Guru Transit 2014

Hello Simha Rasians

I was told that Guru has transited into Mesha Rasi which is the 9th house from Simha rasi. I am told this transit has brought us ‘Guru Bala’ and we are going to succeed in everything we undertake. As the transit has happened very recently, on 8th May, it is still not very apparent yet as Guru is a slow moving planet and hence his effects will take sometime to show up.

Since 9th house is also known as Bhagyastanam this may be the time for us to try lottery 🙂  Job seekers should get better opportunities, business with partners should flourish and all those good things that could happen to us.

Great! What makes this topic lively is when each of us starts sharing our real expereinces. Come on Simhas, please share what Lord Guru’s grace is doing to you just now, on this very blog . Your blog!

Transit 2012: Fellow Simha Rasians, please be aware that on 17th May 2012, Guru so going to move to Vrishaba Rasi and will stay there for one year. This is not considered to be a very good transit for Simha rasi since Guru will be in the 10th house. For those who have been enjoying Guru influence from the 9th position so far, this may cause concern. The period between May 18th and Aug 03, seem to be the worst period because during this time, Sani also moves back to Kanya rashi exerting the last phase of Sadesati on Simhas. After 3rd August it should be better for us since Sani will be back into Tula rasi, the 3rd house, but it will just be more than average period due to Guru’s unfavourable position. So simhas, don’t give up praying for yourself and for Simha community. Of course, the dates mentioned may not be very accurate since it differs by panchangam and also the effects of Sani and Guru depends on the strength of your invidual horoscopes. God bless!!

Hello Simha Rasians – don’t know about you. But Guru in Vrishaba Rasi has not been great for me. Although definitely it is not as bad as when it was during Sade-sati, it has been an ordeal to maintain peace. I feel like I’ve been working harder and harder with rewards less than what I deserve. Hopefully, you are all doing well. I am really looking forward to June 2013 when Guru will be moving to our 11th house which is supposed to be good for us. With Sani and Guru both being favourable the year from July onwards should be something we should all look forward to. The best we can do is being hopeful!

18/5/2013: Hello Simha Rasisns – like you are all eagerly waiting for this transit, I am waiting for Guru’s transit which is going to happen towards end of May. When that happens, I wouldn’t expect things improve straight away as Jupiter is a slow and heavy planet, but surely and steadily we should see progress. See some predictions below:

Maybe you lost your job or displaced to a different location or maybe you were reduced in your ranking or rating during the last one year period prior to this Guru Peyarchi.
This Guru Peyarchi is coming with diagonally opposite experiences to the past.
This period of one year ahead will seed your growth and prosperity in the future. This period is going to give you new openings, opportunities.You will succeed in your efforts that you initiate during this period.
There will be huge growth in existing or new businesses.
Favorable promotions and transfers on cards in your employment.
Auspicious events like home buying, wealth accumulation, child birth, marriages, foreign assignments etc can be expected.
In the overall, this Guru Peyarchi is going to bring about cheers and happiness to you and as well to your entire family.

God bless!!

June 2014:

Hello Simharasians

Life is not looking great for me either 😦 Hence am not devoting much time on the blog. But nevertheless for the sake of all the fellow simharasians who have been persistently sharing their experiences on the blog and based on a few requests to keep this going, I am opening up a thread for 2014. Keep sharing your experiences.

June 2014 was a key month for all of us with Guru moving into 12th house. Every astrologer whom I talked to said this is not going to be a good transit for a simha rasi.

With Rahu and Ketu transit imminent in July, Sani going to 4th house in November this year, be prepared for another roller coaster ride or far worse. Only prayers can help us – that is the most we could do, may God give us enough strength to cope!!!

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  1. shangam says:

    I am just copying and pasting one future prediction from swayamvaraparvathi website. Hope this will be useful to all:

    Brief analysis of Last Year (2010-11): Last few months, Guru was in 8th house (Astama guru) i.e., Ayul Sthanam. When guru was in eight house, the health condition worsen due to diseases, trouble within the family and social circle, stumble in every effort you put, failing in every attempt you make, loss of money, petty issues & quarrels between relatives. If you didn’t maintain a cool head in the last few months, you might have invited trouble. Few might have gone to the stage where it could be solved only in the courts. Education was not excellent but better. Business wise, it was not bad but momentum was missing. Employees had a very ordinary year without any movement either in position or salaries. Old people felt they become older than ever before as known & unknown diseases taken a toll on their body. Children were affected by cold & fever frequently and few (esp. small kids) might have admitted in the hospital for a temporary period. Bad things and good things were equal in this period. Hence, you felt life was monotonous, tiresome & unrewarding

    Guru Palan (Jupiter Transit) prediction for 2011-2012: Now Guru is coming to Nineth Place (Bhakya Sthanam) a place known for High inflow of income, Harmony in family, Robust health, Promotions & increments, Favourable transfers, Accumulation of wealth, Excellence in Education. Business will flourish and profits will increase considerably beyond your expectation. Simham is one of the few rasis which are going to enjoy thoroughly this Guru Peyarchi. As Guru left Asthama Ayul Sthanam, and now in Bhakya Sthanam, diseases will reduce. Old people, now regain some strength and you will feel healthier. Unmarried can expect a marriage in the near future. Woman will have cordial relationship with family. Its all good time ahead. (Guru Gayathri Mantra)

    Aspectual Favours: Success in all your attempts, Sound Health, Help from brothers & Sisters, New friendship, Unexpected fortune and profits, Marriage, New born baby.

    Shani Effect: As Guru controlled the ill-effects of Shani (Sade sati) till now but as Guru moves to Mesha, now you will see the effect of sade sati or 7 and half years Shani for the next six months.

    We will start Guru Gayathri japa from 8th May 2011 & Rahu Gayathri & Ketu Gayatri from 3rd week of May 2011. Bookmark this page with Ctrl + D for future reference.

    Category-wise (employees, woman, businessman, old people, students) predictions published below.

    For Employees:. All the bad effects of Guru was over. Guru has come to nineth place, bhakya sthanam. It’s a good sign for Simham. You can see a lot of change in your office and can command respect which was not there for the last few months. Pressures will reduce. Sales and marketing people will have a good time ahead. Their yearly targets will be achieved. Good increments and long pending promotions are very much on the cards. Superiors will acknowledge your work and will reward accordingly. Few with interest in business, may venture into partnership as a sleeping partner without resigning from the job. A long pending wish will become a reality. Money which were not given back by your debtors will be received partly now onwards. Generally an excellant period ahead. Not much to add. Just relax and start enjoy the moments.

    For Businessman: Guru in 9th place, Bhagya Sthanam is a good sign that your business will comes to normalcy. Turnover will increase and profits will double. Even chances of Bad debts may be cleared by debtors. Foreign tours are on cards. New contracts, business will come on your way. Relationship with Govt & authorities will be good. You can be tempted to venture into new business or expand your existing business. Don’t worry. Guru will tune your business to new highs. Hurdles will be cleared quickly in your favour. Pending cases will comes to an end in your favour. You will buy a new house or a car/vehicle.

    Generally an excellant period ahead. Not much to add. Just relax and start enjoy the moments.

    For Women: All quarrels in the family will come to halt. Pleasant time ahead. Your long pending wish will become a reality. Jewels and luxury things will be accumulated during the course. Those who eagerly waiting for a child for longtime, may conceive. Few of you with interest in small time business may even start alone or partnering with your friends. You will have plenty of money at your disposal. If a girl wish to go for job, this is the period for getting good jobs. Luck will be in your favour. You may have a long tour for a subha kariyam within a close family circle.

    For children: An excellent period . Enjoy studies and sports. You can reap rewards in both education and sports. Guru is always nice to children of Simha. So don’t worry. Take precaution to your health. Consult doctor and cure the disease immediately.

    For Senior Citizens: Health related problems and the family displeasures persisted during the last few months will reduce to a considerable extent hereafter.Expenses to medicines may come down. Subha kariyam in your leadership will happen in your family. Misunderstanding between father & son will continue but it will not affect the relationship. Very careful when investing your money. You may get cheated even by your relative sooner.

    For Unemployed: Tough time is coming to an end. Try for a job. relentless effort to be put for a job. A good job is on the offing. Don’t waste the opportunity.

    For Unmarried: Those who are unmarried has a good chance of finding their partner with the help of Guru in the next 1 year.

    For Students: Guru is in a good position during your examination. Perfect condition prevail for your public and annual exams. Pray Guru and recite Guru Gayathri 108 times daily and go to nearest temple every Thursday and light a lamp to Dakshinamurthy for scoring high marks. Few students, who are in their final year degree, will get a good job before completing the course.

    A perfect and excellant situation for students. make use of it and study well and score good marks. Its a once in a lifetime opportunity for students of Simha.

    For Artists: Nice beginning. Artists too will reap rewards just like children. New opportunities galore. Money flow will be more than satisfactory.

    For Lovers: Love flourish. Please restrain from intimate relationship as it will lead to lots of problems later. Once the problem arouse, the unblemish record gained by your family all these years will be ruined.

    These transit prediction may vary from person to person depends upon the strength of their Horoscope and Dasa Bhukthi. Consult your astrologer before taking any important decision. .

    • Raj says:

      Get up and get on to your job. Have confidence and focus on your strengths.
      result will be positive. Do not get too attached to the beliefs on astrology. You will become weak and will feel like a rotten vegetable.

      Be assured that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Follow this principle. What every simhas are undergoing is not permanent. Cycle will change.

      well wisher.

      • Lakshmi says:

        Ha- This is all rubbish. I have seen job loss (very sudden) since aug 2012 and in jan 2013 have hot an all time bottom. this year is going to be bad

      • VM says:

        Hi everyone,
        I am a Simha rasi too and am having trouble thanks to the Guru transit.
        I left my job for a better one, but ended up giving up the new job due to many hassles.
        I have now been on the hunt for a job and it’s been 4 months since.
        My life has been hell from 08 Oct 2012 till date.
        Has anyone of you experienced similar difficulties.
        Please please share your thoughts, will be of great help!!
        Many thanks,

    • VM says:

      Sorry to bog you all down with negativity, but I am just feeling worse since the start of June..Extremely depressed about life hitting rock-bottom..and feeling worse by the day

      • mayank says:

        Hi VM,

        Same story here. Quit my last job for better paying job in feb 2013, but ended up quitting it due to many problems. From last 4 months, looking for opportunity.

      • Bharath Kashyap says:

        Same here, there are no improvements for me even. I am in a job but not of my desire. Am not able to find any jobs now. Don’t know, but some times, i hurts our entire belief system.
        my date of birth is 10-Nov-1982 ,12:25 A.M. @Mysore, moon sign leo

  2. saradha kalyani says:

    thanks 4 the detailed analysis….hope to get ajob soon

  3. shree says:

    What are the dates?

    • iamsimha says:

      Hi Shree – Guru has moved into 9th pisition on 8th May 2011, he has retrgraded on 31st August and will become direct again towards the end of the year, He will be in 9th position till next year, Hope this helps.

  4. raghu says:

    i am facing a dam very bad period which i am felling that i am not able to bear any more… it is just beeing another day, and my mental preseure is increaing day by day….. from when i can see this guru efects as it has past 6 month from may so.. and what abt the next comming days willl the surely change are again i have to wait for any another date or year please tell meee….

  5. lily says:

    Thank u 4 the post on Guru in 9th, on a positive note in concordance with 9th house Guru i have managed to finish my College degree and am looking forward to more blessings from him!

  6. Mano says:

    When is Guru’s retrograde finishing? Is it in November 2011?
    Also, how is the marriage period like for simhams in 2012? Is it advisable to marry before May 2012 or to marry after August 2012? This is to avoid the sade sati which reappears for 3 months from May to August 2012.

  7. anonymus says:

    I have read all this,but the bad days still seem to continue and last forever

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  10. Babu says:

    I am a simha rasi maha natchathram. My personal, professional and financial situation has been miserable. This situation is still continuing into 2012. Looking forward to see the end of tunnel

  11. poet kalidasa says:

    nice to come across this blog. all i have to say is, your interpretation of life is very important. all though we all talk about the difficult terrains of life, i doubt if anyone will come into these blogs once they start having good times. let the planetary movements take its own course, why give so much attention. i can wrap up my comments with this…perhaps, we are trying to cross a ocean with the means of a small country boat, this is one superb simile by poet kalidasa when he starts off his laghu kadambari sangraha, an epic – meaning, whatever we have with us, lets go for it. look at the adventure in life, dont keep complaining about your kith and kin for all your over ambitious material pursuits. you are the doer, you have created your own destiny!!! hey by the way am a simha raasi too….

  12. Emm says:

    Dear All,

    I came across this blog yesterday, and since then, with every post I felt like I am reading the story of my life in the last 7-8 years, over and over again. Same story here. Failures at every step(few of which turned into success eventually, but didn’t feel happy about any of those, as they came after so so so much pain, that it felt like, ugh was it worth it?), bad luck in every aspect, depression, being disliked by people(people find me irritating and boring… earlier I used to be the most popular girl in all social circles), failed relationships (causing tremendous pain… I am over 30 and still in no relationship), loneliness, insuslts (many many many of those), a sabotaged self-esteem, shortage of money at every step… just the same as most of you. After a bit of research on the internet, I thought everything is because of SadeSati, and it will all end after Aug 4th 2012. I have been desperately waiting for that date. But now, after more research, I see that as Sade-Sati is getting over, the possition of Guru has transited to an unfavorable one… and the possition of Guru will not be favorable till mid 2013. Is this tru?? Does that mean that the wait continues for another year??? Please reply…. please tell me how does the situation seem for Simha Rashi people. Also in my birth chart Rahu is in the 3rd house…. is that also causing problems for me?? In that case….. will my entire life be full of struggles??? Hahaha… by now this pain amuses me…. it’s a joke…. a complete joke… my life. Anyway, nothing can be done by me…. now I try to just surrender and leave everything to God…. and just wait for my time in this world to end…. maybe the next world might be better…. But even this unconditional faith on God and surrender is difficult….. sometimes I breakdown….

    • M says:

      I cud sense the pain ur going prayers as well to u! But take a step back and introspect on everything u had to undergo…all it had done to u is made u tougher and strong than ever b4.

      Not sure if u understand tamil…”Idhuvum kadanthu poghum”….definitely it will.

      So, cheer up friend. Im on the same boat as u…and taking life as it is keeps me running 🙂


    • shrutitini says:

      i can very well understand your situation. I am also a simha rasi magha natchathram. last phase of sade sati was devastating for me. i thought after sade sati there will be some relief. but things are same. we can only wait and watch.

    • Aniya Devi says:

      Dear Emm, I feel obliged to reply since I feel you are in pain. I know everyone tells you but have faith in God. Definitely after a brief return between may – august, the saade sati is no over so things should look up. However the level depends on your individual horoscope. You can show your chart and get some prayers done. But dont loose faith. I met my husband and had a baby only at the ripe old age of 37. Who knew it would finally happen and I would meet a lovely good loooking man and have a hale and bonny baby at 40. Before then how many laddus to ganesh ji i offered I don’t know, but someone was surely listening! :-). And don’t feel bad if you breakdown sometimes. It happens to the best of us.What you feel inside is what you unknowingly project outside. So say to yourself, I can change my life and I believe. And you will start attracting luck to yourself. Keep the faith dear!

    • believer says:

      I have been struggling since 2005. Failed in everything.Lost boatload of money. I am hoping June 2013 and beyond will be better. Hang in there. Have faith. March on. Good luck and God bless.

  13. Sriram Seshagiri says:

    True I am also a simha rasi maga nakshatram. Off late things have not been good for me. I am here in ths US, had an interview today and went well. Is there any chances of me getting a job now???

  14. ktidhns says:

    Nice reading comments on this page. As a simha myself have gone thru a good as well has bade phase during sade sati, but when I compare that period to transit of guru in 10th House, it is more traumatic in professional life. I hope this would tide over and am waiting for guru to move to 11th house, until then continue to do the things with a positive feel that “Tomorrow is mine”, my time will also come 🙂

  15. cgurjar says:

    had a terrible experience. 2010 was good 2011 was ok and 2012 (post july) was a nightmare. I lost my mom whom i was extremely close to. I got allergy probs. i got thryroid and other problems.I also had an outbreak of ocd, a psychiatric illness. from taking zero tablets everyday i am now taking 5 tablets every day. I need to get back my health desperately that jupiter has screwed up.
    i am not getting proper sleep (my mom appearing in my dreams and i feel like she is alive)
    i thought end of sade sathi for leo will bring good luck but it was not to be…
    Right now, nothing is going my way. I cant even desire death due to my 6 year old daughter.

    • VM says:

      Hi Cgurjar,
      The last so many years have been hopelessly trying for us simha-rashians. All I can say is hold on, take each day as it comes, and try not to think too much about everything..sometimes we just need to hibernate..Atleast that’s what I’m doing..
      Not sure if you’re religious in any way, but reading the Hanuman chalisa has given me some strength and courage.Read it with all sincerity and leave the rest to God.
      DO NOT WISH FOR DEATH, it’s not the solution to any problem.Wait for the good tide and hang on until then.
      Hope we all see better times!!

  16. RR says:

    HI cgurjar

    I can understand your pain and feelings as me also being a Leo. I would say to bear this until may 1st Every thing would be cleared by ur profession wise and all other problems. Ya it is was predicted that One of the parents many cases father in very rare case matter may expire in this period. The same was also happened to me in my case father and it was at the beginning of the sada sati. And attending to ur health Leo are requested to care of the health mainly related to Throat, Lungs and Kidneys. This health problem will slightly reduse after 15th jan 2013 and from may 1st we all are going to have a very good period

  17. VM says:

    Hi All,

    I am a simha rashi too. I have been continuously facing problems from 08 Oct 2012 till date.
    I left a great job for an even better one(or so I thought), but only to realize things will disturb me so much that I chucked the job in a rage(not sure if it’s for the better)!!
    I gave a series of interviews with a big MNC and was told I’ve been selected for the post, only to be informed a week ago that the position is on hold and may not materialize!!
    I’m not sure how Feb, Mar, April will turn out to be 😦
    I am now fuming and this Guru transit is killing me!!
    I read that Jupiter goes direct on 30/31st Jan 2013…?
    Does anyone here know the effects of the same..?
    Please share your thoughts, would be of great help!!


  18. VM says:

    Hi All,
    I am a simha rashi too. I have been continuously facing problems from 08 Oct 2012 till date.
    I left a great job for an even better one(or so I thought), but only to realize things will disturb me so much that I chucked the job in a rage(not sure if it’s for the better)!!
    I gave a series of interviews with a big MNC and was told I’ve been selected for the post, only to be informed a week ago that the position is on hold and may not materialize!!
    I’m not sure how Feb, Mar, April will turn out to be
    I am now fuming and this Guru transit is killing me!!
    I read that Jupiter goes direct on 30/31st Jan 2013…?
    Does anyone here know the effects of the same..?
    Please share your thoughts, would be of great help!!

  19. rsr says:

    For Simha rasi, guru transiting to 10th place is too worst period. I have experienced too too difficulties in workplace and as well as personal life. Inspite of my good performance at professional level, i got deep shit in return! My astrologer says by mid May 2013, Guru is transiting to 10th place from Simha rasi which is laba sthanam and this should propel the career!!!
    So we have to be extremely patient as even if we don’t do anything we invite enemies around and they endanger.
    Bit of advise – avoid eating non veg on thursday and saturday. Worshiping Lord Shiva and Vishnu will offer some solace. similarly praying Kala Bairava during sundays between 4:30 pm to 6 PM will help tide over bad time till mid may 2013.


  20. jack says:

    I am simha rasi. Last two year was really bad until July 2012. Almost a bankrupt and kept on moving jobs. But this started to settle down in July onwards. Progress is very slow yet is still moving forward. This year has started off better and hope this continues to improve.

    Whatever your religion, continue to pray for patience and guidance. Change for the better will come at its own pace, but it will definitely come.

  21. simha rashian says:

    Hi All,
    Yet another simha rashian…After seeing this blog,the problems that i faced in past 1 year is pretty less..That what i fell now..But ofcourse my office has been like a sine wave with a positive clipper…Only the wave goes to negaitve maximum and comes back to zero.It dont even start with a positive value.I have taken lots of ownerships and leaderships,initiatives in yester years,centre of attraction (very dominating) in past…But in past 1 year i have been @ minus infinity(not even at zero)..Wat i doubt is after 2months how things can suddenly change…How ppl in office can suddenly respct…Making me really think>>>My apprisal meeting was such that —my manager tells me i dont take any initiative…I have been spending 16 hrs in office/day…Making lot of mistakes in work but..I havent been like this before…..Lot of choota guys in office started advising me how to do coding…I was once topper in maths…I dont know where iam now…horrible time…What ever step we take, its been pulled back.Iam suspecting even after may25th ,things are going to be same…God only knows……..Loka smastha sukino bavanthu…All the best

    • Shripad says:

      Do not worry, everything will be ok. I am passing thru the same phase.

    • VM says:

      Hi simha rashian,

      I completely understand what you must be going through..i chucked a very good job for a better one[that’s what I thought] and then it gave me so many trivial problems that I chucked this one also in a rage..I sat at home for 6 months and found another job finally..but I’m so kicked about it..I too have no clue how things can suddenly get better in 2 months! So many problems, on the personal, professional fronts that I feel this is worse than the sade-sati..
      I was a damn good student, but from the time this sade-sati has hit me, my professional life has suffered..Not able to excel even though I know my stuff..It sucks!!

  22. sushma says:

    I am also simha rasi person.
    I have faced failures since a year now.
    I have to take an exam in May.
    When are good days in May going to start for simha rasians.
    God Bless Us All.

  23. Shripad says:

    I read this blog. I am very eager to see what happens now. Today is 2nd April 2013. Hoping to see that everything gets right. Waiting for July 1st 2013 too. Having problems with business. Business is down by 30-45 %. I am simha rashi and my two kids are too. My wife suffered alot is it because 3 of us are Simha rasi.

  24. sv says:


    Im a simha rasi with makara lagna born, Life has no words since 2007 mid, every-year life is turning even worse, currently bank rupt, courtcases, huge losses and my marriage is in break-up.

    Things have worsened in the last one month dont know when i will be out.

    • Narain says:


      SIMMAM (LEO):


      Maham; Pooram; Uthiram (1).

      Jupiter transits to your 11th house on 27TH OF May 2013. So far, you were undergoing sufferings due to mental agony. Now you are going to enjoy the transit of Jupiter in your favorable house. You are going to get benefits and the Jupiter is going to give all kinds of unexpected favors in this transit to your 11th house. This is considered as a profitable house. . During this time He is going to see by His holy 5th aspect on your 3rd house, by his 7th aspect to your 5th house and by his 9th aspect on your 7th house. These three houses will be strengthened, by this transit of Jupiter. Though Saturn’s transit is unfavorable, this Jupiter’s transit will keep all of the unlucky happenings under control.

      You will get all well-beings. Your face will shine and your health will improve. Your talent, wisdom and your capabilities so far not known to the world will now come to light. Your words will change into actions. Your status will improve in the society. Some of you will get honorable positions, and respectable posts. You can keep up your promises. So, you will be identified as a trustworthy person.

      Your business and profession will improve. Some of you will start new ventures. Thus your income and your financial position will be good.

      Those who are working in the offices will enjoy a good period. Your talent will be appreciated by your boss. Workload will come down. Your colleagues will be co-operative. Those who are working in other places will be transferred back to their home towns. Some of you can get increase in their salary.

      You will move with all your relatives, friends and those who are around you affectionately and thus win over their hearts. You will fulfill the needs of your family members at the time of their needs. This attitude will make all your family members love you. Happiness and peace will come to your family.

      Students will get higher education and success in all of their efforts. They will score good marks in the examinations. Unemployed persons will get good jobs of their choice. Unmarried persons will get married to good persons. Childless people will be blessed with a child. Your children will get proper education and attain improvements in all the walks of their life. They will get good jobs, promotions in their jobs, and salary hike. They will also start new ventures.

      Some of you will continue the worship of their Family-Deity which was not taken care of so far. Some of you will get responsible posts and responsibilities in the temples. You will get the Dharshans of the Saints and Monks and some will proceed on holy-trips. Some will involve themselves in building a temple.

      All the court cases so far troubling you will come to an end. The judgments will also be in your favor. Those who get punishments and penalties in the lower courts will be relieved of all the charges in the higher courts.

      Some will buy jewels and new dresses. Things lost by you, will be recovered now. You will get money from the expected corners. You will be recovered from all the diseases which were troubling you so far. Your financial position will improve. All the waste expenditures will be controlled. The misunderstandings prevailing in the family will disappear. Your parents’ health will be under your care which will be recognized by them kindly. The relationship between the couple will be harmonious. Some will buy new vehicle. Agriculturists will be benefited by good harvest and profit by the cattle. All the medical expenditures will be reduced. The loans given by you to others remaining pending will now come back. Your enemies will fail in their efforts to trouble you.

      You will get loans easily for your business and building houses. Some will construct houses. The construction process so far stopped due to financial shortage will now be finished. Some will purchase land and house. Relatives will come to your house frequently and enhance the happiness in your family. Some will participate in the feasts and parties. You will succeed in all your efforts and activities. All the problems so far troubling you will be solved.

      Jupiter’s Holy Aspects:

      On 17th pf May 2012, When Jupiter transits in your 11th house, it delivers 3 holy looks. One of its holy looks falls on your 3rd house which is known for your ‘ boldness ‘. By this aspect, your courage, self confidence, will improve. You will attain victories in all your efforts. Your happiness will increase. Your brothers and sisters will improve their status. You will get their support. Another holy look falls on your 7th house which is known for your ‘knowledge, children and ancestral properties’. By this aspect your knowledge will improve. Your brain will work in the right ways. Your intelligence will increase. Your children’s education and job opportunities will improve. You will get the blessings of your ancestors, unexpected benefits and lucky chances which will be helpful to your growth. Your spiritual activities will develop. Jupiter’s another aspect falls on the 7th house i.e. your ‘kalaththira sthanam’. By this if you are an unmarried person you will get married. Husband and wife will lead a happy and loving life. Your relatives will come closer to you. Your partnership business will flourish.

      Women will enjoy good health. Their mind will always roam in full happiness. Working women will get desired transfers and hike in their salary.

      Jupiter’s Retrogression;

      Jupiter retrogrades during the period during the period from 14.11, 13to 12.3.14. When the benefic planet Jupiter, retrogrades in a favorable house, the favorable effects of the benefic planet will be reduced. So, the favorable effects so far stated will come down during the period of retrogression. You need not worry for that. Postpone all the new ventures and plans till the retrogression ends.

      Vedic Remedies:

      Worship the Lord Dhakshinamurthy on Thursdays and offer a garland of Chenna Dal and yellow flowers. Visit one of the temples of Lord Dhakshinamurthy Periodically.

      Wish you all the best!

    • angel says:

      Hi sv,

      I’m also simha rasi born makara lagna, and going through the same thing

    • Mohini says:

      Same here

  25. Mihir says:

    I am Simha rasi. It all started in 2004 (beginning of sade saati).

    1) I lost my job in 2004
    2) I got TB of lungs in 2005, lost 20 kg in one month
    3) I got malaria three times one after another in 2006
    4) I got TB again of lungs and throat in 2007
    5) I recovered in 2009 and found a job
    6) I lost my father in 2010, mother passed away in 1999.
    7) I was ditched by my gf in 2010 just after a week of my dad passing away
    8) I again lost my job in 2011
    9) My society is creating all kinds of conspiracy against me
    10) Had to distance myself from all relatives due to brutal criticism
    11) Having cold war type relations with my brother
    12) Got a job in 2013 and earning less than a peon even after being highly qualified.

    Almost 10 years of absolute hell. When someone tells me that good period will come, I find it hilarious because it is just a joke. There is no such thing as “good” period.

    • Shripad says:

      God Bless you.
      I lost my Father in 2004 , mother in 2008, lost job 2 times but rehired very next day both time (lucky me). Business is gets slower than the previous day. Taking loan to pay off loan amount. Pray to GOD everything will be ok. It is his creation and he will resolve it why to worry. Jai Shree Ram.

  26. ammu says:

    hoping for the best….. last has been really bad… i have lost my younger brother in November and world has been turned up side down……

  27. aasish says:

    I am Simha rasi. I have undergone many troubles for the past 10 years. I currently have a job, but many people still disturb me.. I really doubt whether the transit could be beneficial or not.

  28. MS says:

    Dear friends, as we are all assuming that the coming jupiter transit is going to be favorable to all of us with other planets also supporting, my thinking is that we should utilize every second of this transit period to build a happy & peaceful future, because we dont know when again favorable period will come. I wish all the best & request you to please comment to what I have said.

  29. Anilrao66 says:

    Hi MS, You’re right and I agree with you. This is the right time for us to act and make our coming years peaceful and happier. Come on Simha rashians, we are LIONS… don’t give up. Put in all your efforts and strive your best. All the very best to everyone of us in our future endeavors.

  30. PRASANNAW says:

    Hai I am PRASANNAW Simaha Rasi ( Maka-1 ) , I seen the realty of life in this Sade sati Time, when the Bad time Starts that is called learning period ( means what bad Karmas done in past Days ), when the Good time starts that is called Earning Period ( means what we done best Karma in past days ). So all the times do good karmas we will protect from misfortunes. I Make several mistakes in past days ( Apatra Dhanams -like Money, Knowledge, Help, at all Levels ), We completely refreshed in sade sati period.

    All the best to every one – PRASANNAW

    • Narain says:

      Hi Simha Rasiana,

      Good times have started. I got an interview on 3rd June ( 1st working day after real transit)and got offer on 6th June. Couple of more in pipeline. By June end , all major planets are beneficial to Simhas. By Sept-Oct, all Simha rasi people will be extremely happy. My astrologer was telling me that, this is a rare opportunity . ( Saturn & Rahu in 3rd house, Jupiter in 11th, by june end Sun, Ven, Mars will be on 11th.) make use of this year fully.
      Be happy. Good times have started.


  31. sasikumar says:

    We have to be patient.God is great.The pain we experienced will surely make us compassionate and more understanding.Just do only good without any expectation from any one.

  32. Nina says:

    Hi all

    As a Simha rasian I had my fare share of troubles last year. My husband left me when I was 4 months pregnant with a 5 year old!….At the same time I was trying to hold down a full time job and I had struggled to pay my mortgage and other bills. Well I had a healthy girl who was born 7 days before Diwali!..AND I can honestly put my hand on my heart and say that I have come out stronger and more independant than ever. Things are now going really great for me and I have learnt to be the master of my life and emotions. So far since the guru transit I have had a wonderful refund from the tax department, my boss at work is really happy with me and my kids are healthy/happy, and to top it off, now my ex wants to come back!!!! Lets start afresh so he says!…. SO chin up my fellow Lions as the lesson of life is that you will always win after you loose.

  33. VM says:

    Sorry to bog you all down with negativity, but I am just feeling worse since the start of June..Extremely depressed about life hitting rock-bottom..and feeling worse by the day

  34. SASI says:

    Hey,nothing can go worse than what you have experience.Even if you do,you have the experience to handle it.So VM cheer up.

  35. aasish says:

    i have been unwell for the past one week. things have begun to get worse for me. maybe this transit is not working for me… or do i get converted …?

  36. Mihir says:

    After going through a terrible sade saathi 8 years, and now this transit, nobody can keep their clarity of thoughts intact. One is left with no faith / trust in god or on ones own destiny.

  37. Narain says:

    Dear Simhas,

    Cheer up. After loosing an excellent job during sade sathi, I was struggling.
    After May 15 ,2011 Guru transit I got an OK job ( Joined on 1st June)
    After end of Sade sathi Non 2011, I got a good offer.
    But from May 2012, it was Guru in 10th which put lot of pressure on Job.
    After Guru transit to 11th place, during june 2012, I got an offer on 6th June.
    I am also getting 2 more offers, in a depressive job market. It gives me firm conviction about good things ahead

    Cheer up all !!!!


  38. Nina says:

    July 2013 is looking really groovy 🙂 – below is for Simha Rashi for this month

    Sun will be transiting into your 11th house and 12th house indicating favorable position for entire this month. Saturn doing direct from July 7th would be excellent for you! Jupiter is already in very good position. Besides Mars entering onto your 11th house would give great career success. You will see great success and happiness all around you during this month.
    You will be very healthy during this month. Your mental stress would also come down drastically. There is nothing to worried with respect your health perspective.
    The relationship issues with your spouse and children would get completely resolved this month. You will start receiving support from your spouse and family. Your long term wishes will come true. You may very well go ahead and plan for any subha karyas. If you are looking for a job, utilize this great time and you will find the right match during this month.
    Your work pressure will ease during this month. You will start receiving recognition from your managers. However if you are not happy with your current Job, it is the perfect time for you to apply for new jobs. Apply for positions from a big and well known companies since the chances are looking great this month. You will be very happy with your progress during this month.
    If you have any immigration issues, it would also get resolved as early as end of this month. If you waiting for foreign opportunities, your dream will come true during this month.
    Your finance situation will keep getting better. If you have any debts, you would start paying off them. Your expenses will come under your control. You will see your bank saving account growing faster. Inflow of money is likely from many direction.
    You may also consider investing in buying a new home or car. Besides you can enter onto stock market on the mid / long term basis. Speculative Option trading would not be good since it requires natal chart support.
    You will start seeing the benefits all of major planets during this time. In case, if you do not see any positive impact, then there is something seriously going on with your natal chart. Contact your local astrologer to why you are not seeing great benefits.

  39. marine says:

    I met with an astrologer and he said shani is re-entering in Oct 22nd and will stay till Dec 2014?? Is it really true?

  40. rahul says:

    i am also simha rasi, magha nakshathra struggled for many year’s still going on. i used to blame people at first , then god and now i hate my self being such a looser up to now i didn’t get any job.i lost so many things in life and my family members also.i started searching my astrology they said 2012 is good, then 2013 and 2014 the thing i want end my looser life , but a last wish of being employee at least once my life……..I hate this human scavengers and world,,,,,,,,,,

    • Mihir says:

      Welcome to the real world. The world that we are used to living in is not real. And this illusion has hijacked our true individuality and creativity. And now that you are shedding this artificial ‘you’, you will now know the real ‘you’. To rise, one has to fall; to gain, one has to lose; to discover, one has to be lost. Keep going and you will find an empowered ‘you’.

    • Ajit says:


      Don’t forget we are Simha – we don’t loose hope….we fight and that’s why God created us in Simha rashi…..!! I think it just phase that troubling us….have patience !!

      ~ Ajit

  41. rahul says:

    u still keep hopes …………..

  42. Mihir says:

    I don’t know how others are able to do what they want/intend to do, and we are somewhat paralyzed. How long our hands are going to be tied? Always on the receiving end of someone’s domination, and if we show little resistance, then we have to pay a price as if we have committed a sin for not losing confidence in ourselves.

  43. Rach says:

    Hello Simha Rasians,
    My troubles started from 2004: I got married, this guy cheated me. I was forcably aborted followed by allegations and divorce.
    In 2005 i was attached by TB and later due to so much sad things around me i tried to commit suicide. I had hefty loans to clear. The only good thing god gave me was a job. I had to work very hard to clear the loans, run the family and still fight life. In 2008 god really gave me a good break: I found my life partner, who stood by me through thick and thin. In 2009 i had terrible job issues and love life issues. In 2010 found a better job and personal front things started to settle down. In 2011 i got a job abroad, got married and cleared all the loans and am loan free since then till now.
    I am trying to have a child but guess my luck is bad since i had another abortion.After going through so much pain now i really wonder what still left in life to experience.

    • Shripad says:

      Be positive, we are Simha and Simha are not afraid of anything. They are the king. If you check ECG the graph goes up and down, it is never staright, it is staright only when person dies. You will forget the bad past soon. Pray to GOD. Best of luck.

  44. malavika19 says:

    Hello! I experienced a painful situation because of some people in 2011. I was partly responsible for what happened because of my wrong decision but I didn’t do wrong to anyone. but some people tried to cause damage to my reputation and I could not do anything but avoid this whole situation and the people until they stopped following as this was the best thing I could do then. then I read somewhere that if we run from something it follows us. since two years this thing is on my mind and I am always feeling like this situation will come up someday. it is only scaring me because I don’t know the truth. I am trying to make spiritual efforts to get this fear off and to stop people from hurting me and I don’t want this to ever come up again as it was very horrible for me. I constantly get a feeling that someone or something from past will try to hurt me again if I run from it but I am not running from it or may be I am. I just don’t know. its just that the whole thing is too horrible. I hope my efforts pay off and I become the fearless simha I am. this is the only mental trouble I am having and its blocking my progress but I did see some positive effects after june. I hope the good continues. if someone has anything to add to this please help. or email me as I need support. please

  45. malavika19 says:

    in the entire sade-sati I had extremely bad experiences but I learnt important things and some life changing ones. only this one experience was very bad and that too towards the end of sade sati. its not leaving my mind. I cant focus on all the good things in my life. things are obviously better than before but I think they can be much better!!

  46. malavika19 says:

    Hello Rahul. Everyone suffered. And you cannot compare anyone’s suffering to anyone else’s. Each one’s situation here is unique.

  47. umesh pandey says:

    The more I fight, more I lose
    The more I let go of things, more of that things pull me in.
    The more I attract, more it goes far away from me
    The more I try to get rid of a situation, more it sticks with me

    Now after 10 years, I am getting a hint that the solution to escape from all this restlessness, loneliness and failure is not to try escaping at all. Our redemption lies in surrendering to what we consider as the ultimate controller, whether you call it the nature, the fate, destiny, god, devil or whatever.

    Surrendering doesn’t mean giving up or letting go, it means to do what we are supposed to do without any expectation. It means living life in each breath. It means neither trying to repel nor attract any thing at all. Surrender means you understand that you have no control over the outcome at all and so only thing you can do is to do what the situation calls for.

    For example, If you hate your current job but cant leave it and you cant even find any other better jobs, then surrendering here means to continue being in your current job (without hating it) and meanwhile searching for any others jobs too. What new this time is that you do what you are supposed to do while not controlling or expecting anything at all. What happens just happens. You are not giving up but living with the situation.

    Why Leo are suffering? I think its because Leo has strong desire to control the situation according to their will, they succeed in doing so also but current time has become very different for us. This time Leo has to learn to surrender and its very very very difficult as it contradicts our own very nature.

    We must also understand that there is no exact rules for life. When we see a hard-working guys failing while easy going guys succeeding then we make rule that “we must be easy going”. When we observe the opposite of this then we make the opposite rule that “we must work hard”. This world is very mysterious and the biggest mystery is our existence itself.

    So, dear lions,
    Surrender yourself. Slowly but miraculously situation will unfold itself according to what once you craved for. However at that time you wont roar “I got what I wanted”. You will just smile, feel good, surrender to that pleasant situation too and experience the “feel good situation of that time”.

    • malavika19 says:

      Beautifully written. only at times it gets so difficult that we can neither escape nor stay..and as you said, if we try doing what we are supposed to, well that doesn’t seem any interesting. its like life has lost all its zest. and one cant function properly until their mind is free from trouble. at times its long standing trouble and u’re stuck in the middle of nowhere.

      there were good predictions for simha rasi this year. more than half the year has passed and I still don’t understand why we’re not out of the stress. life just seems to pass. we’re not really living here. just existing.

      somehow, I think what you’ve written is correct. we cant control everything.

    • Shripad says:

      Well written. I am doing the same thing take the life in its stride.
      Jai Shree Ram.

    • Mihir says:

      You are absolutely right. And I don’t think we can learn to surrender in good times. Thanks Mr. Pandey.

    • marine says:

      Thanks a lot umesh. Felt some solace in ur words! nicely put 🙂

  48. rahul says:

    i am not comparing or pointing u just explaining we all also suffering;and trying to finding for solution………..if i hurt u i am extremely sorry for that.

    • malavika19 says:

      It’s all right Rahul. Anyway, I just hope all of us get over our troubles. We deserve to be happy after a long time of difficulties that helped us improve. Lets have faith in the Lord. Happy Shravan month. Jai Shiv Shankar.

  49. malavika19 says:

    How can we contact the site admin?

  50. rahul says:

    thank u…..

  51. No matter the economy of the jungle, I can never eat grass…. It’s not pride, it’s just who I am …

  52. marine says:

    Guys!! is there a gud time at all for us??

  53. Shripad says:

    I wonder is there any other planet effecting may be Pluto or Neptune? Any idea?

  54. malavika19 says:

    This should make you feel good

  55. rahul says:

    i went to purohit he said for me that after 2014 feb 28 is good where kuja dasa is going to start
    and chandra dasa in chandra is now,, worship for god….in this period any thing u get favour is temporary only like jobs,…

    • malavika19 says:

      As far as I know, this year is very good for us. And excellent till June 2014 so we have to make the most of it. I guess it takes times for the results to show. So be patient. Also, all efforts we put until June 2014 will give excellent results. After that, the time will not be bad, that is, we will not loose anything but it will be more like a stagnant period or say waiting period. Wish us all good luck. Jai Shiv Shankar Om

  56. Chinmay kulkarni says:

    hello every one,I am a sinha rashi ,abd still facing troubles in getting job,I lost a very gudd opportunity on 19th august,with the interview not going well and me getting rejected,Lost hopes in acquiring desired job.

  57. Ajit says:

    I think lot of us having some trouble, I also lost very good opportunity this week. I think this is really bad phase…happy for those who got good success !! any idea how long is his for simha rashi? lot of people mentioned after June 13 but I dont think that prediction is right.

    • Chinmay says:

      Funny thing was at the day of the interview, I was having series of obstacles, before the interview like damage of ticket counter computer, carried on with missing one train, nd then glon for the fast train.. Which got cancelled, ending up with very hectic hurry and travel to reach the destination. I was sure the interview will not be smooth either. As a result got rejected.

  58. Nemo says:

    The Jupiter Transit is not showing any good change at all. The personal & job problems I have is only getting from bad to worse. Can anyone really say, when can we expect for good things to happen from this Jupiter transit?

  59. Chinmay says:

    I am also experiencing mood changes there will be times I wil be very optimistic and at times would sulk to disappointments and feel terrible loss of hopes and confidence. And frequent intrest changes. I do hope September brings sumthin great for all the king of jungles and make every one stable and
    bring happiness

  60. Chinmay says:

    I am also experiencing mood changes there will be times I wil be very optimistic and at times would sulk to disappointments and feel terrible loss of hopes and confidence. And frequent intrest changes. I do hope September brings sumthin great for all the king of jungles and make every one stable and
    bring happiness

  61. rahul says:

    ya last week also i lost job opportunity its running bad…when we get good fortune

    • me says:

      Astrology is bulls**t. And also there is no God, or re-birth, or anything like that. Just accept it, and take control of your life. We have only this life to live. Just be good – in your thoughts, speech and actions – and good things will happen to you, or at least you will be happy inside that you did all the good that you could and harmed no one even in your thoughts.

  62. Shripad says:

    September gone , no result yet, come October.

  63. Ravindaran Raju says:

    I still suffering from bad luck and misfortunes until today. My business is almost zero. All my projects collapsed at the 11th hour. I just cannot making money. My bank balance is zero.
    I keeping hanging on the false hope that situation will change soon for my pooram-simha rasi.
    Career or business is in its worst position. The same old story since 2010 waiting and waiting for situation to get better. I see no signs of improvement in any area; career, business or marriage. Life is just like passing time day to day hoping for a miracle. Now it is October 2013 and the same scenario day in day out. I work very hard and serious in my business but all
    deals keeps failing one after another. Just don’t know how long I can continue going on like this. My money karma is terrible, i guess. If any reader have some idea please share with me. Thanks

  64. rahul says:

    yes same running for me also….last week i got interview letter after the date of interview. fate is not good what is the solution??????????????any one knows…

  65. Ravindaran Raju says:

    Simha Rasi is still ass luck rashi. No matter how & what we finished 7 1/2 or not we have no hope.Very sad we prayed and observe all ritual but yet we are still stuck with ass luck .We are simply wasting time praying and hoping for miracle that will not happen.

  66. brainsaresquishy says:

    How is it now? after sadi sati ended I expected a better life. Instead I am going through rahu-ketu period and was laid off from my job in may. Two months later started a new job, only to be laid off again from that one. I was the only one in my group to be laid off, my contract was the only one to be cut. Sade sati is a total myth imo. I am not going through it, yet life is still hell.

  67. Star says:

    I am having bad times, money problems. No job, people betray talking in the back etc. lost lot of things. me and my husband are going through hell . I am simha and My husband is Vrischika. Is this ever going to end ? I am so depressed that forgot how good news and happiness feels like.

  68. Madhav says:

    Boy oh Boy, am I sad to see so many of us going through this pain. In short I am going through similar phases that most of you are. So will not share much of the problems, instead I want to share and learn other aspects.

    First of all, currently Vrishchika rasi is going through Sade Saathi. I have quite a few friends. And their situation is far better than ours. They are getting jobs, getting good things in life etc.. Please note that the good is compared to our state.

    What I have learnt or feel is what I want to focus on more here:

    One good thing that has happened through out this entire course is, I’ve stopped expecting results and success. Earlier I would do pooja with anticipation of fruits, now, I do it because I know its my duty to do pooja, the only fruit I ask for is to have Bhakti in Bhagwan and never to stop worshiping. Wondering if others are having similar experiences, where they have seen progress in the spiritual arena. Every failure is making me more devoted to God. Every failure is giving me an experience that is moemorable.

    Earlier I would curse my fate at a failure, now, I say “God has something else in store for me and hence teaching me this patience and experiences”. So why worry, earlier I was not whole hearted in my faith in god, now, its complete faith. Come good or bad, its become a habit to thank him for the experience. When God has given us this life, will he not take care of us???

    One thing is for sure folks, we have to live with our “Prarabhda Karma” No matter what you do, you cannot escape it. If you try to, it will only get worse. None of us have done anything majorly wrong in these past decade, however; the effects we are going through are not from this life, its prarabhda from previous life. Surely we have done some good deeds in the previous life (else we would not be humans to begin with). So there definitely will be good fruits to have. Its just that our harvest season is not hear. Be it good or bad all things have to come to an end. I think we are being trained so well with failures that, failure does not seem like a problem to most of us now. Its just an outcome now.

    Wondering if others can share their learning experiences in the recent past, All of us are anyways seeing some form of hardship or other, so why focus on that. Its anyways going to take its course, instead if we focus on our leanings, we can surely use each others help and come out better and well prepared to what future holds for us (if it really does). If not then, we’ve had some great experience that not many have in their lifetime. So we are in one ways blessed. How many people get real-life lessons the way we are, not many. So lets enjoys this while it lasts. When its over, we can look at this experience and see how we evolved. Constantly worrying about our fate, we are missing out on some of the best things in our lives, lets not worry about everything.

    Let us assume that Come June 2014 things will get better for Simha rasi folks. SO what, We really cannot do anything about it, can we? Can we make the planets move faster and change their course, no we cannot, can we make Jun 2014 come any earlier? definitely not. What if we die in a natural calamity before that? We in anticipation of good times have lost the current time in hand. Constantly thinking future will be good, we are forgetting to enjoy the present. Lets not miss this opportunity. I know it is tough to laugh during pain, but if we try together, we can. We have no control on planets & time, they play the course instructed by God, so then why are we breaking our heads about it, The same God sent us here to learn and enjoy what he gave us, lets do that and surely things will seem much better. It worth a try isn’t it? What do we have to loose? We are used to failures anyways, if this doesn’t work its just another experience, But if it does !!!!!

    Sorry was not much helpful with any thing here, but wanted to share my experience. By god’s grace there definitely have been some good instances. But we are failing to see and enjoy those due the self inflicted burden of Bad luck. If nothing we are able to eat, sleep, talk, hear and move without the need of medication isn’t that lucky enough.

    Good luck people, surely things will change,

    • sadsimha says:

      Well said Madhav!
      We all know things are not going to change as we wish, we still have to be patient and wait for our turn to live happily.
      It sure is getting harder to smile amidst all this sorrow but as you say, it’s worth a try.
      I’ve been facing so many difficulties in my career since 2004 but still hopeful that things will work out fine and I will get a good job in 2014.It’s just been too long a wait for all of us.
      I do believe that these sufferings have strengthened me and many others too….mentally and spiritually.
      Best wishes,hope and prayers to all simhas

  69. Mihir says:

    After going through hellish sade saati and then guru transit, and now a depressing waiting period, I think the only comfort one can experience is from the Nature, not even god. Looking out of the window, to the sun, to the birds and the trees, to the clouds and the rain, to the blue sky and of course the charming stars in the night, that is all. What a beauty! All the rest has and will always give pain.

  70. Abhijit says:

    Hello friends
    Same here
    It all started in 2005 I was a great businessman, my competitors were scared of my team.But today Iam nobody every year since 2010 Iam getting the assurance that your situation will improve what has actually happened is I have become pauper and once I had 8 guys working under me today I do all alone. Iam not a Coward to commit suicide but at the same time praying to the God that if I have to see the same day then better take me away

  71. aasish says:

    I really fell that this transit of guru is not helping at all.

  72. sunita Bhattarai says:

    Nothing has changed whatever I do does not work out. Me and my husband are asking for money to pay bills. Zero balance in account. Some say things will change now I have forgot what good news is. Nothing is working for us nothing. I am simha , purva falghuni nakshatra. Born on 10-28-1978. I read hanuman chalisa did not work. I went to dai baba and ask him to do some miracle read sai satcharitra nothing happen. Rather we got bad news . now I don’t even trust god. Nothing changes we don’t know what to do. We are in burden of debt. People just hurt us and blame us. I don’t know if things ever going to change. I am already 35 did 2 masters but no career no good job no hope.

    • Ravindaran Raju says:

      I am facing the same shit just like you. I am also purva palghuni nakshatra born 1961.
      My life is also has plenty of unfinished stories no consistency at all. Education halted,
      job hopping… keeping changing (more than 10 jobs) marriage failed, Since 2010 i doing
      own business. Facing failures and plenty of obstacles. No income from business. Savings all drained. I also devoted my faith in god. Prayer, mantra chanting,abide by horoscope guidelines, change life style but situation still the same. LUCK & MONEY is no more there.
      I am slowly losing hope that good things will ever happen to Simha rasi. Anyway, now I am 53 yrs there is nothing much I can do but wait for the final curtain and leave earth peaceful. Hopefully next re-incarnation I born under a better sign. Or better still do not born again. That solves the whole problem & suffering once and for all.

    • Mihir says:

      I am a big fan of purana (stories of Gods). Why? It says that even Gods had to go through painful experiences. It teaches us that when God is not spared, who are we then?
      Life is about freeing our self. Meditate, let go of the past baggage, start loving yourself unconditionally, give yourself blessings, and slowly things will turn around. Situation will improve but not exactly as you expected, but in the end you will be happy that it happened perfectly.
      All my life I have been chosen to be betrayed by everybody, including god. So now I am accepting to give others freedom to betray me, and I shall continue to bless myself.
      Try it. Meditate and let go.

    • Dejected says:

      Same here. I am so tired of everything. For the past 2.5 years, been praying and praying wholeheartedly. Yet there is nothing. Does God even listen

  73. Shripad says:

    God is in CHINA, and you nothing works which is from CHINA.

  74. Ravindaran Raju says:

    I am also pooram. Life sucks

  75. rahul says:

    hi guys is there any change for any one in the life , i am still a jobless fellow and still waiting for a change in my fate. as my friends are settling in their life by seeing them , i feel that i should be dead better feeling this pain………..i am wishing now at least third world war starts and finish this f**** humans , who are laughing instead of helping for their condition…..

  76. Mihir says:

    Rahul, the world war has already started. Look at the behaviour of people all over the world. Animals are far better. Now let the animals rule the world and see how things improve.
    I can understand the frustration because we all are in the same boat. Born in the wrong century.

    • rahul says:

      yes what u said is right animals are better than humans now a days …..

      • vasanthi says:

        Hi THere any one knows any latest imporvment in our horoschope please share,at least read and read and wait and wait..if any one try this sologa if you got inner peace let me know i swear you will have.. please try “omm Yoga Inanay SIthar Om Sri Raja Yoga Guru Saranam” please say and pray and ask somthing u need now . U will get it somehow , belief me reply to me once its happens trust me ,, i am just ask to do pray thats all.

  77. vasanthi says:

    say youga Innya sithat omm sri raja yoga guru saranam it my guru nama pray and ask you wil get it.

  78. rahul says:

    hi vasanthi….
    what is this sloka for and which god for this we have to receit…how many times and days??????

  79. vaidy says:

    Hi all,

    My rasi is simha & magam natchatram… the things happened was not fair for the last 8 yrs for me, but still hoping for the best. as like all our friends above said, should leave our obstacles to god & have to do our daily duties with peace… surely good things will follow…

    ” believe god, believe in you & your life “

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