of course, all simha rasi people accepted about the changes are not happening much/more in their life. Yes I too the same situation, but some what I got a relief in my life, even though it doesn’t make any much/good impact in my life. At last I am in the same position where we are there in sade sati periods.

    But the nature of the simha rasi, it means fighting against everything, that keeps me still in that way. Still I am fighting with hope for waiting my good time.

    I am sure I will get back everything/more than that whatever I lost in the last 7 1/2 Years.

  354. Mukesh rani says:

    Tel about my marrige

  355. sai mounik says:

    how is 2014

  356. rangavittala says:

    still bad times around with loss of my uncle in January 2014 and healthy MY FATHER Died in MARCH 2014 due heart attack.

    i don’t what’s bad still in store and no strength to bear further

  357. 23.11.1977 learli moring 12.30 to12.55 am
    proddutur (town)
    kadapa (Dist)
    andrapradesh (state)

  358. Shripad says:

    2012, 2013, 2014 is half way nothing happened. All Planets are made in China it seems.

  359. Sunita says:

    Anyone whose time has changed ? I am so hopeless, no jobs, debt. money problems all the time. Family dominating and taking out fault all the time. Everything just paused and stalled nothing moving its same everyday. Whatever we plan nothing works. Its like this from 2007. When will things change ?

    • Oshin says:

      Same here sunita. Nothing is moving. Ever since 2007 the problems still remain the same for me. Debts, no job, no marriage, Huge Depression……. Don’t know why I’m still living in the world..

    • Naga says:

      Same experience here, my career almost drained, no way I could able to look towards other path at this time except a hope on some opportunity, opportunities are mystically going backwards as never before in my life, feel like I have given up, now that I can’t even materialize assets which I gained in past, I am totally bankrupt, not in position to buy ration nor pay school fees, wish shouldn’t have got married at all had I know that I would come across this situation,

  360. uday says:

    I have lost my job. Facing a lot problems in life. Feeling like to suicide at some point of time. Very tough time. I Am really in big pain. Can anyone tell me to come out of this please.

    • Naga says:

      Same experience here, I know how it pains when things keep haunting & fate doesn’t let us comeback, if you are spiritual then believe in god, visit temples, follow remedies, wear gem stones, etc invest on this at your own limits, I have experienced such remedies had worked. Be good…may god bless you

      • SASI says:

        Hi, Friends.Worry will not get you any where.Just let go.Relax.All of you are are taking your past achievements/positions as a bench mark and comparing your current situation.You will have only new experiences.Live with it.Connect with the almighty.

        A FRIEND

      • Naga says:

        @SASI, every challenger looks at benchmark from their previous achievements. We connect with almighty with an expectation to meet our wishes, no one would ever like to give up in their life. LET GO IS A LAST OPTION WE HAVE

  361. I really like reading through an article that can make men and women think.
    Also, many thanks for allowing me to comment!

  362. Maha says:

    Hi. Found this blog today by sheer coincidence. My star sign is Leo (born August month) but some how I feel I belong here. Most of your mails touch me. My personal problems started as early as 2004 and was slowly accumulating and erupted from the year 2009 onwards. Like many of you I also lost my job in 2011 and I am still struggling to find another job since the past 3 years inspite of being a qualified chartered accountant with more than 20 years of rich senior managerial experience.

    Earlier in 2014, I consulted a nadi astrologer and also undertook remedies as per his suggestion. The said astrologer was very accurate and spot on with respect to my personal and career related problems and told me that my good times will slowly start only in August 2016 inspite of doing all the remedies in 2014. Strangely enough as I found your blog today I also visited this webpage today. Please go through it, sorry, might not make you happier though.


  363. P says:

    I am having the worst time of my life. Simharasi magha nakshatra. Can anyone suggest when this traumatic phase will be over?

  364. jnr says:

    Hi All,

    I’m a simha rasian. I was in a high-flying professional job that I had worked all my life to get into until last year. Last 5 years were hell. Last year was the worst. I attempted to end my life in desperation. Since then, my career, job and profession (that I had worked since childhood to achieve) are all lost. I understand that this is my karma and has to be lived. I only pray for the strength to continue. Lord Shani is fair even though if his brand of justice may seem obscure at times to our simple human minds. I find surrendering myself completely to the powers that be helps me. This might not be the right approach for everyone. But it works for me – to accept that it is all beyond my control. Do we get upset when it rains? Sometimes I do but I feel ludicrous for feeling upset that its raining. Likewise with sadesati. This is our thorny path. None of us chose it. Neither did Lord Shani. It just is. Like rain.

  365. nag says:

    Hello fellow Simharasians,

    Can anyone tell me why almost *every* online astrologer had predicted that 2014 would be an excellent year for simharasians? It has been a miserable one for me. How have your experiences been?

    As for the ardhastama shani which began on Nov 2, I am told that it won’t be bad for everyone. How much damage it will do depends on the placement of the other planets in one’s chart.

    Hope 2015 will be better. Hang in there guys! Bad times don’t last forever, good people do.

    • Naga says:

      Astrology predictions were never true. For simha, as per panchang yr 2014 suppose to be good in terms of earnings (2 expenditure: 8 earnings) however it proved to be quite opposite for many. It was said that Ardastama sani will not be as bad as sade sati, one who passed through sade sati would not feel much difficulty this phase, many astrologers are taking advantage of peoples weakness, for instance a priest near my place is advising his clients to perform graha pujas for 11 weeks at his temple, i too followed this path, i also used to pay him often, now that he suggests me to extend 11 weeks till for some more time as panetary transits for simha are bad. For the last few months I had spent lot of time & money visiting temples I didn’t find any change to whatsoever happening.
      It is quite true weather one offers prayers or not or one believe in god or not good or bad events are bound to happen, lucky are few who see more good than bad. This need not be just for simha but for all rashis but due to simha characteristics things seem to be more exploited than for other rashi people who let go!

    • Sims says:

      2013 was HELL for me. Laid off in may, started a new job in July. Then again in sept I was laid off. Two jobs fell through during 2013 when I needed them the most. Was going thru Rahu-Ketu but saturn’s transit did not help. November 2013 was HELL. Finally found a job in Dec 2013 and this job has allowed me to find another job. With this current job, got a big salary jump in Dec 2013 and then another one in June 2014 when Jupiter transited to Cancer. Finally found a new, better job which I will start in 2015. So saturn in libra was generally bad but right before it left, it gave me a new job. For me, this is typical for saturn.

      On the downside, saturn in libra brought me a relationship, but when it left libra, the relationship broke up. It was for the best but still lots of changes. I am not expecting saturn in scorpio to be that bad for me.

  366. sadsimha says:

    I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.How much more suffering?No relief in 2014 and 2015 has started with more problems than ever. No job,no respect and too much of tension and depression….can’t he just take our lives and end this misery.

  367. aasish says:

    something is VERY VERY WRONG either with the ‘Star’ or some other issue. The entire world apart from Leo seems to look at Simha Rasi people in the wrong light. Also, Simha rasi people are forced to work in professions/ jobs which they are not qualified for/ do not fit in. They are not given the jobs which they deserve. this is not something to be laughed at. This has to be sorted out as soon as possible. Please reflect on this. There is a catch somewhere.

    • yes there is something wrong. its rahu!!!

    • mohan321 says:

      i get the same feeling and i am doing currently a job which is very less benifiting than what i should have deserved. i have been longing for a job change but it doesnt look like i will get any soon…

      • Aasish says:

        I can get a clear feel of what you might be going through. I recently attended a technical interview but the people there see me in the wrong light.

        Probably we shud try working for the Government/Quasi-Government Orgs. Maybe try our luck in Airlines/transportation sector. Looks like Simha Rasi as being ruled by Sun does not get aligned with the private sector and hence a lot of unnecessary misunderstandings.

  368. Shri says:

    I lost my business and lost 1 million $. I started the business so when I do not have job I can depend on Business. Business gone had to declare bankruptcy. Now job is also gone. Having Rahu Mahadasha, Shani adhaiya. LOL what else can I do?

  369. Malini says:

    My husband and my rasi is shima Rasi my husband is unable to work from past 5 years and there is know income in the family at all,, now he is tried some thing and got a Job started working from 1st of november 2015 with so much of complication and with out money,, now there are not even paying salary,, and 6 months back he worked in some other company also there also they have not paid salary for hm,, he is really not having money to eat also…., pasr three years he was unable to go to job because of bankruptcy there was some case going on?
    his DOB is 28.10.1967 at 6.05 pM. i really want to know how is the time for simha rasi…, since mine also is simha rasi and i am doing some job and maintaining the family,,, which is not at all enough…. really in a very bad state……. please suggest me what i have to do and ho is the time.

  370. mohan321 says:

    I am suprised to see that there were no comments after march 30,2015. I would imagine that all simha rasi people have a good time except for myself. Is there anyone who currently suffering like me?? leave a reply

  371. Shripad says:

    What to write: Year 2015 was the worst year in my life. I had never seen such a bad time in my life.
    Jan 2015 we had to close the business.
    Feb 2015 Lost cousin in an accident
    March 2015 : lost Job.
    April 2015 Brother-in-law got heart attack.
    May, June July 2015 : no job.
    August 2015 : Found suffering from diabetes & Prostrate enlargement
    Sept 2015: Filed Bankruptcy for business lost 1 million US$.
    Oct 2015 some positive things started : Biopsy came negative for Prostrate.
    Nov 2015: Got New Job.
    Dec 2015 first time in life got paid 3 weeks leave for Christmas.

    I hope it is all over.

    2016 started well, got refund from IRS for $800.00 in first week of Jan 2016. What a beautiful start.

    Passing thru Rahu mahadasha, Shani Ardh dash, Guru in first house. Rahu in Simha Rashi.

    Only thing I learned is praying to god will not help.

    Just by chanting Ram nam nothing will help.

    You have to become RAM.
    Become RAM, when ever you get into problem, think what Prabhu Ram must have done if he would have been in your place.
    Always think of him he was in jungle for 14 years , he had to leave his kingdom and all the luxury. His wife was kidnapped and some many other problems.

    Face all the problems with strong determination. You will get successes.

    I read Sai Charitra everyday one chapter.i read Sunder kand on every Saturday.

    I read Hanuman Chalisa and Navgrah stotra everyday two times.

    Try this , it helped me may help you all too.

    Wish you all the best.

    Jai Shree Ram. Om Sai Ram.

  372. Ram says:

    Thank you Shripad, I will follow the remedies suggested should be very helping.

    Really horrible times of entire life, I was removed from my job on 1st November 2014 with no reason.

    Went through great difficulties in running my family, all of a sudden it was exactly like Nala chakravarthi life.

    health of my wife and my two kids affected for entire Jan and Feb 2015. Kept on going through worst situations. So many job trials.

    After a great struggle I got a job in march 2015.

    Everything is going on negative. I lost my bike like a fish from hand. At work being 11 years experienced I was ordered to do work of a fresher.

    In October 2015, I have given my flat in hyderabad rent to a person who was a prostitute and had actually did illegal activities in my flat. And latter the police found it and I was in a great trouble for no mistake of mine.

    In entire life I had not taken loans and always stayed away from applying a loan. But now I had taken huge amount loan

    September 2015, Again I lost my job with no reason. At least during the previous days i was in my native place. But now i am in Bangalore, staying in a rent house.

    So many tries for a job, but unable to succeed.

    But really saying it is happening in sequence with what is written in astrology for Janma Guru.

  373. Naga says:

    Dear Simha Rashians,

    As the life moves on we see downs & ups..I hope our troubles end this year & live a wealthy & peaceful file the remaining…Let us prey to God to give courage to perform remedies to cleanse our past life evils.


  374. marine says:

    hi all
    how are you guys? going through a tough time. 7.5 years and still nothing gud 😦

  375. sravani says:

    Sir my rasi is simhqs whenv I gotted love marriege sir?

  376. mohan321 says:

    in this group is any astrologer here? would like to hear their vision?

  377. mohan321 says:

    guru getting transfering to 2nd place i say we are going to have a good time this year. it aspects 6,8,10 houses and i hope that it will bring about a positive effects.

  378. rangavittala says:

    guru & rahu bad position, kuja & shani also in 4th & kethu is also bad. only things are happening if only thru lagna & maha dasha

  379. rangavittala says:

    also next jan 17 shani moves 5th house, what s next pls reply

  380. Shripad R Jumde says:

    I have stopped looking at that. The more you see more problem you get.
    Keep doing your Karma. You can not avoid what ever is going to happen will happen so why worry.
    Take the life in its stride. Enjoy as if today is your last day.

    We always think of past and feel sad.
    We think of future and get worried.
    Nobody thinks of Today.

    Be happy when you wake up in the morning and you are alive.
    Enjoy today as if it is your last day.
    Stop looking at all the astrological sites.
    Enjoy with your family , friends and relatives.
    Listen to good music. Love your job or whatever you do.
    Live every moment and enjoy it to the fullest.

    Just a suggestion, if you do not like it is your problem.

    Just think that could you change anything by worrying about future. If you did change then why worry. If you could not change anything then why worry.

    I know I can not change anything, whatever is going to happen will happen.

    I tried to start a business for my future. Thinking that I will have business if I do not have job. The best part was that the day I lost my job next week I lost my business also.
    I wasted my time in business and could not spend time with family. Did not enjoy the way other people went on vacation.

    Now business whatever I get I will do that no planning of future life.


  381. mohan321 says:

    hello any thoughts on this guru transition?
    will it be good for us??? somebody plz reply

  382. Mahendran says:

    Hi Mohan,
    Just be patience, everything will be good soon!!

  383. Mahendran says:

    Hi Mohan, don’t stress out too much. Everything will be fine now on!!

  384. mohan321 says:

    Hi to all,
    Did anyone have any good fortunes after guru transition? now mars moved from 4th to 5th leaving saturn alone in 4th.. does that make life tough?? anyone please reply. i am having trouble in my family life..

  385. Ram kumar mula says:

    it is still bad every way. sometimes better than before. but failure even after struggling very hard.

  386. stuti says:

    both personalities who died recently are from simma rasi… is the time so bad for us??? accdg to sites its sposed to be good!

  387. Ram says:

    Dear Simha Rasians,

    I again lost the job recently, not sure what to do next I at 43, dont have enough funds to start own venture.
    As per hindu panchamg this year is good for simha rashi.

    Good luck!


  388. Naga says:

    Guys lost job again in Feb 2017 heard Rahu is changing its position from Leo to Cancer today that would give some good relief for Simha rasians.

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